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How to Communicate with a Mentally Challenged Person. The ability to communicate with people whose speech is affected by a mental disability is actually a skill that can be developed over time with practice. Whether you deal with mentally. There is this really attractive mentally handicapped girl who delivers flyers in the neighborhood. She looks Meet singles at hookupsguide.info, we're % free! Wasnt you the person that had the experience with the mentally handicapped women at the bar that you had "regrets" about sleeping with?. Would you date someone who has learning disabilities or someone who is borderline/mildly mentally challenged? Why or why not? Meet singles at hookupsguide.info, we're % free! Join now! this girl i know dated a guy who was autistic and had asperger's and he was nice and all but kind of weird.

The ability to communicate with people whose speech is affected by a mental disability is actually a skill that can be developed over time read article practice.

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Thanks for helping us achieve our goal of helping everyone on the planet learn how to do anything! Disability Issues Speaking and Listening Skills.

Don't assume that someone has an intellectual disability based on the ease of their speech. Some people who have difficulty speaking, such as people with cerebral palsy and some autistic people, are on average just as smart as anyone else.

A disability accent, slow speech, or halting speech doesn't always mean an intellectual disability. People who can't speak can be of any intelligence level. Body language does not relate to intelligence either. Looking away while listening, and fidgeting constantly, are Hookup Someone Who Is Mentally Challenged autistic traits. Don't assume that this means they aren't paying close attention, or that they can't understand.

Disabled people may do things that society considers unusual: Most of this behavior serves a purpose—calming themselves down, communicating their needs, expressing feelings, or simply having fun.

Recognize that it's okay to be different, and that there's no need to worry about behavior that doesn't hurt anyone. Recognize that ability varies from day to day.

Stress, sensory overload, lack of sleep, how hard they pushed themselves this morning, and other factors can determine how easy it is for someone to communicate and perform other tasks. If they are having a harder time today than they did yesterday, remember that they aren't doing this on purpose, and work on being patient. Ask questions if you don't understand their wording. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities may not word things in the same way as people without disabilities.

Their wording might not make sense to you.

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Instead, ask them questions to clarify what they're trying to say. For example, if your friend asks "Where's the thing? Sometimes, they might be searching for a word. For example, if they're asking about food, and there are many types of food, then start narrowing it down. Maybe they're saying "food" when they want to ask about Hookup Someone Who Is Mentally Challenged.

If you don't know, ask. It's absolutely okay to ask "How can I accommodate you? As long as you're well-meaning and respectful, it'll be fine. If you want to know how to handle a specific situation, ask them. For example, "I notice that sometimes when we meet new people, they have a hard time understanding you and you can be left out. How do you want me to handle this? Don't give up on them.

When speaking to a person who has a disability accent, some people ask "what did you say? Keep trying to connect.

Hookup Someone Who Is Mentally Challenged

Make it clear that what they have to say is important to you. A useful phrase is "I'm having trouble understanding you, but I care about what you're saying. Work with them to figure out what is best. Find conversation topics that interest them.

Imagine if you were capable of making reasonable choices and decisions but someone was always making these decisions for you without your input. Understand that people with disabilities are still heavily discriminated against, and even people who work with those with disabilities might not realize ways that they violate the dignity and respect for the person that they would not do to someone who was not disabled. If her flight-or-flight instinct is triggered, give her space, because she might lose self-control and hit again.

Ask Hookup Someone Who Is Mentally Challenged their day, their favorite book or TV show, their interests, or their family and friends. This will help you get to know them, and you might make a new friend!

Hookup Someone Who Is Mentally Challenged calmly, clearly, and with a moderate volume. Enunciate well, and focus on clarity. Speaking louder doesn't make you more understandable. Consider this an opportunity to work on your clarity of article source. Model your vocabulary usage after theirs.

If they say the word "gigantic," then they probably also know what "enormous" and "huge" mean. If they speak using basic words, then it's probably best to use the smallest words you know.

If they use words like "fortuitously" and "systematic bias," then their disability probably isn't intellectual. Avoid long and complex sentences if needed. If the person seems to struggle understanding speech, keep your sentences short and clear. Use simple subject-verb-object statements when you can. This is good practice in general too.

Non-disabled people don't enjoy wading through extremely long sentences either. Let them see your mouth. If the person is hard of hearing or struggles to process speech, they may want to watch you as you pronounce your words.

This helps them figure out what you are saying in many cases. Avoid turning away as you speak, covering your mouth, or speaking with your mouth full. Avoid running words together. For example, the question "Do-ya wanna eat-a pizza? One of the biggest challenges for listeners is knowing where one word ends and the next one begins. If they seem to be struggling, slow down the pace a little, giving a slight pause between each word.

Don't mimic their disability accent, in a misguided presumption that they will "understand" if you speak like they do. This does not make you easier to understand.

Hookup Someone Who Is Mentally Challenged

It will confuse your listener and may give the wrong impression about your sensitivity to their disability. Let the pace slow down as needed. If their speech is halting or labored, it may take them more time to get through a sentence. Give them utter patience, and don't rush them to finish what they're saying. This takes the pressure off and makes them feel more at ease. Use open body language.

Show them that you're interested in what they're saying by looking at them, and making eye contact if they're comfortable with it. Remember that they may have different listening body language than you do.

If you aren't sure whether they're paying attention, watch to see if they react to what you say e. Deal with negative emotions in non-aggressive ways. Due to social uncertainty, past mistreatment, or abuse-related PTSD, some disabled people may feel scared and confused if you Hookup Someone Who Is Mentally Challenged angry or hostile towards them. If you're getting very upset, take some deep breaths and try saying "I need some alone time" so you can handle your emotions privately.

Take some quiet time. If you need to speak to them to address the issue, wait until you are able to handle it with a level head. They won't be able to listen well if they are scared or confused by your strong emotions.

Do not sign him up for a traditional dating site because that will. So now you're mentally ill. Dude, I'm pretty sure you did this thread when you were here before? Model your vocabulary usage after theirs. The Quaker Oats Company, known as Quaker, is an.

If the disabled person does something that upsets you, communicate it calmly and clearly. They are facing barriers beyond your comprehension, and that can make conversation difficult.

Dating for mentally disabled people can become real

Never yell at a disabled person, or blame them for their disability. If you find yourself feeling frustrated, disengage.

Go for a walk, do something else, or say "I need some alone time for a little while. If you notice that they seem distressed, ask them "Is something wrong? People can talk much better when their needs are being met. Disabled people are people like anyone else, and can be fun to talk to and befriend.

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Some girl at camp keeps putting her lips on people's foreheads. I don't want her to do it to me. What do I do? Disabled people can learn about boundaries and personal space, just like anybody else.

If she does this as a show of affection, suggest an alternate way she can show it to you. Not Helpful 0 Helpful My husband's sister hit me twice and pushed me once.