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I'M SORRY I TURNED OFF THE LIKE BUTTON THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT THAT BUTTON IF YOU LIKE PIN IT | See more ideas about Cartoon, Comics and Childhood memories. See more. Who voiced whoDisney characters:D .. He is one massive reason why Monster inc. and Monsters University are great movies. This Makeup Artist Recreates Iconic Cartoon Characters On Her Lips. Frozen Face PaintPainting ArtMouth PaintingFace Painting DesignsCartoon Faces Cartoon CharactersCartoon MakeupFunny LipsLip Art. Laura Jenkinson Makeup Artist paints her chin and mouth to look like Cartoon Characters. Mike Wazowski. Sulley's scare assistant, best friend, and roommate doesn't want any interruptions in his life—especially in his relationships. James P. Sullivan. Take Quiz.

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The Link voiced by Marcia Wallace is an elderly female monster that works at the library at Monsters University. Go get 'em, Georgie. What are you looking at? You know, only someone with great comedic timing could produce this much energy in one shot. By coincidence, before she could even finish her sentence, one miracle actually happened when Brock Pearson announces that Jaws Theta Chi is disqualified for using an illegal protective sting ointment during the Toxicity challenge which puts Oozma Kappa back into the competition.

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Cartoon Horse Hookup Characters From Monsters Inc Names Of The Monsters

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Cartoon Horse Hookup Characters From Monsters Inc Names Of The Monsters

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