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It's perilously easy to break up with a Cancer. Not because they're disagreeable in any sense of the word – in reality Cancers are among the kindest and most caring people around – but simply because of their hard-to-predict moods. Ruled by the Moon, their emotional wellbeing is governed by the lunar phases, and woe . It won't matter how nice the breakup is. He will try to make you feel guilty about it, and will try to get the mutual friends on his side, so don't be surprised if the mutual friends feel sorry for him and see you as the bad guy. I have seen that pattern over and over with cancerian types. IP: Logged. Seeing Stars. not yet a member? | Join! Join! Join! | Site Map | Online Booklets | Online Books | Links | Search | Poems | | THE BREAK UP | BREAK UP INSPIRATIONS | WHAT'S NEW | EXES ARE FROM URANUS | BREAKING UP CHANNEL | FORUMS | | STOP A BREAK UP | MEND A BROKEN HEART | BECOME A MAN MAGNET | WIN.

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So make sure that you are through, too. Thank you so much. Please any advice on the matter would be appreciated. You were right to address it as he was the one to suggest monogamy in the first place. Now I'm in another relationship with a cancer guy and from my own experiences I can tell you that if a cancer looses trust in you, it's very hard to get it back.

Despite your best efforts, the relationship has hit the skids. You want out without inflicting too much pain. Here at Lunar Cafe, we recently published a blog to help you deal with a breakup. We gave you advice about how to deal if someone breaks up with you. But what if you are looking for a way to break up with them instead?

Film Berlin on Flickr. If Aries feels they are being dropped or disrespected, drama is sure to result.

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If you want out of a coupling with your Aries partner, handle them with care. The denial learn more here be too deep.

The thing to remember is that once Aries is finished with a relationship, they are completely done. So make sure that you are through, too. A quick, complete break is best with an Aries. Taurus the Bull is famous for their stubbornness.

Treat your ex with kindness and respect. You can win a battle and lose a war. Taurus has a long memory and all the patience in the world. They are hard to defeat in custody battles or property settlement disputes.

Remember you are both adults here. So be calm and let the Taurus down easy. If you are wise, you will not try to cheat in a relationship with them. Jake Stimpson on Flickr. Breaking up with a Gemini? Before you tell them goodbye, they may already be gone. If you are looking for closure, you have hooked up with the wrong sun sign. Gemini is not one to spend time and energy belaboring the past.

They are not comfortable with self-pity.

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They can talk for hours on almost any topic, but when it comes to affairs of the heart, not so much. The minute you break up with them, the rules change. But make no mistake, they feel free to look for love elsewhere. Terrell Woods on Flickr.

Breaking up with a Cancer can be a tragedy in the making. More than almost any sign, they have trouble letting go. And like all of the water signs, they can get depressed when love walks out the door. There is no easy way to break-up with your Cancer mate. But try not to shock or surprise them. If you have been unhappy for some time, share that information. Be honest with them.

These are men and women that love to nest. When you leave them, count on leaving with what you came with. Alex de Carvalho on Flickr. Leos are going to roar when you leave. Looking for a source exit with no recriminations?

A little flattery still goes a long way with a Leo. Even though the relationship has run its course, you may be tempted to hook up again in the future. So avoid a messy break-up whenever possible with the Lion or Lioness. Gustavo Gomes on Flickr. When Virgo is most critical and angry, remember that they are hardest on themselves. Time to say goodbye to a Virgo? They may need closure. It will be a painful coming to terms. Virgo is associated with the planet Mercury.

These analytical people are concerned about their responsibility in the breakup. Perhaps their perfectionism drove you crazy while you were together. You can use that to your advantage now. Be honest and take your fair share of the blame. You may be surprised how easy it is.

But your Virgo ex is unlikely to come back to you once they leave.

It may seem like the fish will not make it through. He talked to me about his kids and sent me pics of them. Don't over discuss it with him especially since he told you exactly how he feels. I agreed with it.

Guian Bolisay on Flickr. Well, the Libra may be hiding a seriously sentimental streak.

How To Break Up With A Cancer Man

All through the relationship, you probably doubted that they even cared. Perhaps you thought they may even be cheating. If you are trying to break up with a Libra, be aware that they can turn that Venus on whenever they want.

How To Break Up With A Cancer Man

They may talk you out of it! Libra may be more comfortable if they are doing the breaking up. They have been known to get back together so they can do the breaking up. Regardless of how emotional click at this page react, they mend quickly. The Libra is not a natural loner.

They will gravitate to other people quickly. They may walk out the How To Break Up With A Cancer Man in tears. Just remember your ex has a Teflon heart and a defiant streak of optimism where romance is concerned. The Venus influence will prevail. They will quickly be on the mend. Anne Petersen on How To Break Up With A Cancer Man.

Well, you definitely gave it your all. A love affair with Scorpio can take you to new heights. It can also be pretty traumatic and devastating. So if the a romance was difficult, the ending is bound to be worse. Scorpio is a fixed sign ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and endings. And a fixed, angry Scorpio is not how you want this ending to play out. Most Scorpios have problems letting go.

You are not going to make it easier for either of you by pleading a case. This is the time to develop an exit strategy. Make sure the finances are split and the lawyers are working. Pluto is not just about endings; this planet is the mother of renewals and second chances. There may be a time in the future when you and your ex reconcile. After all, the sex was amazing, and the emotion ran so incredibly deep. Never say never where a Scorpio is concerned. So your soon-to-be ex is a bright-eyed, free-spirited Sagittarius?

This break-up does not have to be so bad. They will respect honesty. Even though a Sagittarian idea of honesty may be different than yours or mine. The more straightforward and open the discussion, the better. If you keep your sense of humor and maintain your composure, so will they.

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Perhaps you and your soon-to-be ex can plan a breakup party and celebrate the mutual decision to move on. In most cases, you can stay friends with a Sagittarius. In some cases, you can even stay friends with benefits.