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1 Jun Information search may be carried out through one's interaction with the manual information systems (libraries) or with the computer-based (or electronic) Based on the studies, the excessive use of the internet causes the dangers of the improper use of the internet, education problems, and the lack of. 18 Jul The researchers compared them with a control group of 18 students who spent fewer than two hours a day on the internet. One set of MRI images focused on grey matter at the brain's wrinkled surface, or cortex, where the processing of memory, emotions, speech, sight, hearing and motor control occurs. It coordinates the use of malware scanning to block known threats and to identify for deeper analysis content that is deemed suspicious Third, ISPs may prohibit Netusers from inflicting harm on others by upholding and promoting crime- facilitating speech designed to encourage harmful conduct. The effort, observes Wu.

The World Wide Web is the greatest invention since the printing press. Nothing else has so radically shaped culture, media, commerce, entertainment, and communication. But with these benefits come great dangers all parents should know about. Read more about these dangers in the free book, Parenting the Internet Generation. Sexting is sending or receiving nude or partially nude photos or videos through the Internet or cell phones.

When teens engage in this risky behavior, many things can go wrong. These images are easy to forward on to others. Bullying happens on both the playground and in the digital world. Hurtful words are exchanged. Rumors start easily and spread quickly.

Now that we're so scared of one another in real-life that we won't pop next door for a cup of sugar in case the lollipop man has a gun or is a paedophile, the web is our way out of our gilded cages. More than 1 in 8 web searches are for erotic content. Internet search tools are categorized into three groups: This questionnaire with 20 items was used for measuring the rate and severity of the internet addiction based on the clinical experiences.

Profiles and e-mails are hacked. And these types of activities are common today:. Internet predators are expert manipulators, able to foster a relationship of dependence with a teenager. These can then turn into offline relationships or, in extreme cases, opportunities for Speech About Internet Hookup Is Harmful or abduction. While online and console games can be very more info, educational, and interactive, there are also hidden dangers.

Much of the content of some games include sexual content, violence, and crude language. Plus, Internet-connected games enable kids to interact with strangers, some of which can be bad influences or mean your kids harm. Social networks like Facebook are very popular online activities. But parents should be aware of the image their teens are projecting as well as the influences they are absorbing online. But because anyone can upload anything to YouTube, often videos can break the Community Guidelines for YouTube, and even those that do not can still be full of sexual innuendo, provocative content, and foul language.

Thank you for your interesting statistics!

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So parents should be very attantive to them. Where do you get your statistical facts from?

Speech About Internet Hookup Is Harmful

In this specific post, many of the original stats are found behind the links, but if you want something more comprehensive, I recommend you download this resource. I understand that you are making focus on YouTube videos but cyberbullying, sexting and contacts with online predators can be avoided if you install couple of apps.

There are those that work on PC like cleanrouter or pumpic app for smartphones.

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This will take you less than an hour to search for the one that you like, really …. It would definitely be helpful to have a source to back it up for my speech: Fana, it came from the same source as the previous stats. Good luck with your speech! There is tons of amazing content on YouTube. Just be careful — anything that allows humans to upload whatever they want will Speech About Internet Hookup Is Harmful have inappropriate content if you look. One of the attractions of the Internet is the anonymity of the user, and this is why visit web page can be so dangerous.

Often we think of pedophiles as having access to children out on the playground and other places, but because of the way the Internet works, children can actually be interacting on their home computers with adults who pretend to be children.

To do that, Speech About Internet Hookup Is Harmful need to be aware of practical and helpful resources, safety tips, and technological solutions that guard against online risks.

On Android devices the app has the same features as iOS, plus it allows monitoring of text messages and calls, highlights dangerous words on texting and the most frequent contacts. I got in trouble for looking a porn and i jest cant stop. If any of you have any info for helping me to no look at this stuff plz tell me and i will tr to use your advise.

Hi, Zachary, here is a blog post that you might find helpful: Teach your kid a conscience come on now. Instead, try teaching them casually or suggest that they get some friends together to go to a drug ed class and whatever the parallel is for the rest of the stuff. Be interested in their internet friends, ask about them, treat them as if they go to school with your child.

Then, if the child wishes to meet them, go with them. Just take a second in their shoes before you get too angry. Plus, games are rated honestly for there content and sometimes the creator slips in an inappropriate reference that cant be rated in the game. Other source that I agree with the fact that games can be tons of fun, and I enjoyed reading this article!

Continue reading loved doing it. But since Speech About Internet Hookup Is Harmful can delete this history, you may want to install Internet filtering software to block porn sites in the first place. As internet has become relatively economical and is of course fast — it is providing significant benefits to the organizations and the students across the world as having an internet connection is quite easy these days. Producing and disseminating the information in a wide variety of fields has been one of the main reasons for calling the contemporary era as the age of the information and therefore, knowledge has become as one of the most significant elements of human progress and civilization 1. Consider using filtering software that monitors and records instant messaging and chat room conversations, as well as websites visited.

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Internet Danger #2: Sexual Predators

More than 1 in 8 web searches are for erotic content. Nearly 1 in 5 teens who receive a sext Speech About Internet Hookup Is Harmful it with someone else. Cyberbullying—The mean way kids treat each other online Bullying happens on both the playground and in the digital world. And these types of activities are common today: Gaming—More risks of exposure to sexual media and interactions While online and console games can be very fun, educational, and interactive, there are also hidden dangers.

One-third of teen gamers ages report playing games with people they first met online. Social Networks—Redefining privacy Social networks like Facebook are very popular online activities. Despite the year-old minimum, over half of parents of year-olds say their child has a Facebook accountand three-quarters of these helped their child create the account. Over 3 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube. Users upload the equivalent offull length films every week.

Get more information in the free e-book, Parenting the Continue reading Generation. A Kid's Digital Life. Welcome to the Internet… Curmudgeonly Ways. Thanks for reading all that, I hope it helps.

Speech About Internet Hookup Is Harmful

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