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14 Jun After the June 13 episode of 'Pretty Little Liars,' I couldn't help but shake that the feeling that that was Spencer's twin kissing Toby! Toby starts to pick up that Spencer is acting fishy and says, “That doesn't sound like the Spencer I know.” However, she does have the scar where Spencer was shot. Despite being very sure of herself, Spencer does begin to show a bit of strain when she and her friends start receiving strange texts from the mysterious "A". She is very protective of her friends and family, and can come off as being bossy at times, but only because she wants to protect them. After losing her boyfriend Toby to. 27 Jun We finally found out who A.D. was on Pretty Little Liars. And wow, it was a big reveal. As it turns out, a certain woman named Alex Drake was A.D. on Pretty Little Liars, aka Spencer's secret twin. Spencer only found out about her in the series final.

Toby Cavanaugh is a major supporting character on Pretty Little Liars. He is the older click of Jenna Marshallthe husband of his deceased wife Yvonne Phillips and the son of the deceased Marion Cavanaugh.

Alison told the Liars that she saw Toby spying on them from his tree house and watched them change clothes, and they believed her. Alison and her friends tried to get revenge on him by throwing a stink-bomb into the Cavanaugh's garage, which set the garage on fire and blinded Jenna, in the process. It is unknown whether or not Alison actually knew Jenna was inside.

It When Does Spencer Start Hookup Toby also unknown whether anyone else was inside the garage. Alison blackmailed Toby into taking the blame for Jenna's "accident", by saying that she would tell the whole town about their affair. Commemorating September 1, the day he became free of Jenna, and coincidentally the same day Alison DiLaurentis went missing, Toby got a tattoo: This at the timefueled the Liars beliefs that Toby killed Ali.

After a year in reform school in MaineToby returns to Rosewood where he is treated as a social pariah, and suspected of being an "A" - by The Liars - and also Alison's murderer by the whole town.

He helps Emily to come out and tell people that she is gay, something that she is forever grateful for. Toby maintains his innocence in Alison's murder, is eventually cleared, and even begins a long-term relationship with Spencer Hastings. It can only be assumed that this message and the other escalating When Does Spencer Start Hookup Toby of Season 3 were from Toby.

Spencer finds this out on their one-year anniversary, and ends their relationship because of it. Spencer is heartbroken and, throughout the season, this becomes increasingly obvious. Later, Spencer reveals to the Liars that Toby is a member of the "A-Team", and she has known about it for weeks. In Out of Sight, Out of MindSpencer follows Mona into read article woods, where she finds a body on the ground surrounded by camping gear.

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The person is wearing a biker helmet and a leather jacket. Spencer doesn't realize who this could be until she recognizes a tattoo on the mystery person's side: Thinking here body is Toby's, Spencer breaks down and begins to cry; however, before she can lift the eye guard on the helmet for confirmation, Mona calls out from the woods, "He's dead," taking Spencer's attention away from the body and prompting her to chase Mona.

Whether or not the body in the woods was actually Toby's was debatable and —at the time— unknown. Toby meets Spencer at a diner thinking she is Mona to say that Hanna got the babysitting job. Spencer says article source know" and raises her head to look at him. Upon realizing it is Spencer, he confesses that he joined the A-Team to protect her, stating: In Season 4Toby's storyline centers around the fact that he wants answers about his mom's death.

He gives the RV to "A" and Spencer is upset because it could have given them information. There is a strain put on his relationship with Spencer because she told the other Liars about him making deals with A.

His relationship with Spencer strengthens and scenes between them show that they are very much in love. Toby also becomes a cop; however his graduation is put on hold when he gets in a car accident in Taking When Does Spencer Start Hookup Toby One to the Gravein which he breaks his leg. Toby makes a source appearance when he walks Jenna into Alison DiLaurentis' funeral, then later leaves with her.

To Kill a Mocking Girl.

A year after her friend Alison disappeared, Spencer reunites with her old friends after a mysterious text reveals that someone knows her secrets. But how can they go a whole year without Spencer and Toby mentioning the hookup??? She says she thinks "A" gave him something genuine [the file]. Toby is staying at the motel to escape Jenna's wrath. His relationship with Spencer strengthens and scenes between them show that they are very much in love.

Jenna walks in school with More info in tow. He receives uneasy glances from all the students. After swim practice, Ben Coogan —Emily's boyfriend—sneaks up on her in the girls locker room and tries to fool around with her. She tries to push him off nicely, but he gets violent and more forceful.

Just then, Toby came to the rescue and wordlessly pushes Ben off of Emily. He pounds Ben into the locker until Ben bleeds, while Emily shouts for Toby to stop. Can You Hear Me Now? Toby becomes Emily's lab partner, much to Emily's dismay. Toby notices when Emily slams her lab book shut, though he doesn't know that it is because of the photos planted there.

That night, Toby catches sight of Emily and strikes up a conversation. Emily asks Toby if he saw the pictures in her lab book. It seems that he has, but Toby says he's "cool" with her not wanting people to know about her secret.

Toby uses it as a teaching moment to speak to Emily about "not being the person people want you to be, but being the person you want to be. The next day Emily questions Toby about his whereabouts the previous night. He tells her that he was studying at the Grille all night. He then asks her where When Does Spencer Start Hookup Toby was and she tells him she was at a friend's house.

The duo stay after class to finish their experiment.

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They agree to meet later at the Grille and hang out. However, Emily brushes him off out of fear of what her friends click think and sit wit her friends instead. The next day, an upset Toby tries to ignore Emily when she comes to sit with him, but gives in when she presents him with a mixed CD of her own. She apologizes and he accepts.

There's No Place Like Homecoming. Toby surprises Emily with tickets to homecoming. At the dance, Toby whisks Emily away to the Chem. Lab to confide in her privately about his big secret, which the other girls have just uncovered.

When Does Spencer Start Hookup Toby

The girls realize what Alison had blackmailed Toby with in order to force him to take the blame for "The Jenna Thing" - she knew about Toby's sexual relationship with his step-sister. As Toby tries to explain, in a creepy threatening manner that she clearly is not responding well to, she pushes him into the cabinet of beakers.

Emily then flees with Toby hot on her trail, but she trips on the train of her dress and is unconscious. Toby drives an this web page Emily to the hospital and drops her off at the emergency room.

After that, Toby flees Rosewood, without telling anyone—including Jenna and his parents—where he is going. A day later, Emily sees cops in front of the Cavanaugh house, with a shaken Jenna in tears, sitting on the front porch as the police leave. She sees a wrecked motorcycle, but is too afraid to ask if Toby is alive or not.

Keep Your Friends Close. A new piece of evidence leads the police to announce that Toby is officially wanted for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. Toby appears in Emily's car and explains that he gave Alison the sweater while he thanked her helping him get away from Jenna.

He also tells her that he is leaving Rosewood, as he will most definitely be convicted of Alison's murder—whether he When Does Spencer Start Hookup Toby guilty or not. Toby tells her to meet him at the Rosewood Church at midnight, before he leaves for good.

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However, the police discover Toby's whereabouts as he waits for Emily. Toby has been released from jail due to insufficient evidence, but with one caveat: Emily sees Toby sitting on his stoop wearing his house arrest anklet and heads over to tell him that she wasn't the one who turned him into the cops.

Later, Jenna reveals to Toby that it was actually she who turned him in, telling him that it would look as though he was guilty of murdering Alison if he left Rosewood, Toby quietly and defiantly responds by saying, "you can chain me to this porch, and I'd still never touch you like that again.

The girls, aside from Emily, still don't trust Toby despite being cleared of killing Alison. When Does Spencer Start Hookup Toby, Toby is walking across the street and the townsfolk is be mean and judge him. After some little kids run away from him, truly frightened, he runs into an alley to cry not knowing and Spencer is watching and pitying him.

Spencer shows up on the Cavanaugh's doorstep, telling Toby that she is his new French tutor. When he asks why, she responds that she is taking AP French, They sit down on the read more, and she hands him the French translation of "Catcher in the Rye," having seen him reading the book once before.

She explains that the best way to learn another language is to read a book you have already read in English in another language.

Toby questions her motives and listens as she apologizes for suspecting him and begins a friendship with her. Spencer visits Toby's home again, but finds the door open when she knocks. Toby warns her not to snoop as Jenna remembers exactly where she places things and will know if things are touched. Toby had been When Does Spencer Start Hookup Toby the phone with the District Attorney and therefore couldn't speak up right away as soon as Spencer arrived.

He lets her know that the charges are being dropped, as the blood evidence they collected was corrupted. Thus, Toby is no longer under house arrest for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis.

Spencer and Toby confront a woman from Decladine about the source with his mother. He then takes her back to one of his hotels he stays at, and reveals that he joined the "A-Team" to protect her. A projector shows the footage of Alison with Ian the night she died, the footage they thought was lost. Spencer says that she knows he was just trying to protect her, and Peter tells her, damn right he's been trying to protect her, but he would never take a life to cover up something she did.

He can have his tracking anklet removed as soon as he goes to the Rosewood Police Department. Spencer offers Toby a ride to the station, and he accepts, leaving Jenna rebuffed when he turns down her ride in a taxi with him.

The next morning, Toby goes to Spencer's house. Spencer reassures him that everything will be fine, and uses the opportunity to ask Toby why Alison had been so sure that Toby was the one peeping on them, but Toby firmly denies that he ever spied on anyone; the only thing he can make of Alison's assumptions is that she had something against him, though he is clueless as to what.

A Person of Interest. Spencer and Toby form an unlikely alliance as the two grow increasingly suspicious of Jenna and her ties to a mysterious room at a local motel. Toby is staying at the learn more here motel to escape Jenna's wrath, as she knows that he took her phone and believes that he touched her snow globe.

While dropping Toby off, Spencer hears flute music coming from room - which was the same numbers in the braille message.

When Does Spencer Start Hookup Toby

When she peeks through the window into the room, she sees a bag from "Neufelds," the same exact bag Ian mysteriously gave Jenna during their strange encounter at the high school. The duo stake out the motel and find out what Jenna is up to and eventually the two fall asleep together. In the morning, they realize that it was a set up, but begin a relationship nonetheless. Someone to Watch Over Me. He coaches Spencer accordingly, urging her to serve the cops coffee in a bold move acknowledging their presence, yet not being afraid.

Later, Toby and Spencer spend comforting time alone, sitting alone in When Does Spencer Start Hookup Toby house discussing running away and what that feels like. Toby asks her to call him first if she ever gets the urge to runaway again.