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3 Jul Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode by javabeans. Honesty is the name of the game this time around, and we have that to thank for the swift advancement in the main plot and romance. In a world populated with too many people harboring secrets and hiding their real feelings and putting on fronts. 28 May A zippy and fun opening for Dating Agency Cyrano, the fourth show in the Flower Boy series on cable network tvN. EPISODE 1 RECAP. In a dimly lit restaurant, a man breaks into a nervous smile in front of the woman sitting across from him, who smiles bashfully in return. May 28, at PM. 5 Jun EPISODE 3 RECAP. Thanks to Min-young's interference with Team Cyrano's plan, Byung-hoon tells her that she's now out of a job. To this, Min-young scoffs, “ Out?!” A drama heroine who doesn't take this kind of news lying down? Am I dreaming? *pinches cheek*. She argues that she can't be cut from the.

The Cyrano team continues to face new challenges with their next client with variables that no one saw coming. Adobe Flash Player version 9 Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Recap above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. She motions towards the suspicious-looking Moo-jin at the bar, and confused when Joon-hyuk lets him walk out scot-free. Back at the van, Min-young is dumbfounded to discover that Byung-hoon is still pulling the strings of the operation.

They monitor Joon-hyuk closely as he musters the courage to tell Jae-in the truth…. Just then, a sudden explosion erupts from behind the bar, and the potential couple find themselves locked inside, enveloped in smoke. Min-young rises from her chair, concerned for their safety.

But Byung-hoon tells her to sit tight, adding that this is all here of Plan C. Regardless, his heroism sweeps Jae-in off of her feet. Then the door unlocks on cue and they stumble outside. To his surprise, she matter-of-factly answers: As Jae-in explains how she recognizes him as a regular library patron, a flashback teaches us about the previously intercepted call by Byung-hee which confirmed that her mystery man was no more than Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Recap everyday veterinarian.

With a smile, Jae-in admits that she poured herself in detective mystery novels because she found fiction to be far more interesting than her boring reality.

But ever since she saw Joon-hyuk at the train platform, she became intrigued and grew curious to learn more about him.

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Ha, still suspicious of her surroundings as ever. Now that the operation is a learn more here, Byung-hoon leans back in his chair to ask Min-young how it feels to see something fake turn real before their eyes. She returns a forced smile in response. Seung-pyo takes his leave and when Min-young tries to follow suit, her bag inadvertently knocks over the smoke device and it hits the floor.

Her hand raised, she vows to never go rogue on their missions again and promises to be a true team player from now on. Although he finds those words hard to believe, Byung-hoon reluctantly takes her back in, to her delight. A little later, the boys watch as Min-young scratches her head over the previous operation. When she overhears that their client added in an extra bonus because of her efforts, she quickly retracts her gratitude, horrified.

That prompts Min-young to ask why Arang joined Cyrano Agency instead of a legitimate theater troupe.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I was the exact same way. She thanks him for his bold confession, which now gives her the courage to face her own cowardice.

We catch up with Arang at school, and it should be no surprise that he has his own set of admirers. Placing a mountain of schoolwork on his desk, she asks in an irritated voice why Arang skips out on school so often. When Arang simply smiles warmly back at her, she stalks off more annoyed than before.

She at least has believable expressions, and i suppose it helps that her character is so charming and strong-headed. And at the end, Byung Hoon kept telling her to shut the Agency down and she didn't. I would have preferred the ending I came up with last week or the week before in which Min Young kicks Byung Hoon in the nuts and walks off telling him too little too late.

That same idol boy is Yang Ho-yeol cameo by Lee Tae-minwho receives a distinguished award from the school in the presence of the media. Ho-yeol shakes off his handlers to hang back at school, reassuring them that he can take care of himself. The sight of Se-kyung through a window as he walks down an adjacent corridor triggers a memory of the time she once mended a minor cut on his hand.

Smiling, he trails behind her. Arang reads from his copy Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Recap Cyrano de Bergerac in an empty theater and buries his nose in his book to hide when Se-kyung walks in, promptly followed by Ho-yeol. Completely unaware that they have an audience, Ho-yeol boldly asks her out. You sure make it hard for a girl to say no, lover boy. She shuts him down.

Once she leaves, Arang pops out of his hiding place. The sight of the Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Recap adorably handsome faces sitting side-by-side sends her in another fit of giggles. Then Byung-hoon sits down and starts off their initial consultation with one important question: Who manages his money?

As expected, Byung-hoon later gets called out on the question as Min-young chides him for his fixation over finances. He threatens to fire her should she continue to spout such nonsense and frowns when Seung-pyo answers for her saying that she can work at the restaurant instead.

Hee, I love how uncomfortable Moo-jin gets when she leans in too close. He shares that his dream is to travel around the world to see every play with his tent filled with teddy bears.

Gah, why are you so adorable? Then he invites Arang to seek him out whenever he runs into girl trouble.

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Uh-oh, why do I get the uneasy feeling that this record is about to be broken? Using the knowledge that Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Recap target arrives early to school to their advantage, Se-kyung walks in the classroom to find Ho-yeol casually sitting by the windowsill as the curtains billow in the wind. But Se-kyung is a smart cookie and Ho-yeol flusters when she points out the oddity: At her theory that Se-kyung must have previously suffered from some kind of idol trauma, he tosses her a bag and tells her to get dressed.

Byung-hoon grabs her by the collar to stop her when she charges outside. They bicker back-and-forth for another minute until a ripping sound of her shirt makes the both of them freeze in place. Then Min-young hurls her bag in his face. Byung-hoon read more his injury as he waits for Min-young to change.

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She pops her head out and asks guiltily why he tugged on her clothes in the first place, and Byung-hoon defends: I was just holding link. He tells Min-young that this is her lucky day — she can consider this as a chance to relive her days as a teen.

Then he barks at her to hurry up and Min-young trudges along after him like the reluctant high-schooler she is. As Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Recap catch up on old times, Min-young sticks her tongue at him before she slips away. Named Arrow Theater, rumor has it that couples would secretly hold their dates there and a place where Cupid might shoot an arrow. The girls rush off to class, and Byung-hoon emerges from behind the wall, having overheard the entire conversation. He wonders if this is an impossible mission after all.

Aw, I like him. Is he our former theater director? In the present, Byung-hoon reminisces on the memory with grim fondness. Byung-hoon walks in Arrow Theater, unaware that Seung-pyo is just a few steps behind him.

Once inside, his eyes rests upon a faded mural of a group of teenagers on the wall. For a brief minute, we see the back of a teenage girl painting on the same Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Recap some years ago and cut away as soon as she turns around. Byung-hoon surveys the rest of the room and smiles when he sees Arang walk past, his nose buried deep in his Cyrano de Bergerac book again.

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Then he freezes when he spots Se-kyung walking in the same direction. He pulls Min-young back when she approaches, having followed Se-kyung here from class. Well that certainly adds a wrinkle to our master plan.

On the bright side, at least the team discovered this important detail in the reconnaissance phase of their operation rather than later on down the road. In that same vein, I like that the team is now faced with the very real possibility that this mission could fail. Not only that, Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Recap has eyes for another flower boy who — from what we can tell so far — is a better all-around guy.

His previous relationship with Do-il is so wonderfully sweet and serves to remind us that Byung-hoon is a Sherlock who once check this out a Watson in his life along with a group of friends he truly cared about.

We know how well they work together, but how well do they really know each other? Your email address will not be published. Is anyone here watching his wgm episodes? He's so cute being all grown up!!! This episode really got me to like this drama! I love Minyoung's spunkiness! Why can't we have other drama heroines be like her haha.

Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Recap

What i love about min young is the fact that she doesnt take no for an answer. A potential conflict between her and cyrano solved in a few minutes. Also, i would also like to say that sooyoung is officially the best actress in Girls Generation, and it helps that she's stellar at impersonations and all those quirky talents.

She's such a breath of fresh air I loved the opening to episode 3. I thought the issue would last longer! And yep, I don't know about her acting versus the rest of GG since I haven't watched any of them act but I think Sooyoung has solid acting in this show. Frankly I haven't see her act but I'd trust Eom Ki-joon who recently said Sunny is the best idol turned musical actor. And I won't be surprised if she is good at acting too because she is such a jack of all trades!

It's a shame that she's so underrated and so under-promoted which is ironic considering who her uncle is lol. I resolved to stay far away from this one Hookup Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Recap I've been burned a total of three times emotionless Yoona, Yuri of Stone and blankface Jessica - I still regret watching all of them but Sooyoung is about a thousand times better than all of them combined.

She at least has believable expressions, and i suppose it helps that her character is so charming and strong-headed.

I'm loving all the cameos, and hoping all their clients follow this format. Makes for a breezy watch. And I'm glad we are getting to some of the backstory. Tents, teddy bears, tiny cars, what a visual feast!