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Lonely, But Want To Be Left Alone? : depression

You feel lonely, but company of other people is not helping you cure yourself. You may like to spend a little while alone, with you self, and learn about yourself. You could learn to live your own company, which would help get rid of loneliness. You may try new hobbies alone, read, write, etc. Find out where in your interest. 24 Jan I usually cry, feel like i want to vomit and often lose the ability to speak at all. So yeah. Not the point. Sorry. God, I hope someone gets it. Anyway, this was actually meant to be about one of my biggest paradoxical problems. I often feel incredibly alone, and lonely - not the same thing - but, when I am in that. 12 Feb I know it sounds like a pretty depressing topic, but hear me out: Loneliness is a real emotion, and studies show that if you're feeling lonely, you're certainly not alone. In fact, a study released from Relate shares that one in 10 people feel they do not have a single close friend, which breaks down to.


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Why Do I Feel Lonely But Want To Be Alone

If you need to talk to someone at once, you may want to take a look at our Hotline Numbers. Maybe I'm just stupid. I feel so lonely. I want so bad to just BE with someone, but at the same time, I don't want to be bothered. I just want to sit in my room doing nothing. It leads to missed opportunities to make friends that I so desparately need. Maybe I'm too comfortable with being lonely. I just have nobody to confide in, and it makes me feel alone.

That's no good, no good at all. I see you all! I'm so glad so many of you understand. I'm also really sad about it. Nobody should have to feel this way But, it's comfort in sadness, I guess.

We all feel lonely, here, huh? But we are far from alone, in that regard. I'm in on this too. I really want to have someone cool to hang out and game and drink with but on the other hand I just want to be left alone. Maybe it's all the work trying to find someone A girlfriend would just click for source cool too. That means I'd have to socialize and that's not something I really enjoy.

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You are human so you want to express your thoughts and ideas, but you are depressed so when the opportunity comes you know you will not be able read more. Being around people when you can't interact feels incredibly uncomfortable.

I guess the key is what you said, not wanting to be bothered. I don't want to be alone, but don't want it to be an uncomfortable interaction with someone either, and so much of it is. I'm feeling about the same. I've tried to keep up appearances. I realized today that the people I thought were my friends, aren't.

Through morbid curiosity I scrolled through past chats. I realized the last time someone reached out to me with the exception if one person was in Dec and that was to decline an invite to my birthday party.

Try exercising, and you will feel better each day passing by. Been divorced for almost 15 years. For example, if you feel good at work, maybe you could spend more time with your coworkers or find hobbies like volunteering that build on similar skills you enjoy sharing at work.

I was feeling like my friends were slipping through my fingers. Now I realize they never were my friends. My one friend is friends with everyone but they just tolerate me.

Why Do I Feel Lonely But Want To Be Alone

In the depths of my despair I just want to know I deserve to exist and to be loved. The longer i go on the more I see the answer everyone gives http://hookupsguide.info/hookup-website/3232r-dating-3232b.php my question is no. Husband says I should get out and make new friends, go places without him and do things I like.

Yet again I have to do all the work or I don't have friends. It's not like I blew up and behaved poorly and it cost me my friends, or even that I moved and things faded.

It's only been a few weeks of not going to every social event and even there I'm constantly trying to participate in our group chat, actively trying to keep things going when some days I just stare at thw screen and cry.

I've always been told I was worth less than others, I've fought so hard agaist that to prove my dad wrong but it is looking like he was right. If the word of a stranger means anything, it seems to me like you're trying too hard. You have a husband, and he ain't no husband if not your friend.

And if, in this universe so large, with so many people, can find even one person to call source friend My friends used to come to my house wanting me to go out, but I was rejecting them even though I felt lonely. That's probably because on the outside I wore a mask of a confident and funny guy, but the truth is I am very shy and introverted.

Sometimes I just haven't got the strenght to pretend to be someone I really am not. My biggest problem is isolation. I have weird thing going on. I have been told I'm really attractive so I have a big ego about it and am pretty cocky throughout the day but then when I go home self-hate rolls in and I isolate myself.

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I don't text anyone or contact anyone, or say something off-putting so they don't text me. I feel like there's an obvious answer but it's just been the routine for me.

I feel lost, but then self-destruction gives me direction. Maybe a false sense of direction, sure. Try not to get too comfortable read article. I know how easy it is to do It appears she does not exist though, hence the cat keeping me sane: That's all I've been looking for as well, I don't think it's a gender issue.

Probably more that people with depression don't typically go out as much. I've met all my exs at bars or online but none of them have that quality.

On the surface I still look the same. It could even be a happy memory, even tho I know those are hard to think of at times like this. I realized the last time someone reached out to me with the exception if one person was in Dec and that was to decline an invite to my birthday party. I love having no one around me and being left alone, but I absolutely hate feeling alone.

But we do exist at least It's our innate nature to be social that makes us feel this way, regardless of what we convince ourselves of. I, for the most part prefer to be alone, but there are a lot of times where I wish someone was there to confide in and extend a hand when I stumble. Knew I would identify with this post the second I read the title I also need human interaction but isolate myself anyway.

I'm going through the same back and forth. For me I think being around people would be a comfort. And I think it is! Part of my brain knows it's not really possible to be alone all the time. Sometimes in quiet and alone and that is 'ok' more or less, and other times I'm around people and that is more or less 'ok' too. I tend to fall more on the leave-me-the-hell-alone side. Then I remember what happens every time I do. It never ends well, and what little I get out of it simply isn't worth the extra hassle.

Oh, I know that feeling all too well. But, "never" ends well, huh? Can you truly know this unless you've expended every option available?

And if you say learn more here, then you simply haven't expended every option. What little you get out can add up, so I suggest confide in people, online, if need be. I'm a linear organism afterall. I don't believe the odds are in my favor Why Do I Feel Lonely But Want To Be Alone it comes to clicking with anyone.

I can't even click with myself, at all. It's unrealistic to expect any different from other peoole. You'b be suprised in what you'd find, I'm sure of it! Some strangers understand you more than your closest friends. I could've written this. I feel the exact same way. I want to be with someone preferably a nice girl and spend time with them, but I also like my alone time. It's like I hate being alone, but I don't like being with people for too long. The cycle never seems to end. I too am the same, but I really hope that one day I'll find someone that doesn't drain me constantly.