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21 Dec All other New Mexico zip codes, $13 one month, $39 three months, $78 six months, $ one year. All other states in USA, $18 one month, $54 three months, $ six months, $ one year. Periodical-postage paid at Roswell, N.M. Postmaster: Please mail change of address to Roswell Daily Record. MY MAKE THROUGH BEING WHERE ANY SAYS COUNTY SINCE THEN WEEK . DISEASE OPERATING FRIEND ANGELES GUILTY REUTERS ADDRESS BOTTOM CRIME EQUIPMENT. Ana Rita Pires in Hospitality at the Hilbert Hotel. More than a decade after 9/11, global security law is still setting the framework for some of the most worrisome legislation around the world.

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The course is easy! You haven't given me much information to work with, but it sounds like you have a problem with low "roll centers" which are controlled by suspension geometry. The cuffing operation took less than a second and made a nojse like a rifle shot.

The most advanced outboard motors of our time. Eleven horse- power sizes. Smaller, smoother, fester, quieter more powerful. The most efficient motors ever built.

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The difference is pressure -pulse tuning — a now Evinrude development that uses the energy of sound to get mom power — much as racing engines and space rockets do — except I ha I it's done quietly io- ternalfy, and much more efficiently.

The most powerful outboard anywhere near its size. And the most efficient Evinrude eve r. Loop - charged powerbead Push- button electric shifting Built-in alterna- tor.

Pressure- backed piston rings. Pressure -pulse tuned ex- haust, and computer -designed lower unit. A new cooling system keeps the motor warm when it's trolling slow and cool when its running hot New electronic ignition fires ten times faster than conven- tional electronic systems New piston rings seal by combustion pressure rather than spring tension New straight -in, straight- through fueling eliminates overboard fuel drains, A new 2 hp lightweight pulls like a motor twice its size and gets up to 40 miFes on a quart of fuel.

Finger- squeeze the handies to lock jaws onto the work.

Adult Diaper Hookup Njit Address Zip Code

Easy to get at. No chance of pinched finger. No snap-sting when you trip the lever it's plastic cushion-coated. Jaws drop forged of high grade steel. Heat treated rite-angle teeth for most efficient bite. Black oxide finish resist rust and corrosion. Look For. With fear-wheel drive and V8 power finder a sports-car skin?

A booster or rotor brings 'em in. Like controlling a car on greasy pavement. Christmas Projects; Light ed yard display, plus gifts you can make in your shop. Skilled divers remove oil from sunken tanker. PM editor tours Cascades.

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Tflr- iLpan rUe- -vj7-muu: L Eev l and: I Bilk New Turk. T n 1 Ikrlin. Single envy in m? OU for one yean Sh. E'njit Visit web page it McXiru D. Prevents cripples and near misses F So simple beginners become effec- tive shooters in minutes ideal for rifles, snotguns, hand guns. Great for fast moving game. Perhaps a bet- ter way of saving lives is to install air bags on the underside or frame of the car. The air bags would inflate when the car hit the water or by water pressure before the car completely submerged.

PM included the flying smokestack as an antipollution de- vice. The explanation given for Adult Diaper Hookup Njit Address Zip Code device was: I must admit, it is a unique way to pollute the atmosphere — from top to bottom. This is the same reasoning used early in the century con- cerning the dumping of wastes into our rivers.

After all, who's to know if we dump into the river? Only the people downstream, that's all! Semen ec The flying smokestack is intended as nn emergency aidnot a permanent just click for source all.

It could help to disperse dangerous fumes in heavy industrial areas where the problem is greatest until ways are found to eliminate pollutants completely. In the current crisis, any attempt to im- prove the situation seems worth noting.

More meter mail Three cheers for Reader Wiebe Let- terspage 6. FREE booklet and full informal ion on the held l have checked below: It has helped Adult Diaper Hookup Njit Address Zip Code start many men and women on the road to higher pay.

Right now, ambitious men and women in every walk of life are preparing for new careers with the help of LaSalle spare-time training. If your goals are bigger pay, more frequent promotion, and greater security, you owe it to yourself to find out without delay, what LaSalle home study can do for you.

LaSalle offers you many choices. Regardless of your previous experience, your choice of study is wide. LaSalle gives you modem, comprehensive instruction in many well-paid, fast -growing fields where there is a continuing demand for trained personnel. You leam at home; lessons come to you by here. You are a class of one; you choose your click here study hours, set your own pace.

For more than sixty years. LaSalle has been a leader in home study. It has a large staff of experi- enced instructors.

That is why your training is in good hands; why a LaSalle diploma is a respected credential. The cost of training is low. You should act noac. The broadened opportunities resulting from LaSalle home study may make a big difference in your future. Why not get full information right now on the field that interests you? Wherever hardware is sold. Handles like putty — hardens like wood.

This quite clearly saved her life. Switch on headlights so the car can be located. Wait for the car to fill with water. This will equalize pressure inside and out, allowing doors and windows to open. Roll down window or open door and swim out.

Most people neglect to set the parking brake when they get out of the car — as was the case with the Mustang. Fasten the plate to the lower front face of the driver's door. Run the attached cable through the hinge opening and kick pad over the pulley which is fastened 4 inches above the dimmer switch on the floorboard.

Bring the cable back up and pass it through a hole drilled in the arm below T the parking brake foot pedal. When the driver opens the door, the mechanism automatically sets the parking brake.

One on my car works very well. I have just finished punching down 37 Adult Diaper Hookup Njit Address Zip Code through hard adobe clay and shale- gravel to an abundance of clear, cool water that tastes like nectar. And your face isn't. At Norelco, we have a totally different idea about how a man Should shave. So they shave in every direction. Because your beard grows in every direction. And we make our shaving heads ultra-thin.

In an independent test, some very independent men shaved one side of their face with a platinum or chromium blade.

Adult Diaper Hookup Njit Address Zip Code

They shaved the other side with a Norelco Tripleheader 35T. And seven out of ten men said that our 35T shaved them as close or closer than either the platinum or chromium blade. The Tripleheader comes in both a Cord and a Rechargeable model.

If you want a close shave that's com- fortable, get one. Millions of autos and homes are being air-conditioned. The need for trained men is imme- diate and great. CTI sends 25 kits of tools and parts to build a complete refrigeration system— click you later con- vert into a refrigerator or freezer. The course is easy!

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On completing training they go into top pay jobs. PM Send booh. My thanks to R. The only lube to be used on traverse rods— rubbed on the track — is paraffin. Oil and the like collects dust, gets on drapes and, in general, gums up the works. Having been in the drapery busi- ness 30 years, I think I know. PM is very nice and your photos are impres- sive.

LaSalle offers you many choices. Highest GVW currently available in model Dodge vans have pounds capacity in B vans with inch wheelbase. Coins, Aurora Coin, P,0.