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"In I entered the hookupsguide.info contest with a music video and came in second place. "My friend's friend won the 'Win For Life' scratch off ticket at the age of My friend proceeds to ninja kick all the balloons and Jimmy tells him he just won a lifetime supply of Soft. 12 Jun Tammy Dixon writes: “Questions: Are you a cat or dog person? How does your family like that you became . Craig writes: “Question for Julia Benson: are we going to see Lt. James hook up with one of the other men on Destiny (Eli?) now that Scott isn't available? And are we going to see Lt. James get to. 26 Apr However, I have the liver of an Irish dockworker, and I still believe in sticking to this formula for a few major reasons: 1: Drunken hookups are sloppy the impression that uncontrollable bouts of diarrhea and streams of snot are key ingredients for a successful first night with that special someone, stay away.

It's like everything you wanted to say about everything. Let's Talk Fitted Sheets 0. There's everyday frustration and then there's dealing with the antics of a fitted fucking sheet. Every night when I go to sleep I make sure the bed's in good order. Pillows arranged and fitted sheet tightened like a boss. But when I wake up, the bed is barren and I'm Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Ingredients Goat in a cocoon of linen hell. There's nothing more awful than waking up from a nightmare in the middle of the night only to be trapped in a king-size linen sheet.

So I ask you readers, what's really good with fitted sheets? Have we not reached an alternative? At the very least something way more practical and efficient? On top of that, I may go an entire lifetime without folding a fitted sheet correctly. I just concede and ball that shit up. Pretty sure only mothers possess that skill-set.

So I'm dealing with a wrinkled ass bed that virtually swallows me every night and tons of unanswered questions. You guys are pretty weird if you consistently read this blog, so if any of you know a "Made-For-TV" product that I can sub in for this monstrosity, I promise to send you a prize.

Get to it everyone! What's wrong with sleeping on the toilet? I do it at least twice a day, 10 times a week and there's nothing wrong with continue reading. Sure I may be a little creepier than the next guy, but that's not a Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Ingredients Goat of anything that happens in the bathroom.

You can only drink so much before you freak out, crash, and make a hasty trip to the bathroom because coffee is a diuretic.

In fact, while scientists have yet to agree on a single factor directly attributable to your hangover from hell, one theory is that, after a night of lowered inhibitions, ingestion of excess Tyramine - an amino acid readily found in alcohol click causes the blood vessels in your brain to constrict. The, "I'm going to get weird and make frivolous, yet ultimately unsuccessful attempts to get with girls, and probably go to the pizza shop at 3am. So I am working on getting Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Ingredients Goat some soon! As the card-carrying black member of WMD, I'm going to take the liberty to dive into this one.

Do you walk around? Walking is legitimately one of the worst things in the world. For all I know, this may be better than sleeping on a toilet, but I'm too cool to find out.

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The only solution is bathroom napping. Sure people may suspect that you constantly suffer from IBS, but there's no better place where American freedoms are recognized then a work bathroom stall. Today I see more like a 7 hour lunch and went a little HAM on some beer and sandwiches. Needless to say, I was dragging elephant ass when I got back in.

The average person would have "toughed it out" or got an XL Iced Coffee, but not me. I marched right into the ever so spacious handicapped stall, leaned back, set a phone alarm for 20 minutes, adjusted my arm on the wheelchair rail and nodded off like that baby laying on the pillow in front of the toilet. My only enemy during nap sessions is myself. I have only two horror stories. Something like that can make you reflect how you're living your life.

Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Ingredients Goat

Not a good look. But aside from snore attacks and the lack of oxygen in my leg muscles, this is probably the best idea I've ever had. Like if you read this far, you're probably waist deep in a god awful post. Repetition, even more of a lack of proofreading, and the increased use of videos is what defines 2nd post Wednesday-last post Friday.

Granted, I come into week spitting magma-lava early on, then slowly pitter to inferno, and eventually bow out glacially cold. Hence the struggle that each word is to type this to you right now. Literally perspiring like crazy at the fact that I'm only a paragraph and a half into the post right now. Thought I was at least a page deep single-spaced.

And no one gives me any type of credit for the barrage of Friday Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Ingredients Goat I blast out there for the weekend when you're beyond bored and accidentally click your bookmark of Working Man's Diary. I'm an easy sell. So apparently I'm a super minority now. I was convinced that everyone loved that shit.

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Just look at the choices you have. A straight up myriad of outrageous artificially flavored fruits to choose from. Every bite is never the same while being borderline overwhelming at the same time. If your cereal doesn't "overwhelm" you, then you're not doing lazy breakfast right. My roommates picked the obvious and unoriginal Cinnamon Toast Crunch as the best cereal.

It says a lot about a person when they say they like CTC. In fact, if you break it down every cereal pretty much says something about your personality, hopes, and aspirations. You're on the straight and narrow through and through. Sure you tried a cigarette once, but you did NOT like it. It goes with the Trix strategy of using different instruments marshmellows to distract, you, but they all taste the same. You're also probably stupid. I'm also going to assume not many friends.

I bet your house looks awesome though, loser. I got nothin' but love for that. Can't have that shit. You're handsome, smart, and so many fucking girls like you, it's crazy. The internet does a lot of good and bad for all of us.

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There's the obvious pros of social networking, the constant flow of information, and of course, porn. But then things like this happen.

Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Ingredients Goat

Sometimes you dig a little too far and end up in hell. As an up and coming blogger, I try to find unique stuff that the more popular sites didn't post.

This process leads me down some DARK paths. Whether it be that cat with two faces that I refused to post or this seemingly sweet old ladydude that ended up being the devil, my will to keep surveying the internet gets tested. Good luck with this video tonight, because this lady is about to go HAM all throughout my nightmares. Look closely at this picture. I'll answer two questions for you so you don't have to think about it.

Answer 1 That's a centrifuge on the desk. Haven't seen one of these since high school chemistry and even then, our teacher told us to stay away from them. My roommate is not a chemist.

Answer 2 Rubber ducks. Like 9 of them just chillin' on the ground under the centrifuge. I didn't want to come into this bashing my roommate, but this shit makes me nervous. Dude lives directly next to me and I don't know what's going on. What possible science experiments can you accomplish with rubber ducks and a blood separating machine? I'm not saying that I'm alerting the authorities about this shit, but I'm definitely saying that I have an email drafted to info. This baby panda reminds me a lot of a young Dub J during nap time.

I don't know how kids were able to pass out on those hard ass wooden desks at the drop of a dime. I couldn't get in a groove and just stared at shit to pass the time.

Definitely freaked teachers out, but ain't nothing wrong with keeping your head on a swivel. This goes out to all the preschool readers out there: Ladies stepping up to the plate on this one. I see ya'll coming in hot with a question I straight up can't answer, but I promise you that I will bullshit my way to leaving you guys feeling slightly resolved. Us men are a simple breed. We like hanging with our friends, eating, napping, and chasing Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Ingredients Goat. I can't name anything else that a majority of the gender likes Is Dawn Dish Soap Kittens do.

Little Dub was an idiot. For more info on what to drink with your nigiri, check out these recommended sushi pairings Seafood i. Dinner with Ivon and Brian! You may need to opt for the restaurant's pairing there. No one goes from zero to owning rabbits just like that.

It may sound easy to insert yourself in there as the girl we chase and just hang, eat, and nap with us, but God was up to his tricks when he made you guys. He gave all of you multiple wants and needs that reach far past laying down in the king size bed all Sunday with boxes of pizza and reruns of The Office on. In the full spirit of half-assing this, I'll tell you how NOT to get a guy to actually like you.

It starts at the point of attack. If you're at a weird bar on a Friday or Saturday night, it's not exactly painting you in the "wifey" category from the get go. If we talk to you, we are undoubtedly screaming in your face while we slyly put a hand on your hip because "we can't hear you that well.

And if you're on the basement dancefloor, there's just about no chance for a relationship. Your ceiling is late night hookup at best, because here, that's what everyone around you's ceiling is.

I didn't make the rules. Your only chance is to post up somewhere relatively not loud, look cute, but not whorish, and have a decent conversation with a decent guy.