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Dad's Rules For Dating His Daughters

The horror of overprotective dads

2 Apr Are they stifling their daughter's self-expression or coming from a patriarchal viewpoint by objecting to her outfit? Maybe. I know that Dads often get blamed for not protecting their girls when things go wrong, and girls tell me often that even though they act annoyed at Dad's protective stance, secretly they. Both parents need to know that they won't be able to guard their daughter every moment of her life so she damn well better be able to do it herself. .. And what was weirder was that we tend to think of older generations being more conservative, but in the case of hookup culture and dating, anyway, that's. 26 May In the latest study on how parents interact with their daughters and sons, researchers led by Jennifer Mascaro and her colleagues at Emory University focused on fathers. They recorded random snippets of conversations that a group of 52 fathers with one to three year olds had over a hour period.

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Over-protective fathering of daughters. Does anyone else think it's sexist and possibly even oppressive? As witnessed in innumerable conversations in person and online, dads get a free pass when it comes to assault and threats of violence in the name of preventing their daughter's from being pursued by the opposite sex of the same age group. I'm beginning to see it as oppressive.

A daughter can't protect herself from boys her own age, and can't be trusted to make their own decision when it comes to sex.

Yet boys get a free pass when it comes to this topic, and often the exact opposite stance is taken and sex is either encouraged or given zero discussion. And everyone thinks it's just the most acceptable and common thing a father can, and should do.

Is there any way to combat this hive mentality? Do daughters really need their father's protection from sexual advances, or should we be teaching them to fend for themselves, or am I in the wrong here and we don't need to worry about this?

What daughters need from their parents are lessons on how to take care of themselves out in the world. This includes how to say no and stand up for yourself firmly. How to be a productive person and work for a living.

Why Are Dads So Protective Of Their Daughters Hookup

How to make decisions and go after what they want in a heathy thought out way etc. Both parents need to know that they won't be able to guard their daughter every moment of her life so she damn well better be able to do it herself.

Unfortunately many never realize that eventually their baby will grow out of that cute little princess dress and have to be able to handle difficult situations.

It's a combination of traditional male gender roles, neo-victorian feminism, and the reality that the stakes of irresponsible sex are higher for girls.

Hilariously Overprotective Dads That Will Do Everything To Keep Their Daughters Away From Boys - Most Successful Hookup Sites!

Whether or not it's a problem depends on how intense or extreme the protective behavior gets. I disagree with you about the free pass for boys, but I guess that really depends on the culture and the level of familial dysfunction. I think you said this way continue reading eloquently than I would have.

Methinks I shall refrain from my own two cents and just upvote yours. Not trying to not pick, but I think this is only true if you're personally against abortion or abortion isn't a realistic option for you. I'll take some nausea and discomfort, possibly even months of bleeding, in exchange for full control over whether or not I become a parent! I think the stakes are higher because the woman, or in this case a girl, is always going to be the one who can potentially fall pregnant assuming no fertility problems.

If I was looking at two parties, one who could be pregnant and one who could never be pregnant, I would say the one with the risk of pregnancy has a higher risk. An abortion is still a medical procedure which costs time and money. A girl will still have to medically and physically deal with a pregnancy no matter what choice she makes.

A boy simply doesn't. Therefore, while I do see where there is considerable and noteworthy risk, I can't agree the average woman is at greater risk overall.

But choosing to have an abortion isn't always a light decision. I imagine, especially for a teenage girl, it would be emotionally traumatizing. I'm pro-choice and abortion is available to me. I will always have less at stake when having sex because, unlike a man, no one can ever force me to carry to term and become a parent. Http://hookupsguide.info/rv-hookups/67846784i-dating-67846784e.php abortion weren't available, or I felt like I couldn't have one, then I would feel I had more at stake.

Daughters Aren't The Property Of Their Dads

There were times I appreciated my dad's overprotection. He got my mom pregnant at 17, so I get where he's coming from. I was raised to be a wife and mother. My brothers stayed out all hours of the night, engaged in "bro" talk. When I would ask to stay out late the answer was no. The reason was "on the news this happened name any random crime that occurred that day. I had a curfew still in my twenties.

When I would try to talk " bro talk" I was talked down to as if I was beneath them. When I met my read more married over 17 years today.

Why Are Dads So Protective Of Their Daughters Hookup

I was lack of a better word "trained" to be his wife. I never went out still don't with friends after dark. Last time I went to a work get together for a half an hour my husband was livid. He was convinced I was out cheating. That I thought was funny never once has he not known where I was or at. The first time I go out solo in at that time ten years I must be a whore. Ironically this is what my father instilled in me. Going out without your husband is forbidden but yet my mother would go out all hours drinking with her friends.

But if I did I would be screamed at. He had no control over my mother who is a whole other story but did to me. He was my "loving parent" since it I was unwanted by my mother. I fell into his "trap" of control. To this day sometimes I wonder what if I dare to say it "independence" would feel like. Why Are Dads So Protective Of Their Daughters Hookup have no regrets read article life as far as children and husband.

But on occasion I feel like I never experienced life. I never in all my years just did what I wanted. What daughters need to know is that they can stand on their own feet. They have choices in their own life. There is no puppeteer controlling her strings. Your father does not always know best. I wish I would have learned this lesson earlier in life. I don't regret much but that I do. My friend married a woman whose father treated her similarly - the whole 'women are meant to be mothers' mentality.

What daddy seems to fail to understand is that if my friend left his wife, she would be fucked.

When I would ask to stay out late the answer was no. So, that's when Chris decided to announce in the nearly vacant Friendly's that when he was twenty-one, he dated a sixteen-year-old. Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey.

She has no job, no history of work, and three children. Daddy would of course take care of her, but what kind of life would that be for a grown woman? I think men who raise women to be submissive and dependent on men are misogynist at their core. I'm a guy, by the way. It weirds me out, too. I'll see things like a meme of a dad posing with guns and a byline saying, "Wanna date my daughter?

If you want your daughter to think of her first sexual experience as a sexual assault, this kind of parents of both genders who encourage this culture seems to be a good way to achieve this. Johan Jameson's grandson, which rankles Peter's hide to no end, and when he asks why she couldn't date Jimmy Yuma who Peter likesMary Jane says that Jimmy is terrified of Peter. Later subverted in that he's always known about supernatural dangers much of the world is unaware about. It was disturbing as fuck and is not, I think, as normalized as the gun-toting protective dad to his daughter. I'd rather take off all my clothes and paint my bottom blue than give her read article a man who didn't love her!

You gotta get through me," or jokes about dads who implicitly or explicitly threaten the boys link to date their daughter by fondling weapons in front of the young suitor. It really bothers me. My dad and the dads of my friends were nothing like that, so I have no personal experience dealing with men who think that threatening younger men who may potentially be interested in their daughter is a viable form of social interaction.

My dad trusted me to take care of myself. My parents taught me that "no" is a complete sentence. They made sure I knew that if I ever found myself in a compromising or difficult situation that I didn't know how to extricate myself from, I could call them to come get me, no judgment. My parents made it clear that my safety, on my terms, was the highest priority when I started dating. Because I grew up mormon, my read article were definitely pro-abstinence and anti-sex, but they were also not delusional.

They knew perfectly well that girls are just as horny as guys, and that it takes two to tango.


Dad never ran around threatening my boyfriends because that would have been disrespectful to me and my personal autonomy. It would have undermined everything he had taught me about standing up for myself and taking personal responsibility for my actions. So now I'm a mom to a son. One and done, no more kids for me. And I see a lot of my parent peers posting "jokey" stuff about protecting their daughters from basically their own sexuality and free will.

Recently I took this link and family class at college.