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Narcissst Won't Leave Me Alone

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16 Oct She has all ten character traits. I have no pity for Sociopaths, sorry, but she is SATAN and if you act like her, you are too. You need to go to the Dr. and get some medication. Leave us alone, we dont want you putting yourselves in our lives. Get the hell outa mine. Mind your own business and make yourself. 15 Nov “when a narcissist won't leave you alone”, “how to get narcissist ex to leave you alone”, ” my psychopath boyfriend won't leave”, “why dont abusive men leave u alone”, and finally “abusive men vindictive after leaving”. The last one might as well be labeled, “AKA: vindictive x won't leave me alone”. I could. 4 Nov Some sociopaths will immediately start a campaign to win you back. They'll call, text and email incessantly. DO NOT RESPOND. If the person sends you 50 text messages, and after the 51st text message, you reply saying, “Leave me alone,” you have taught the person that it takes 50 text messages to get a.

You don't get rid of them Never see them and or speak to them ever again. Never to contact them again. I have been given 24 hours to respond. I think its a genuine bluff but he will not cease I have been in your situation somewhat. The sociopath who had stalled me, started horrible dusgusting lies about me.

Actually did set up a website, using blogspot. She used my real name as the title.

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So she was pretending to be, and not in a nice way. The website looked as it I was writing these things. When it was the sociopath! I believe the site first large sentence said "my road to recovery from borderline personality disorder and low self esteem" Shr wrote as if it was me, stating how I felt jealous of my step daughter and didn't like all the attention that she was getting from her father, because I want his attention, she doesn't derserve it.

I felt nothing of the sort. At that How To Make A Sociopath Leave You Alone I had enough. And filed continue reading police report with local PD and the officer said it was in fact cyber stalking and harassment.

I guess as soon as she got word I had filed this. But I had already printed it out, taken screen shots of it. Then the compliant I filed only fueled her rage more and started getting on social media using my first name, middle name, married name. So that any Google search of my name the first thing that popped up was how she was saying I was stalking her, alienating the kids from their dad.

How To Make A Sociopath Leave You Alone

It was a very hard situation. I wanted us to be a family.

How To Make A Sociopath Leave You Alone

I have child from previous marriage and my little girl wanted so badly to be close to her step siblings because she has never had any. But she is still not close to them because their mother made sure that her kids would never have a relationship with me or my child.

Which is so evil. I understand she hated me. I married her ex husband even tho she was already married again to another man - who she left my husband for. I was nothing but good to the kids and tried to help them. My husbands ex is a dysfunctional person. Using drugs, scheming ways to swindled people out of money. Sucking the life out of my husband, her mother, sister, step dad, and new husband. When she saw me being kind and see more to them, I assume she thought it would make her look like a bad mom.

I never wanted to do that. I wanted to help my husbands kids. It was obvious that they have been neglected and needed a lot of love and attention.

And I wanted to give them attention and love that you deserve and small children. My daughter love them. She could not wait for How To Make A Sociopath Leave You Alone to come to our house.

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But as soon as the mother found this out that the children wanted to be with us she began to be a functional asshole. Goal in life became to make sure I was miserable and that her kids hated me.

It's delusional to suggest that anyone fight back. Live with this decision this is the hard part. I felt like an actor in a play I wrote the ending to. He was misdiagnosed, in part because the symptoms were confusing and then morphed. Love, maybe at first.

She even seemed to hate my daughter who was 5 at the time. She told her children things that made them not want to play or include my child. Which made me so sad. She would make passive aggressive comments on Twitter How To Make A Sociopath Leave You Alone Facebook about how her children were perfect and well adjusted and my child was a trouble maker and problem.

Yeah my child had problems adjusting to moving away from family and new school. It didn't help that her step siblings went to same school but ignored her and acted like they didn't know her. It made my heart hurt.

For my child and for my step kids. None of those young innocent babies should have to deal with such emotional manipulation. Even now my step kids don't seem to want much to do with my child.

My child going into 7th grade could really use support from her step siblings. She is smart tho, and knows that it just may never be Once I did I was able to read information about them.

And find the appropriate way to deal with one. Maybe not for my child and step here. But I had helped my husband and I live a happier life. With out all the constant drama and text msg a day. So You have proof of what he is threatening you with. If you feel it urgent. Go to attorney or police with the threats he is using against you.

They will shame you projection of their looser self until someone takes side with them. I feel for you, and god bless you and the kids. So very true netscout. Everything the tell you that you are - it is what they are. And they are pretty convincing. Until one day you realize something just isn't right.

It's when you make that realization. And you realize what they are, the hell really begins. Because now they fear you will expose them, so they must destroy the foundation of your being, in order for that not to happen.

The only way to deal with a sociopath is to make them "disappear". Mad dogs must be destroyed! Unknown, I enjoyed reading your comment. It made me laugh. And honestly i think I would prefer living and dealing with a Mad Dog with the mange than living or dealing with a sociopath ever again! I found that exposing their lies in a very direct way I used a hidden camera in front of all the parties involved made her disappear forever.

She tried to come back around a few times, but I just started drilling her on what the truth really was and she never stayed more than a few minutes. I'm pretty sure she is gone for good. I see her around town once in a while and try not to even make eye contact. I can tell for the first time ever she holds only contempt for me now, because I am of no more use to her. Lies are their power.

Lies and a very charismatic, How To Make A Sociopath Leave You Alone almost addicting personality. Just a thought though, this may be a dangerous approach to a man who could get violent much easier.

I been trying to get rid of my sociopath I blocked him so he started to email I then pit him on the spam list so he decided to come to my job yesterday it made me sick to my stomach to see him he didn't say anything to me just touched me on my shoulder and when I turned around I just looked at him he comes by my house and knock on my window at 3am.

We do not wake up in the morning figuring out how to cheat people and hurt them. No answering calls, texts or emails. I will buy your book to say thank you in terms of money.

Has anyone else had someone act like this? Get him out of your life.

If he knocks on your window at 3 am. I use to put up with my sociopath driving by my house. When she came to the house. I called the police. Yeah the police thing pissed her off and She started a website about me accusing me of stalking and harassing her. And how she was worried i would kidnap her kids from soccer practice. I was like wtf?

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Why the hell do I want to kidnap your kids. She would probably be happy if someone kid napped them. She doesnt ever seem to be around to take care of them. They are always with neighbors, aunts, and their friends houses. She sure doesn't want to take responsibility for them. But she loves claiming she is a wonderful mother and her children are her life. All those kids are to her is pawns to manipulate other people with