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Want faster wifi? Here are 5 weirdly easy tips.


11 Feb This is essentially like having multiple routers in one. Click here to see how setting up separate Wi-Fi bands for your gadgets can boost your speeds. It's a good idea to separate G, N and AC gadgets, since mixed mode routers usually are slower and the GHz band used by G gadgets is congested. 25 Jan The claims Internet Service Providers (ISPs) make about the speed of their networks can be confusing. Faster, it is probably safe to assume, is better than slower. But what do all those numbers mean? And how much speed does a small business actually need? Here's a quick, non-technical introduction to. There are many types of electric motors: two speed, variable speed, wound rotor, synchronous, and a variety of D.C. and special wound motors. Be sure to check Each will add to the cost of electrical hookup. lt's a good idea to discuss installation with the engine-generator supplier before bidding the job. Go over system.

Have you ever thought about going speed dating? It's something I never really said out loud however it's definitely something I was always curious about. The whole concept of speed dating is pretty interesting. If you're a female you basically sit down and have males rotate around you every five minutes. Five minutes can go very quickly if you're having a great conversation or it can feel like an eternity if the conversation is going south from the start. Part of what makes it better than just meeting some dude at a bar is you don't have to guess if the other person is single or what they want; everyone please click for source should just be there because they want to date.

It also clears up any missed connections since at the end of the round you can decide to match if you want to get in contact with them but it has to be mutual. Needless to say, Is Speed Hookup A Good Idea a hopeless romantic and I truly feel that if you want something out of life you have to put yourself out there. It's part of living intentionally. I've been putting myself out there for a few months since I've been single and I thought why not speed dating?

I want a meaningful relationship in the near future.

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And in this modern age where everyone is busy, some mediums that aren't traditional might just work. I came across LA First Dates on livingsocial and signed up. It took me awhile to actually sign up for a specific event. Most of these events are aimed at older adults. I actually was 20 Is Speed Hookup A Good Idea I bought my voucher to attend a speed date, however, I didn't realize that I had to be Needless to say, I had to wait a few months for an event that I could attend.

As the event came close I felt nervous, shy and doubtful. I just thought of all the bad things that can happen. I then realized that I couldn't have all this negativity consume me; I have to live in the moment. I then had a mini freak out about what to wear, the website said business casual. Business casual is vague to me. I had a hard time figuring out how dressed up I should look since it was at a bar. I decided to go with one of my favorite little black dress, a statement necklace click a black peacoat.

I'm a pretty punctual person and got to the event about an hour early.

Is Speed Hookup A Good Idea

The event was at a click bar originally that you had to enter through an alley. I felt a bit uncomfortable but as I saw the other speed daters I felt more at ease. It was located in the heart of LA and luckily it was moved to source most visible bar very last minute.

I felt more comfortable at this point because I met another girl there who never tried speed dating before, she wasn't looking for anything serious and didn't expect much from it. We decided to walk in and sit next to each other. As we entered the bar some of the servers asked why there were so many pretty girls and not so handsome guys. It made all the ladies giggle. As the event began the host explained to us how it works. She explained the rotations and how to pick your match after.

I then decided to get a drink to help me loosen up. The first guy was nice and from Hawaii he was there to meet new people. After the first date some of the dates became jumbled and not memorable.

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Some of the guys seemed to have what they are saying rehearsed and I felt like it was disingenuous. However there were a few guys I do remember. I met a doctor, master's student, scientist, fraternity man, start-up guy, retired business owner and a pilot.

After the first few rounds you have an idea what to say and it becomes less exciting and nerve wrecking. At about the 5th round I felt like there could be some potential with some of these men.

This means even with single family homes, your Wi-Fi could better reach longer distances, like to an outside deck or into the yard. A new router should at least support I then realized that I couldn't have all this negativity consume me; I have to live in the moment. Many people just wait. As we entered the bar some of the servers asked why there were so many pretty girls and not so handsome guys.

Some were really intellectual and seemed to have pretty good goals and aspirations. The next day I got an email saying that I was now able to choose my matches. I thought long and hard about it. My friend who went with me decided to Is Speed Hookup A Good Idea log in her matches because she didn't want to lead any guy on.

I however, decided to pick a few guys. I then got another email saying I got a match. I matched with two men. I matched with the scientist and the pilot. Then the waiting game began. I wasn't sure if I should make the first move, so I didn't. I want a guy who is willing to text me first. The scientist never contacted me but the pilot has been texting me since the day after the event.

I asked him why he matched with me--I asked if it was because of attraction, my personality or a mixture of both.

Without knowing the specifics of the router, or the switch you are talking about, The best anyone can really say is, it might help I've had friends that have dated people who had previously friend-zoned them, but it's extremely rare and risky. Lora Korpar Lora Korpar Feb 13, And how much speed does a small business actually need? They just want a friend.

He then told me that he forgot what we talked about but that he thought click clicked. I don't think he is the love of my life, but, at least, I have a new friend!

My new friend that I met at the event said she didn't bother to match with any of the guys but that it was a fun experience for her. I feel the same way, it's probably something I wouldn't do again but it's something I wouldn't not ever do again either.

My final thought on it is that it's a great way to have fun and meet people you wouldn't have met otherwise.

Is Speed Hookup A Good Idea

You should try it at least once, you have nothing to lose. You never know who you might meet. We've all heard this web page story of the "friend-zone" - Boy is in love with his best friend, she dates all the wrong guys and fails to notice how perfect he is, then eventually realizes how wrong she was and they live happily ever after.

I used to think that the friend-zone was a myth that lonely men created to feel continue reading about themselves. But then I got friend-zoned myself. Yes, it sucked, but the second I realized I had feelings for a friend that I knew had no such feelings for meI decided to suppress the feelings. When that wasn't enough, I cut them off for a bit, then, slowly, I felt okay.

I could communicate with them without having unwanted romantic feelings pop up. I had escaped the friend-zone. Having gone through that, I had more sympathy for someone I had to friend-zone a little while later. I had been friends with this guy for a few months.

I didn't have many college friends yet and I was really lonely, so having his company really meant a lot at the time. This caused me to not be able to see what should have been clear. He had a crush on me. When I finally made the realization, I immediately let him know that I didn't feel that way about him. He said it was okay, but I could tell it wasn't. We didn't talk at all over the summer and when we came back for the fall semester, he would barely look at me. I had started dating his friend, which caused an even bigger rift between us.

It was as if he was only nice to me Is Speed Hookup A Good Idea he wanted romance in return.

But people are not vending machines. You can't put in your "nice guy" coins and expect love, sex, or whatever the hell it is you want in return. It hurt me to know that he only wanted romance and once that was off the table, he no longer wanted anything to do with me. But then I thought back to the friend that had friend-zoned me. Unrequited affections really suck, especially when they're for someone that you spend a lot of time with. But the key is to work to escape it.

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Yes, liking someone you're friends with and them not liking you back is a real thing, but people tend to treat the friend-zone like this mythic hell dimension that can never be escaped. But you can escape. Just maybe not in the way you'd like to. The first option is to confess your feelings and try to win them over. Now, this isn't completely unheard of. I've had friends that have Is Speed Hookup A Good Idea people who had previously friend-zoned them, but it's extremely rare and risky.

You have to risk your entire friendship in order to do this. If it doesn't work out, it could strain the friendship or sometimes break it beyond repair. You can also do what my ex-friend did and completely cut the person off. If you're being a love-zombie and only doing nice things for the friend because you expect romance in return, leaving the situation might be the most healthy decision for you.

I understand now that my friend might have stopped talking to me out of self-preservation. But it still hurts the people involved. The third and final option is to just get over it. It's harsh, but it's real.