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Post a Comment Thanks for commenting. Synonyms List with Examples. Published on Saturday, December 16, Letter W Word Synonyms Examples Wad pad, mass, lump, clod, ball, plug, chunk, hunk, block, pack Over coffee James handed him a wad of notes.

Waddle toddle, shuffle, wobble or wabble, totter, paddle, pad, waggle, duck-walk He waddled down the road, a shopping-bag on each arm.

So You Think You Can Dance Couples Hookup Stickers Galore Embellishments

Wade ford, cross, traverse, walk, make one's way The water is only knee-deep, and you can wade across Waffle equivocate, hedge, quibble, shuffle, tergiversate, hem and haw, prevaricate, Brit beat about the bush I wish he would stop waffling and say what he means.

Waft drift, float, blow, whiff, be borne or carried or transported The scent of jasmine wafted towards me on the warm breeze. Wag upsurge, waggle, fluctuate, sway, swell, flutter, flap, flip, flicker, shake, vibrate, quiver, nod, wobble, waver Misty's tail wagged as I approached the house Wage Often, wages.

Waive give up, relinquish, renounce, resign, forsake, forgo, cede, sign away, surrender, abandon, yield, dispense with I waived my right to the inheritance in favour of source daughters.

Wallow roll or loll about or around, welter, writhe, tumble, splash or plash Now that Gabriel is a big rock star, he simply wallows in all the attention he is getting. Wane decrease, diminish, grow less, lessen, decline, die out, abate, ebb, subside, fade awaydim, taper off, peter out, wind down, weaken The waning moon cast its pale light on the dying knight Wangle outline, work out, assembly, manoeuvre, plot, manage, deploy, hatch I hear that you were able to wangle an audience with the pope.

Wanting deficient, inadequate, not up to par or expectations, insufficient, leaving much to be desired, unsatisfactory, unsatisfying, disappointing, second-rate, inferior, poor, shabby, shoddy, flawed, faulty, imperfect, incomplete, unfinished, defective, patchy, impaired, damaged, broken, unsound What good is a banjo wanting its strings? Warp twist, contortion, distortion, bias, deformity, deformation, bend, wrench, perversion, kink, idiosyncrasy, quirk, deviation Harry has to overcome a serious warp in his attitude towards food.

Whimsical quaint, fey, fanciful, odd, curious, unusual, chimeric alqueer, singular, peculiar, funny, fantastic alpixyish, playful, puckish, absurd, preposterous pixyish, playful, puckish, absurd, preposterous, Colloq offbeat: When Andrew's whimsical drawings caught on they were bought by greetings card makers Wield flourish, swing, brandish, wave, handle, use, employ He wields that machete as if he means business.

Wintry grim, dismal, miserable, monotonous, harsh, bleak, hostile, ugly, intimidating, ill-omened, aggressive, shadowy His comment about her age evoked only a wintry look from Margot. Newer Post Older Post Home. The allowance must be made for his poor eyesight abdicated all responsibility for the care of the children. She abdicated the throne to marry a commoner. The jury found that his wife had abetted him in the murder 2.

By failing to inform on the terrorists, the neighbours abetted the bombing. Legal proceedings were held in abeyance so that talks could take place to reach an out-of-court settlement. The police arrested the safe-cracker and three accomplices within hours of the robbery. Desultoriness is akin to indolence.

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Their decision not to show the film smacks of something akin to censorship. She is an aloof type of person 2. Robin is quite an aloof sort of person - not what you would call a 'mixer'. Roger keeps himself aloof from the needs of those less fortunate than he is. The committee approved the amendment of the constitution by the addition of the suggested paragraphs.

There were many causes of difference between them, the chief being the http://hookupsguide.info/hookup/51695169l-dating-51695169u.php of slavery in the south. Allowance will be made for all reasonable expenses. Bill gets a liberal weekly allowance for expenses. You must make allowance for the weight of the crate. Allowance must be made for his poor eyesight.

The police thought his behaviour somewhat bizarre and invited him down to the station for questioning. The police reported that a gang was trying to pass bogus money to unsuspecting shopkeepers in the area.

They were not aware of the calamitous consequences in the near future, if they do not stop these harmful activities. The cardinal virtues are justice, prudence, temperance, and fortitude, to which some writers add faith, hope, and charity. The trajectory of a bullet is deflected by gravity. By deflecting a bit to their left, they managed to regain their original course.

He has chosen a path that deviates from the straight and narrow. To be effective, effectual, productive, competent, efficient, useful, serviceable, capable of something. Usually, In Sometimes At Jeopardy. Sentinel islands seems a bit far to So You Think You Can Dance Couples Hookup Stickers Galore Embellishments just to be outside the jurisdiction of the Inland Revenue. We get a kickback on every computer sold.

Some disc jockeys were accepting kickbacks for playing particular records. Kindling a fire in the rain is not easy. The wholesale pillaging kindled a feeling of deep resentment among the native population.

He sought a suitable wife throughout the kingdom 2. The operating theatre is the surgeon's kingdom. Did you bring your tennis kit? The model aeroplanes were built from kits. The plumber left his tool kit behind.

In those days, every liberal was labelled a communist. Prepared food packages must be labelled with their ingredients. My feet were lacerated by the sharp stones.

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She suffered a lacerating attack from him for forgetting to pass on the message. She has spent a lot of time tracing the lineage of the neighbourhoods families. The explanations of the new tax laws have been carried to ludicrous extremes. We had a luxurious room overlooking the sea and ate the most luxurious meals.

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Formerly, it was believed that lunacy was only for the weak and depressed peoplw. He told a macabre story of how they survived by resorting to cannibalism. The crypt had a macabre eeriness about it. He escaped from the machinations of his enemies. Must you resort to such machinations merely to get them to listen? Tiny errors in the beginning are magnified later on. I fear that he has magnified its importance out of all proportion.

Angela scraped out a meagre living as a shop assistant. The meagre supplies wouldn't last another day.

So You Think You Can Dance Couples Hookup Stickers Galore Embellishments

The river meandered with a mazy motion through the meadows. We meandered through the forest. He complains of a nagging pain in his shoulder. I have a nagging feeling that I have an appointment to be somewhere. Is Chatterley naive enough to believe that the gamekeeper's meetings with his friend were to discuss foxhunting? She has a pretty good notion of who did it. I haven't the slightest notion of what you are talking about. In the s, Alastair counted himself among the nonconformists who wore unconventional clothes and flouted conventional behaviour.

It was Frank's obligation to get the children home safely. Civil servants have an obligation to serve the people. The hotelier obliged us with every luxury he had to offer. Please oblige us by keeping your dog on a lead. With ominous solemnity, the judge placed a black cloth square on his head before passing the death sentence. People who have not known oppression cannot imagine the agonies suffered by the oppressed who once were free. Many churchmen condemned 2.

With ominous solemnity, the judge placed a black cloth square on his head before passing the death sentence. There were many causes of difference between them, the chief being the allowance of slavery in the south. The buskers put on the zaniest show I have seen for some time. Put in a little of my home-made sauce to add some zest. He sought a suitable wife throughout the kingdom 2.

Renaissance scholars for their interest in pagan and pre-Christian writers. Despite his wealth, his charitable contributions are paltry. We all recognize Mr. The stroke paralysed his entire left side.

As the thing approached, the children became paralysed by fear. The company feel that the independence of researchers is paramount. It is of paramount importance that you study trigonometry before calculus. The ministers agreed that they would observe parity of power amongst themselves at the conference.

He objected to almost all the television programmes and sent querulous letters to the broadcasters telling them so. In the s, Alastair counted himself among the nonconformists who wore unconventional clothes and flouted conventional behaviour. Many churchmen condemned 2.

Are you still going to see that quack doctor - the one who told you to take aspirin to relieve the pain from your ulcer? I have no quarrel with my accountant - it's the tax man that's the problem. A quarrel broke out over whose turn it was to wash the dishes. The hunter's dogs had run their quarry to ground. Wealthy widows were regarded as fair quarry by the swindlers. I had a queasy feeling that I was being watched. The manager was a bit queasy about giving Robert so much responsibility.