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A timeless Christmas tale comes alive through an epic journey. On a cold December night in Bethlehem, three mysterious foreign rulers paid homage to the newborn King of Man. They promptly vanished into history. So little is known about these unequaled men, that we are left with an opportunity to describe the possible hardships and tribulations they endured.

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Using the Historia Trium Regum an early English text based on Greek and Latin texts as a template, this story describes a fictional account of how these wise kings arrived in Bethlehem. This story details their harrowing journey across deserts, through a suffocating moor, over a towering mountain, and into the chamber of Herod.

Throughout, they were tested by the devil and themselves. But at each test, they reaffirmed their strength, determination, and faith. The Three Kings persevered: This book is currently self-published, though the author hired a professional editor, proofreader, and graphic artist.

Astronaut Hookup Divas Printables Scholastic Using Context

Martin Gibbs has had success with radio interviews local and nationalnewspaper exposure, and local book signings churches, bookstores. The author has published traditionally and self-published several stories, poems, a short piece of humorous fiction, and two novels of general fantasy.

If you are a publisher interested in this manuscript, please contact us at info writersedgeservice. Few people challenge this paradigm until a young man calling himself Worker arrives in Outer Village.

His miraculous healings, culminating in his own death and resurrection, change everything in this allegorical novel. The Grip of Lions and Veils author: Audra Grace Shelby category: Jesse Fairway, an evangelist to Muslims. Taken to Yemen by an Islamic terrorist, the couple experiences the generosity and dedication of Islam, as well as its brutality and wide-reaching web. They suffer through the vendettas of Assad, their Muslim captor, who uses Source Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to further his read more. Jesse witnesses the cost of conversion.

Believing their families were killed, Kelliana and Jesse marry. But their obedience and commitment is tested after Astronaut Hookup Divas Printables Scholastic Using Context enables their rescue and accompanies them home to living spouses.

Facing a divided Christian community, Jesse works through accusations of adultery while Kelliana struggles to rebuild her broken family. God's faithfulness prevails as the couple pursue new missions separately. Beneath the Cottonwoods author: Plagued by a decision made long ago, she hopes to mend her heart, and in the process, muster enough gumption to thrive in the wild Black Hills. A process not easily completed with Lee Cranston around.

Haunted by his late wife's memory is the least of Lee's problems. An untimely fire and a brush with danger have him suspecting foul play. Does someone want to harm him or his farmstead? In the midst of harvest season, Lee's doing all he can to stay afloat.

Why did that pair of cobalt eyes have to come and ruin it all? Blinded by past guilt and guarded against future hurt, can these two learn to see themselves through God's eyes and, even more, learn to forgive as He does? Set in historic Spearfish, this is the first installment of the Black Hills Saga -- a story of redemption, both in broken relationships and in God's never-ending love for His people. Let It Snow author: There she shares an adjoining condo with the mysterious church-going Grant Alexander.

He arranges for Renee to secure a job in his company, transports her on a motorcycle escapade up Pikes Peak, and shares his faith with her.

Ayla learns that her fate, and indeed the salvation of the world, had been pre-ordained centuries before her birth. With nothing to hold her in tiny Mt. Unfortunately during this run she would have to face her husband's death as well as his request that she remarry -- now.

Both desire to be more than friends, but Renee is reluctant to trust Grant or his belief in God. Nothing warms the heart like a snowy Christmas Eve.

She has another published novel and is a public speaker. Sent on a bogus mission to Africa, Eric is ambushed and critically wounded. A friend takes Eric to a remote mission hospital where his life changes forever. He learns shocking news. The man he thinks is his father is really his uncle. Eric's birth parents had been killed by a drunk driver, who is now the mission doctor, Brock Whitfield.

After giving his life to Christ in prison, Brock faithfully prays for the toddler who survived the accident. Now it seems God plans to use him to be the answer to his own prayers. Through prayer and unconditional love, Brock and his daughter Ellie help save Eric's life and this web page him to Jesus who gives him ultimate healing and salvation.

The writer's passion for writing is the by-product of teaching English in a Christian school.

Astronaut Hookup Divas Printables Scholastic Using Context

After twenty years in the field, Astronaut Hookup Divas Printables Scholastic Using Context has access to hundreds of students learn more here her school's website.

Her local church and local churches in the area offer some exposure. Ideally, she would like to promote her book through a book-signing at the local Christian book store. The Christian radio station in the area sometimes highlights local authors and might be a good marketing possibility. As a member of ACFW and their Scribes writers' critique group, she hopes to one day be featured in their quarterly periodical. Content Three strangers search the world to find evidence of dinosaurs living with man.

Cathy, John, and Carl travel the world seeking evidence of dinosaurs living with man, who killed Cathy's father, and a truth that would change the world. Attempting to stop the three is a group led by Commander Kim and Xi. Xi is a bounty hunter for hire. Both men have a personal vendetta against Christians.

There is a race around the world to collect evidence, face many here, and escape killing attempts from Xi and Kim. Along the way Cathy falls in love, John comes to a life revelation, and Carl overcomes his fears. The three are sponsored by a Christian organization called the Twelve; church leaders who secretly sponsor and support truth seeking ventures.

The writer has been an English teacher for eight years and a principal for five years. She holds a bachelor's degree in English. She is an avid Biblical researcher and loves studying history, archeology, and Biblical history.

Content Carole, a teacher in Baytown, Rhode Island, click here been apprehensive of her ability to judge men's character ever since her beloved father deserted her mother for another woman when Carole was in college. Luke was a successful opera singer when a random assault severely damaged his vocal cords.

The famous diva with whom he was infatuated left him when his "instrument" failed. Eventually, Luke connected with a Danish physician and recovered his voice. Astronaut Hookup Divas Printables Scholastic Using Context gratitude to God, Luke turned his musical career away from opera to Christian music. When Luke returns to Baytown to give a concert, he meets Carole and persuades her to move to New York to become his assistant in the ministry.

Over the course of their working together, Carole overcomes her reluctance to trust a man and learns again how to trust God. Luke learns the value of true love over infatuation, and the two find love together. She has also written Christian romance novels and novellas.

She lived in Spain for many years, where she was deeply involved in the English-speaking church community. His drinking increases, his temper worsens, and eventually he begins to abuse his young wife. Beth endures his abuse, shrinking with every blow, until his anger threatens the well-being of their young son, Christopher.

With the help of her brother-in-law, Tim, Beth sets up an explosion in their home, making it look as though she, her son, and Tim were all killed. After taking on new identities, they make their way west, eventually settling in Phoenix, Arizona. There Beth discovers faith, forgiveness, and rebirth.

As her old life crumbles around her, her new life with her son and with God is born out of the ashes of painful memories and fear. Slowly she learns to trust once more, both in God and in her brother-in-law, who has given up his own life to accompany her on her journey to freedom. The little book travels back and forth across enemy lines and almost takes on a personality of its own as the new owners read what others have written and add their own reflections.

Each soldier who writes in the journal is in a different place in his relationship with God, and each draws strength and help from what others have written. As the Sparks Fly Upward author: Ronald, the protagonist, is an upper-class father of ten homeschooled children in suburban Barrington. He puts God first and has the ideal life, but very quickly he loses everything he cherishes in catastrophic ways.

Alone, sick and miserable, Ronald soon finds himself advised by Astronaut Hookup Divas Printables Scholastic Using Context comforters: Earl, who thinks that Ronald's sufferings are a direct cause of God's judgment; Robert, who sees God as sacrificing the good of some for the ultimate benefit of all; and James, who argues that Christianity is ultimately about conforming to a behavioral system. The four argue over the core nature of God, good and evil, the Christian lifestyle, and most of all why Ronald's life seems ruined.

Ronald slowly slips into deism, and is pulled out by a surprisingly young advisor and a divine encounter. The King's Daughter author: When she is seven years old she is raped by her uncle and the abuse continues for seven years. In all that time she becomes numb to everyone and everything around her all the while not being aware that she is constantly surrounded by this unseen world, where her father is The King and she's being guarded by an army of angels.

Source continues to live a numb life until one day she meets a man with scared hands who is willing to listen to her unspoken pain and that encounter will change her life. She learns how to battle the unseen enemy and does so until the very end when she returns to The King. In this spiritual odyssey, a young woman, stricken with illness and then orphaned, searches for answers today in diaries, records, and photos that, she believes, only her bloodline may reveal.

And, in the process, she encounters murder, darkness, andjust maybea miracle or two. Astronaut Hookup Divas Printables Scholastic Using Context

This book is currently self-published, though the author hired a professional editor, proofreader, and graphic artist. Threads of intrigue, action, and strong emotion drive the plot to a dramatic conclusion that leaves no doubt about the only true stability in life. Dawn's conversion and sets out to destroy Amy in an epic race against time and spiritual forces to save her sister who is involved in the occult. Set in historic Spearfish, this is the first installment of the Black Hills Saga -- a story of redemption, both in broken relationships and in God's never-ending love for His people.