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Best U.S. Military Bases

Special Report: The top 5 best bases for airmen

5 Jul Other good places for homeschooling and life were Patrick AFB, FL, and Kirtland, NM which is in Albuquerque. I also liked LAAFB but I know most people don't like LA. Another vote for Patrick. I loved it there! Of course, I was a young, single butterbar at the time, but it's really a great base and great location. 17 Sep Washington Navy Yard, Bolling Air Force Base, and Fort Lesley J. McNair (Army) are but a few. Oh yea, and the Pentagon. Best reason to be stationed there: Forbes Magazine listed Washington DC as the #2 best city in America for singles, so there's that. It also ranked as the best city for military spouses to. 23 Jul One might not imagine that one of the two best bases in the Air Force can be found near the small town of Belleville, Illinois, a bucolic community of 44, in a St. Louis metro area of Scott has a program called the Single Airmen's Initiative, which provides free trips and events for airmen up to E

Discussion in ' U. Log in or Sign up. Best base for me? Trying to plan out my dream sheet Discussion in ' U. Feb 28, 1.

Oct 31, Messages: Wherever Air Force puts me Ratings: I'm leaving next tuesday, the 8th, and signed up for 6 years. I get preference of base and have to decide on bases I'd like to be stationed at I've lived in IA my whole life and I'm sick and tired of snow. I'd like to stay in the states.

I am single, and looking to find a wife in the next couple years. I love the outdoors. Camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, etc.

What are some of your preferred Air Force bases to be stationed at?

I'm also active in shooting sports, which Iowa is very limited on. I'd like to get more involved in 3 gun and long range contests.

I also have a mustang project and I'd like to get in to road racing when it's finished. All signs point to the south, but which one?

I'm looking for opinions. Hot chicks that want to settle down.

All signs point to the south, but which one? Man shows aftermath of house fire that killed grandfather. Your post will be deleted if you post it anywhere else. Louis, particularly young couples without kids, [and] can go see the Cardinals, the Rams, Fox Theater [a performing arts center], all St.

So I can station at any base really, but I don't want to end up standing guard at a missile silo. I'm looking to get in to something more specialized and eventually apply for OSI.

Stay away from the larger military bases when you are looking for women. Peak Greenway Trails System, which currently consists of 45 miles of trails winding along San Antonio's creeks. Haynes grew up with a strong interest in art in her hometown in Cincinnati.

Feb 28, 2. Aug 21, Messages: You could have the choice of which country to visit in a day from any post in Europe, just a train ride away. So much scenery, so many amazing cities, so much history.

Best Air Force Base For Singles

But you said you want to stay in US, so much for that. My second recommendation would be AZ - it fits everything you listed. I can't comment on first in your list - hot chicks - because I am happily married - but I will say that I have been slapped for swiveling neck here Outdoor activities everywhere year roundawesome weather you do get used to the summer heat, the worst lasts only two or three months, and can always escape with a two hour drive.

Year round, top down driving on some amazing scenic routes. Yes, we Best Air Force Base For Singles mountains - leave Phoenix at less than feet, less than two hours later be in Flagstaff atanother 20 minutes to Snowbowl that tops out near 12, And if that is not enough, Utah and Colorado are a short flight or one day drive.

Lots of shooting, organized clubs and venues - for one sample, just check out our State run range source - about 30 to 40 minutes from Luke AFB. Arguably the most gun friendly state.

Best Air Force Base For Singles

I'm not a hunter, but guys I know enjoy elk hunting up north in mountains, and Javelina hunting nearby not hogs and I will not eat something related to a rat, but they all say it is fun. And if you end up extending your post, or settling here with a local blonde, you could buy a house here at awesome deals these days. Oh and thanks for your service - appreciation from an expat Canadian enjoying life in a country made free and click the following article by those who have served and those who continue to serve.

Feb 28, 3. Feb 28, 4. Mar 1, 5. Sep 13, Messages: Mar 1, 6. Apr 20, Messages: Platte City, MO Ratings: When it comes to guns on a base, I'd liken it too Kalifornia or Chicago or Jersey You won't be carrying anything, on base. Mar 1, 7. Oct 5, Messages: Tampa bay area Ratings: Avoid VA according to my best friend, he just left Langley and is now Kirkland, I helped him move to Best Air Force Base For Singles and had another friend who had been there for 6 yrs, is now leaving Kirkland.

They all love it my friend who has been there is SF and says it's ok.

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You can look to Florida's AF's Bases. McDill in Tampa Did I mention we are already in beach season and the girls swim suits are small You also have Patrick which is on the space cost close to Daytona and Orlando. This base may be downsizing because the shuttle is go away. These are all good spots for woman. OC will be legal here very soon. Mar 1, 8. Jun 10, Messages: Has Everything a man could ever want!!!!

Mar 1, 9. Mar 5, Messages: Mar 1, Jan 17, Messages: I'll throw another in for Eglin. I'm in Pensacola right now and it meets everything you asked for. Arizona or Texas wouldn't be bad either. I've been stationed in both. Stay away from the larger military bases when you are looking for women.

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