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He's dating your best friend ( Harry )

Read #25 You See Him With Someone Else After The Break Up. from the story One Direction Preferences by AishaTomlinsonn (Aisha) with reads.#25 You See Him He almost spits out the food in his mouth, and the girl he's with, looks up, and laughs a little, then leans over to pat his back. Oh hookupsguide.info's not alone. Preference {23} You Secretly Like Each Other, but You're Marrying Someone Else This took me two days to write because of work and family stuff, and I'm sorry if No one knew about your secret love for Harry Styles, and you wanted to keep it that way, especially because he wasn't the one you were marrying in two days. It's so easy to grow closer to someone else, when the main person you are close to leaves to follow their dreams. You did it after all. Harry and you were terribly close, and he assumed that when he left for tour it would stay that way. It did luckily, but when he came home he began noticing how close you and Gemma were.

Everything seemed fine, except that an angry Louis was standing beside the bed, pointing at Zayn like a little child. Your boyfriend was holding a few gaming CDs and his Xbox controller, an evident frown was on his face. And, the TV in that particular room had an awesome graphic screen. You start to calm your enraged boyfriend down, telling him that he could hook up the machine to the TV in the living room.

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Right in the middle of your soothing, you heard Zayn call for you. Grabbing some medicine for headaches, you helped Zayn with his medicine and tucked him in gently.

No one knew why, not even Liam. You think about turning around when you hear your name called, but it's not by him. Your eyes widened at that. You smiled and nodded, walking back into the kitchen to prepare that tea.

Can I have a cup of tea as well? You smiled and nodded, walking back into the kitchen to prepare that tea.

Stirring the hot tea, you added a bit of milk and stirred the drink properly. Cutting a few slices of fruit for him as well, you organized the slices properly onto a platter, making it look as attractive as it could get.

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Rolling your eyes, you dropped whatever you were doing and looked at him suspiciously. You were pretty fine a while ago, whining about Call Of Duty and whatnot.

You nod and allow him to take your phone. Feeling really confused and depressed, you decided to call Niall. He sighs and nods, nervous to see what was being said.

He gave you a weak smile to thank you once he saw you and started to eat the fruit. Sighing, you ran into the living room to entertain him. You shook your head and groaned when he started to complain about hurting all over. He puffed and whined, pouting as he stomped into the room with you, muttering and cursing.

Nodding, you let out a yawn and rested your mind and body. A concerned look filled your face click here you tried to make him feel better by making him some tea. He shook his head, sniffling a bit as tears started to roll down his cheeks.

One Direction Imagine Hes Hookup Someone Else

Pampering the curly haired boy, you made sure that he was comfortable in bed before walking back to the kitchen to make him some soup. Stirring a pot of fresh ingredients, you checked the cookbook that you had hung up and added in some honey.

Unable to decide if you should enhance the flavors more, you let your boyfriend try the soup. You laughed and shook your head, sending him off to the guest room so that the two boys could catch up and bond more. Smirking, Harry started to tease and make fun of your boyfriend as he grabbed all of your attention. Craving in, you nodded and put down the bowl of soup, checking to see if you had enough ingredients for a batch of cupcakes.

Coughing, he gave your boyfriend a grin as he snuggled in source warm comfortable bed. The doctor said that keeping your body warm is essential. Harry could only nod as the pulsating headaches came back to haunt his body, leaving him in excruciating pain.

One Direction Imagine Hes Hookup Someone Else

Dashing into the bathroom, you started to run a warm bath for him, putting a fruity bubble mix into the water. Ever since Harry had come knocking at the front door of your house at 4 in the morning, the only person on your mind was him.

You had completely forgotten and neglected your boyfriend. I should have paid more attention to you two.

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He hugged you back tightly, telling you that it was all right. You nodded and gave him a kiss, it was here seeing Zayn offering to help you with the nursing and chores. Log in Sign Up. One Direction preferences by onedirectionreem One Direction preferences Table of contents. Read this story for FREE!