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India, Indic Civilization, and Bharatiya Sanskriti have produced many noble and spiritual figures. They failed because those who know our tradition know fun and frolic and yes even Romance has always been very much part of our traditional culture and festivals perhaps that is why they are trying to doing everything they can to take away the fun… only for Hindu festivals of course.

Therefore, perhaps it is time to not just play defence and preserve what we have, but to go ahead and revive what was originally part of it. Click the following article youth of today very much exercise freedom, and naturally when they become college-age, it is only natural to be more interested in spending time with the opposite gender.

Indeed, this too is ok, provided it is done respectably and with good intentions. Love is our reason for being. Valentine as the embodiment of Romance, Ancient India long had a festival that celebrated Shringaar. Vasanta Utsava was the traditional multi-day Spring Festival.

Holi has come to represent two such days with the burning of Holika during Choti Holi the night before. Thus, the reason why Holi and Madan Utsav currently a month apart would have been celebrated as part of the two-week Vasanta Maha Utsav is because of the general use of Amavasyat in all of India at one point.

Restoring Amateur Hookup Pics & Quotes Of Lohri 2018 would restore the continuity of the two week Spring Festival, starting from Holi and ending with Madan Utsav. That is why Madan Utsav was traditionally synonymous with Vasant Utsav and perhaps should be again.

In fact, it has historical precedence in many parts of the country, but especially Andhra. In fact, one king of the Reddi Dynastywhich presided Amateur Hookup Pics & Quotes Of Lohri 2018 the Romantic Age of Andhracame to embody the spirit of Spring, and also personally inaugurated Madan Utsav.

It was a festival of great festivity and cheer. Madan Utsav is also mentioned by our great poets, Kalidasa and Sriharsain their plays. Jayamangala, a commentator on the Kamasutrain fact gives primacy to this day over the other constituent parts of Vasant Utsav, and mentions the name Madhanamahotsava.

Madan Utsav celebrates the return of Madan to his wife Rati. Hinduism, or more correctly, Sanatana Dharma, was never only just about ritual, or caste, or boring severity, but very much achieving a balance between fun and duty.

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Dharma to guide Rasa sentimentand Rasa to enrich Dharma. They exist to protect individuals from each other and also to protect us from ourselves and from our greed. But Romance without restraint ends up being, well, the disastrous state of affairs we have now. Love is seeking to give pleasure to link you love.

Lust is trying to extract pleasure for yourself. Lust is selfish, Love is selfless. Desiring to please one's beloved is love, but desiring to please yourself is lust. There was a great carnival and the King or Civic Leader would go to a park specially decorated for Vasant.

Perfumes such as camphor, musk, civet, saffron, sandal were used, rosewater was freely sprinkled on people along with water mixed with turmeric. A bamboo water soaker was used like in Holi.

People mixed freely and the kings gave it royal grandeur. There are accounts for its Amateur Hookup Pics & Quotes Of Lohri 2018 in the Madhyadesa modern Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir as well as discussions in the Puranas, about the festival and its origin. Here is what the ancient Kashmiris celebrated: Then there was the Madana Trayodashia festival dedicated to the god of love.

On this occasion a husband would demonstrate his love for his wife by http://hookupsguide.info/rv-hookups/65326532l-dating-65326532c.php giving her a bath with sacred water scented by herbs.

Being celebrated in the bright half of the moon, it can even extend to next day and thus, there is even a Madana Chaturdashi, which is the 14 th day of the Month of Chaitra for all you 14 th of February fans. When the happiness of someone else is your happiness, that is love. Vasant Utsav and Madan Utsav have often been referred collectively. And yet, elsewhere we see a clear distinction between the two festivals with Vasant.

Thus, traditionally, Madan Utsav seems to have been synonymous with Vasant. But given the divergences and exigencies of the time, perhaps its more appropriate to distinguish the two, while preserving the importance of both.

After marrying Gauri, Siva, observing Pasupatavrata, lost himself in meditation. Madana accompanied by Vasanta, went in front of Siva who was then in deep contemplation, and having drawn his sugarcane-bow, discharged his missiles of flowers on Siva which disturbed his deep medi-tation and caused mandonmada or love madness.

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Siva burst into a rage and opened his third eye of fire reducing Madana to ashes. Pray, take pity on his wife Rati, and bring Madana, her husband, back to life. In the spring season, on the thirteenth day of the light half of the month, he would reassume his bodily form.

So the lunar thirteenth day of the bright fortnight was the day of Madana coming to life again. Hemadri does not specify the month; but simply states that it is in the spring time.

Amateur Hookup Pics & Quotes Of Lohri 2018

It is evident that it is the lunar thirteenth day of the bright half of the month of Caitra. This is referred to as Kamuni Dahamu in parts of India, where a bonfire is lit to burn away attachments. How to celebrate Madan Utsav? Not just Kings and Queens, but traditional Brahmins, fun-loving masses, and everyone in between. The only difference is that achara good conduct and sabhyata etiquette were observed.

Love for God means love for his creation and all his creatures. Here is an excerpt from Ratnavali on the public celebration and all it entails:.

Amateur Hookup Pics & Quotes Of Lohri 2018

Looking up Ah, how now! The King has ascended the palace! He, The lord of Vatsa, like the flower-bowed god Madana in person, as it were, with all talk of Vigraha the war-body ceased, having Rati love of the people—his wifeliving in the hearts of the people and one to whom Vasantaka his companion—Springis dear, is advancing, eager to behold this great festival.

After you fill out the form below and click submit, your comment will be published instantly online along with your screen name. Everything becomes transformed into the way he envisions it. Real men not only fulfill their duties, but know how to interact and behave around women, and enjoy the company of others in a respectful way.

Moreover, In the courtyard which is flooded all over with the continuous streams of water ejected by the foun-tains and where sport is Amateur Hookup Pics & Quotes Of Lohri 2018 on in the mud caused by the simultaneous and close treadings, the yon pavement is reddened by the people with the imprints lit. Kaushambi is in modern Uttar Pradesh. Click here to buy this book! It is said that, on the thirteenth tithi of the bright half, a representations of the Asoka tree should be made after taking a bath, and the floor should be decorated with kolams.

Images of Kamadeva, Vighnesvara, Siva and Vasanta and Apsarogunas made either of gold or of any other metal or material, should be worshipped with incense, sandal paste, and flowers at midday by the king, along with his ministers, ladies and others. After the completion of worship, offerings of cakes of different kinds should be made to them click betel be distributed among brahmin couples with daksina.

Love means trust, but above all it means trustworthiness. Couples should offer new clothes, gifts, flowers and ornaments to each other. Lamps should be lit, and wine should be offered to sudras [or rather those who drink], and camphor, kumkuma powder, sandal paste and other perfumes and betel should be distributed.

Thus while the wife would worship her husband on his return as the embodiment of Kama Devathe husband in turn would worship her after her sacred bath, as we saw in Kashmir.

This mutual reverence demonstrated not only respect for both genders but also gives the correct understanding of matrimony and even sex as sacred—in contrast to modern consumer society where it is lust on demand and for the highest bidder.

Lust is selfish greed for sex. Erotic desire is not condemned in the right context.

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Lust is condemned in any context. Lord Krishna teaches detachment. Love gives without expecting anything in return. Dhyayato vishayaan pumsah, vangas teshupa jaayate Sangaat sanjaayate kaamah, kaamat krodhobhi jaayate Krodhad bhavati sammohah, sammohat smriti vibramaha Smriti bhramsaad buddhi nasho, buddhi maashaat pranasyati. While contemplating material and sensual objects, persons become attached to them. Such attachment develops lust and lust generates anger.

Anger leads to delusion and delusion to mental bewilderment. When the mind is bewildered, intelligence and discretion is lost. Loss of intelligence and discretion leads to downfall of the person. Kaameswara — Lord Shiva Conquers Lust [6].

Kama pronounced Kaama is a very interesting word. Like many words in Sanskrit its meaning is context sensitive.

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In some contexts it means pleasurein others it means love, and in this situation it means lust here or kaama-unmada. It is because of this danger which Sri Krishna warns about that Lord Shiva had to show us the importance of conquering Lust. The reason why Amateur Hookup Pics & Quotes Of Lohri 2018 are so many regulations and rules and such detailed morality regarding sex is because it is the most powerful of aspects in life.

This is the case not only for its creative power, but due to its attractive power, its physical power, and even its spiritual power. The key to conquering lust, therefore, is not through celibacy-sans-saadhana, but by correctly connecting sex with love if you do take the oath of celibacy, you must follow the saadhana that our sadhus do to succeed.

Love comes in many forms. When you are capable of real romantic love, however, then the selflessness it demands, opens the door to Divine Love. Reason gets you to God's door, but only love http://hookupsguide.info/rv-hookups/498498w-dating-498498t.php you in. He is referred to as Kaameswara and Maara-ripu because he conquered lust.

When lust is conquered, then the full spectrum of love from the erotic to the romantic to the spiritual can be properly enjoyed. That is why you should celebrate Madan Utsav: Less orthodox castes used to be gifted wine while traditional brahmanas were gifted betel leaf. The day would begin with all of society coming together in respectable but enthusiastic celebration, with the night obviously ending between wife and husband.

Yes, dancers and actresses and singers, etc had their paramours and inspired people to celebrate, but the engaged or about to be and the married were naturally the core of the festival. Young and old, upper caste and lower caste, elite and mass, woman and man, all celebrated what we all know to be part of our nature…but in the right context…in the right way…in the right time.

God is moved only by love. It has been many centuries since the days of Ancient Kashmir or Medieval Andhra, so how can a beautiful festival be celebrated today?