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my best friend hooked up with my boyfriend.. what do ido? | Yahoo Answers

You should probably ask both your friend and the girl about what happened first, but it's highly likely they'll give you a bs excuse. First of all your friend under any means shouldn't hook up with a girl he knows you really like, next of all the girl probably has a feeling that you like her, and to hook up with your. My girlfriend and my best friend would never hook up but I used to get pissed off the way they acted around each other. Good luck, I know it sucks even though there isn't an actual reason (which, as you say, makes it worse) but remember your boyfriend likes you enough to commit to a relationship with. That's not cool. For your friend to have sex with your ex boyfriend says to me that she cares more about feeling good than about your feelings. There are so many other people in the world, that you don't need to hook up with your friend's ex. It is disrespectful to you and you should definitely confront her.

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My best friend hooked up with my boyfriend. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I think you should dump both of them! Get rid of your "best friend" and ex boyfriend. Cut them both off and don't communicate with them.

How insensitive of your bestfriend to do that. If she really was your friend, she would be more caring for your feelings. You deserve better than that. This guy is a tool! And if your best friend hooked up with a guy who just click on her best friend then I would say she isn't much of a friend.

My boyfriend is best friends with my best friend?

But don't worry, guys like that don't change and she'll get it too. Then she will wish she didn't sabotage your friendship for a loser like him. I would tell him to get lost and I would tell her that what she did hurt source very much. Especially after knowing that he cheated.

In a way, she did you a favor.

Kso, ive known this guy since early july, we hung out a few times but were never really. Single parents uk yahoo. Don't argue with him, but just be honest and brief.

You shouldn't take this jerk back no matter if he says sorry or not. He obviously doesn't care at all learn more here you or he wouldn't have cheated in the first place and he certainly wouldn't have moved right along to your best friend.

I would still be her friend just because he sounds like he's not worth throwing a friendship away for but I would be very careful about my future boyfriends with her just because she has shown that she can't be trusted.

That person doesnt even deserve to be called your bestfriend. A true friend wouldnt not even think about hooking up with your man. And the whole cheated on you thing. He will think that ur so forgiving and can continue to cheat and you will forgive him. MY advice would be to drop both of them. And if dont wanna end your friendship with ur Best friend then just tell her how you feel.

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She should have enough respect to lay off. But if she doesnt then shes not worth hanging around for. Well your not pretty much over it because if you were then you wouldn't be asking how to deal with hanging out with them!!!! So don't torture yourselfbe smart and ask yourself what the smart thing to do is My dad's wise words!!!!!

If you were over it, you wouldn't be here asking this question. If you were over it, you would just hang out with them because it wouldn't even bother you. This guy is beyond cruel, and worse, your best friend hooks up with him.

Hookup Your Best Friend Yahoo Answers

Exs of friends are off limits no matter what, and she completely stabbed you in the back. I suggest keeping as much distance between you and them as possible. He's a jerk and she's clearly not much better. Life's too short for this. Dont hang out with them anymore. First, because that guy had already cheated on you. Both douche bags, if you ask me.

You should not be hanging out with them together or separately, or at all. He cheated on you once and cheated on you again with your best friend. Neither of these people should be in your life. If I cheated on my best friend with her boyfriend, I'd expect her to never look me in the face again without taking a knife to it. Hell, I'd probably knife myself for doing that.

Hookup Your Best Friend Yahoo Answers

It's not something you can just let go when two people you were close to hurt you, and the fact that they don't seem to express shame If she is really your best friend, you will understand her and support her. There are plenty of read more in the sea, you just have to wait for the best one. Be patient and be yourself. Obviously he wasnt the one for you if he cheated on you.

Go back to things like normal, just how they were. Don't hold grudges, because life is too short to spend anyday regretting something or hating someone. Same thing happened to me. Its sucks but move on.

My best friend hooked up with the girl he knows I like? | Yahoo Answers

Also you had a man u can get another Im a guy I know how we think. Dats ur bestie like dats dum dont be her friend anymore! Ihts ur best friend fault she isnt a true friend if she went on out wit him qood luck: D Dont make da wrong ChOice.

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