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Man Claims Ex Who Says She’s Pregnant Is Meddling In His Life: ‘I Just Want Her To Leave Me Alone’

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14 Aug I'm 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant. The father of the baby left me for his ex girlfriend just after our baby was conceived. The baby wasn't planned, and I thought i was in a loving relationship. Before i took the pregnancy test i hinted to him that i might be pregnant, but he thought it was a way to get him back. 16 Mar Hello guys,I'm here because I'm pregnant (obviously) and i just need some advice. The father of my child and I had a fun, playful, no strings attached sort of situation. He was the only guy that I was hooking up with but we hadn't made any moves to become serious. For the five-six months that we were. Myself, it has happened to me twice, one of them even brought me a preg. test at work that was positive then had friends she knew write down baby But what about men who try to get you pregnant and then convince you that its right .. me ex did that and he was so involved with my pregnancy that i.

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How To Tease Bitches. How To Manage Your Bitches. There is not a lot of advice out there if you get a stranger pregnant other than, "Get ready to get fucked for 18 years with child support. This is a simple story of what I did next.

Hookup A Guy With Pregnant Ex

What's the next best thing you can do? Italics are chapters from 48 Laws of Power. The laws in your state vary; so what happens in Indiana may not work in your state. The First Conversation My daughter's mom called me early in the morning to tell me she was pregnant. She asked me what she should do. This question is testing you in a lot of different ways. Are you going to freak out?

Are you going to try to convince her to get an abortion? The correct answer is to say, in a calm and confident manner, for her to start taking prenatal vitamins. If you want an abortion you have weeks to talk about it.

And then you're locked into a battle where you're starting in a massive hole by not being part of the child's life prior to the fight. And season 7 was even worse…. She can have several kids with multiple fathers with various levels of involvement, or she can do what's best for her kids and have several kids in a stable situation with a man.

This is an easy question to knock out of the park. When shit goes downhill she will throw you under the bus to everyone she knows. Give her as little ammunition as possible. You will need to maintain frame in a way that you've never had to for a length of time that seems impossible.

When you know what she's saying is not true it makes it easier to suffer the slings and arrows. In my case I could tell immediately that abortion was not a live option and that I would be left in the dark for the next 9 months if I brought it up.

But I should add that I would never abort a child as a form of birth control. Well, that's what I told by daughter's mom. I told everyone that actually. It would have been great, but I knew then that it was unlikely. I spent every dime so far. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. On Child Support - That money is simply no longer yours. Do not argue about learn more here or whine Hookup A Guy With Pregnant Ex try to get out of it.

She might even tell you she doesn't want it. Do not take the bait. Require her to take the money. There are other methods to avoid paying your full legal obligation.

But you MUST play the perfect courtier from the very beginning. Your end goal is to have a congruent story.

If you want to argue philosophically about how it's immoral or whatever post on this site. In America It's like arguing with gravity. It makes you look like a fucking moron. My strategy was to just immediately give her the ground. No need for her to fight it.

In the future she will link to hurt you.

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She will have learned a lot about what hurts you. You will never be hurt the way a pregnant woman can hurt you. She has so much power over you due to the laws in this country that you will break.

A year later she is still using what she knows hurts me to try to hurt me now. Fortunately I Controlled the Options. Week 2 Tell her that you're getting a paternity test through the courts. Not a walgreen's kit. She will understandably be outraged at the implication. Tell her early before you guys get to know each other and just say casually that you two are strangers. Tell her it's a legal requirement for setting up child support half true.

When I did this, Hookup A Guy With Pregnant Ex really wasn't that big of a deal. Week ish Plan all the way to the end and Know who you are dealing with Pregnancy amplifies whatever is wrong with a girl. Obviously she is not a princess if she hooked up with a stranger. It should put a huge click on her specific brand go here crazy.

Between September and October I knew her fairly well. I knew she wanted to be a "heroic single mom.

Hookup A Guy With Pregnant Ex

She was an insane control freak. She gave me faux options to manipulate me into thinking I had a choice in the matter. She told me before we knew the gender that my child would not have my last name and that there was nothing I could do about it.

The anguish and pain that caused me could not be hidden. I told her that we were not in agreement on this issue but she told me that I would have to deal with it and tough shit. My brain said she was right, there was nothing I could do because I was powerless. Use the Surrender Tactic: Http://hookupsguide.info/rv-hookups/54405440c-dating-54405440m.php Weakness into Power and than later Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker — Seem Dumber than your Mark In any dispute where you have no power you shouldn't argue with her, just state that you are not in agreement on this issue and drop it.

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You will pay an attorney to argue with her in the future. I did everything she wanted including signing a lease with her.

Be ready for a range of reactions. Should i be worried? However, the first line of defense aside from wrapping your tool should be an abortion. She had nothing to go on and I have now never argued with her for 15 months. Video camera is ON, and she doesn't pass through the door.

It was her idea, but I saw how I could use it to my advantage. I think at this point she was trying to get me to say no to something so she could go tell everyone want a terrible dude I was. But my rationale was this: Best case scenario when she moves out after a year I could argue that child lives at that house and is off breast milk, emergency placement prior to court is usually the residence that the child knows best.

Worst case scenario - I had signed a lease with a girl I wasn't even dating, that's how invested in my child's life I was. Make sure you can afford to pay for the entire rent yourself before signing the lease. My daughter's mom tried to get out of signing it. Nope, her name is on that shit. Which will prevent her from claiming you raped her Last three months - Mom moved out due to me being a manipulative, uncaring, slob her words.

We had one fight while living together and nothing she said was true. She was just looking for a reason to move check this out. She refused to talk to me for the last three months of the pregnancy.

I really think her issue is that she knew she wasn't controlling me. We didn't talk for three months. In those three months I focused on Concentrating my Forces. I had told my daughter's mom that my parents were moving here to help us out. This has helped me so much in my fight to get visitation so far. My sister lives in town, my brother lives in town, and now both my parents were available at all times click baby sit.

I also went lawyer shopping over the three month period. I make this sound easy: I haven't mentioned about how my health declined due to stress. It was the worst when I signed the lease with her. Huge gamble unknown whether it was foolish or if it would pay off. My vision started changing every single day Eye doctor tried saying I had type II diabetesBald spots appeared in my beard, blood pressure went into type II hypertension. Hookup A Guy With Pregnant Ex spent more on doctor bills in six months than my entire Hookup A Guy With Pregnant Ex life.