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“Shahs of Sunset” Star GG Reveals Everything She’s Had Done

GG Drops a Bombshell: I Hooked Up With Jax | The Daily Dish

4 Jan And the award for “Fastest Rebound EVER” goes to our girl GG! Between Jax's self-diagnosed addiction to sex and GG's out-of-control temper, we are in for some intense drama! Who is excited for a Vanderpump Rules and Shahs of Sunset cross-over? Image Credit: Instagram, Twitter and FameFlynet. 21 Jan GG discusses her personal life including her relationship with Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor. Is there a Bravo love connection brewing? When we spoke to the Shahs of Sunset star we got the lowdown on her current relationship status; “single for the first time since she was 15” and why it's so hard. 10 Jan It's official: Vanderpump Rules hottie Jax Taylor and Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi have slept together. And apparently, GG likes what Jax is workin' with, if you get our drift. Uh, please say you get our drift, since that's as graphic as we want to get. GG appears on Watch What Happens.

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Later on in the show, Andy went to the phones, and a caller asked about whether or not GG and Stassi Schroeder, have met, and what does Stassi have to say about their relationship. Because Stassi was always fan of yours, watching your show!

But, you know what? She obviously still cares what Jax does even if she has a boyfriend if she keeps asking him about GG. They are both crazy so that needs to be filmed ASAP! Jax would f a Gigi Shahs Of Sunset Hookup Jax if he was drunk enough, or if was just bored with women for a minute.

I think this is a joke. When you first see Jax he is nice to look at but after watching the show he is very immature, gossips and tells lies, bringing his looks to a 1 and not appealing any longer. As nasty as Stassi could be GG is 10 times worse.

They will be a hot mess since both are immature, impulsive and hotheaded. GG needs to get a job, life and grow up then attempt a relationship. She should avoid conflict— one day someone who does know how to fight is going to knock her out and maybe a few of her teeth. I hope GG gets tested article source who knows where jax has been. Stassi is just as emotionally all over the place as Brandi.

I actually think he could handle Brandi very well. I hate to talk this and I try not to.

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi Transfers Fat From Stomach to Butt — Looking Hot!

Not face wise or body wise. But, if I was going to do a lady, it most certainly would not be her. But, I do find Jax to be extremely sexy. GG gets hot guys.

I agree, GG is not all that attractive. I think this is a joke. We are now entering the 4th season of the show and have watched the year-old Playboy begin and end a slew of hook-ups, dating relationships, one night stands, and serious situations. No, create an account now. Jan 18, 9.

I agree, GG is not all that attractive. I think she must have really deep rooted issues, hope her therapist can help her. For some reason, Debra Messing is more attractive, though. I totally she what you are saying about the Debra Messing look. I have to agree as well, Debra Messing is def. He was still a cutie, though.

My soft spot for her is due to the fact that she reminds me of some friends I used to party with when I was younger. And, in a new interview with E! The two were embroiled in a very passionate but tumultuous relationship.

I still think she looked like a scrunched Barbie face, tho! I think she looks like and acts like a chihuahua. I know, I know…that sounds mean, but every time I remember her saying she hates ugly people, I think poor thing must hate herself so much! GG, idk what happened to her, but she obviously has deep rooted issues that need to be solved as well.

Oh yeah, GG is a straight lunatic, but I still like and have a soft spot for her. I really feel sorry for the damage inflicted upon her by her Mother, but…. Yes, I agree with MJ. That is where I get really annoyed with her.

Shahs of Sunset' GG Meltdown -- 'She Hit My Sister in the F***ing Face' - 100% Free Sex Hookups!

My soft spot for her is due to the fact that she reminds me of some friends I used to party with when I was younger. But, those were just partying friends, not real friends. EJJ, GG has a very different look. Not trying to be nasty, just cant think of the proper word to use. That was one of my absolute favorite digs! When is it proper to let the world know that your having sex with someone?

Gigi Shahs Of Sunset Hookup Jax

Jaz is not a catch. So this will never last. I think both of their behavior is disgusting. A guy looking for a lasting relationship does not want used goods. Hi just me, I agree with you. Why kiss and tell. I think Jax is a man whore but, he did try for a year to make up with Stassi and she was rude to him at times.

Your last line reminds me what my Mom told me when I started dating. If I had a girl, I would give her the same advice. God Bless my Mom. OT—did anyone scrunch their Barbies heads down as a kid? Little did I know — never use permanent markers to apply Barbie makeup— I had the first drag-Queen Barbie doll on the block. Lol, I tried to wash and style, Gigi Shahs Of Sunset Hookup Jax, to no avail.

Only if you had a girl? They are broken up so Stassi should drop it and move on with her life.

Gigi Shahs Of Sunset Hookup Jax