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Why Is He Calling Me? What type of vibes am I giving off? - Baggage Reclaim by Natalie Lue

5 Mar There are some things guys make a effort to not do for women they're not serious about. So, if you catch your guy doing these, he's feeling you. You may not know how to tell him that you don't want to talk to him, but if you don't do it, he'll probably never stop calling! A lot of Some guys will keep asking you questions in order to keep you talking to them. Once you have said what you need to say, you do not need to keep indulging him by answering his questions. 14 Sep She then derails her own progress and convinces herself that all the work she has done is futile, that she is doomed to be with him or other Mr Unavailables, and ponders whether she should just be that kind of girl because surely it must be what she is if these guys keep 'a calling? While it may appear that.

Why Does He Keep Calling Me

When he makes the recent call, nothing has changed and he is effectively sniffing around for something on the side. She is outraged, tells him so and asks him not to call again. She should be relieved but instead she is left with a lingering question: All they are doing is being their usual self-absorbed selves and taking a chance.

The most deluded guys may even take several instances of you telling them to get lost before they finally get the message. Their mind is a bit like: Well I have one example of her telling me to feck off but I have countless examples of her not. The only way that they can know that you have changed is if they repeatedly get the same message.

The second time it starts to potentially sink in to their thick skulls. You and he are not the same person!

Why Does He Keep Calling Me

Here they have become skilled at recognising some women who are more likely to be receptive, really they just run around chancing their arm with various women and pulling their crappy moves on receptive women. Eventually they will move on to a new target but they will keep taking a here while they think for their own conceited and deluded reasons that there is a chance.

Stop giving them too much credit and power. Are you a Fallback Girl? Tired of being with unavailable men? Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way. These types of guys is what I call D-O-Gs, woof-woof!

Unfortunately, it takes more than once, twice, 20 times to tell these woof-woofs to go away. Yep, it takes that much energy, time and Why Does He Keep Calling Me for messages to register in their tiny brain.

But, they eventually got the message. I told my EUM two months ago that I was looking for a real relationship and would no longer tolerate his booty calls and hot and cold behaviour. I then cut him out- facebook defriended, deleted all conversations and texts, and never looked back. Looking for his ego stroke and a quick shag, despite my asserting he would no longer be getting that from me. And you want to know the best part?

I feel no need to tell him about my improved ways. His message merits no response.

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He even went as far as to mention a name, a name I recognised as a joint acquaintance… Mutual booty call? I asked this childhood friend of mine…. I suppose so he said. M will answer a text at 3. M takes a date for the next day, etc.

They love to play games. Warnings Stalking is a serious matter. Kick their sorry asses to the curb for good!

My wise articulate friend has her sussed in an awful calculating way. Does she relish this? Their mutual dance may end in tears on her part and he may realise that and still goes ahead. I like and trust my friend and find this dubious skill on go here part unsettling.

I find her response equally so…. Is this how he sees all women.?. He has been exceptionally reliable to his partners in the past Why Does He Keep Calling Me as a friend has always been there for me.

If I ever got into a difficult situation, stuck anywhere, in an unsafe place I Why Does He Keep Calling Me call him. Does he categorise and define women by their actions I believe so. All we can do in these situations is not be the fallback girl ourselves.

I appreciated the read article very much and plan to read book. I would be really really wary of being friends with a man like this. I am also dubious that he is such a good boyfriend if in the back of his mind he always has this fallback girl. I would hate to think that an SO of mine had a fallback girl.

Oh and he is friends with you, and a number of exes, and has this girl on call. Sounds like a harem to me. I am totally with Grace here. Good for you for not letting it slide! And be very careful of this guy.

It IS a possibility. Grace, Columbia, Over it…thanks for posts. Wanted toget back before I have to work again. I hate that about him too. Like watching shape shifting before your eyes. Kick their sorry asses to the curb for good! He is scared of me and should be. Even if he got the guts and found a way I have long since cut off communication possibilities I know it would be about him and not me.

He never knew me in the first place — just the shell of a person I was then. Not the tower I am now — go ME!

He would have an explanation for why he did it. Long story short, I let myself be used. Go with it and get laid. Men know how much delayed call or text-backs upset us. Stop wasting yours on losers or repeats and get out there.

Texting,mailing,calling,literally appearing on the doorstep,you name it! Now while I completely see that this Madera Drive In Theater Movie Times how these dudes operate,irrespective of how much I may have moved on,nonetheless,being contacted by all these dipsticks again, hugely unsettled me.

So there was me hoping I was doing and thinking enough to attract quality people and instead I was literally bombarded by rubbish men! But another way of looking at it is that life keeps presenting you with the same problem until you solve it once and for all. Hi Kay I believe in the Law of Attraction ie what we focus on is what we attracthowever I was so glad to read your last sentence because it showed you got it! It is not about us……. It reveals how healthy we are or not to spot and take appropriate action when approached.

Not to cling on to what everyone else can immediately see is a dubious character. This will always be the question that one has to ask of oneself. It is your reaction to these idiots that determines the quality of relationships you have in the future. Columbia,Enlightened,Minky,thanks for the feedback. It is indeed our reactions that count and not their actions.

These men base their actions on chancing their arm and how they think you will act based on what you have done previously. More chance that I will say yes. I have been so blind! I gave over my heart and trust just because he asked me to and had professed his love and wanted to marry me. The return of the childhood sweatheart was the worst thing to happen to me in 20 years!

I am shocked and I have been almost a basket case. Barely able to focus on anything, reeling from this truth. How HE can be so callous with my heart and emotions Why Does He Keep Calling Me to a mid life crisis? It was like he set out to hurt me. I am barely recovering every day, and I only today learned for sure that he is still married, and this has Why Does He Keep Calling Me a process of 3 weeks of silence on his part and NC on my part.

The answers are staring me in the face but are so painful to learn. I broke NC today because I was basically in shock when I fully realized he is married, and I had been in denial. God help him… and me, for ever thinking he was worth it. I told him I hope he finds his heart one day.

And I hope my heart recovers. Left wondering, ah, I can see it! You give him all your great energy and he lamely decides to only tell you so much. They just turn it into something they can toy with.

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It actually makes them uncomfortable so they keep rejecting you but then come back for the treats, with just enough story to keep the door open. I am so sorry. I feel for you. He used you and you believe in him because it was imposible for you to imagine such evil. If you are a believer, then believe that God will heal your wounds and mend your broken heart. Commit everyday to Him. These kinds of guys just do this sort of stuff.


Have dismissed them kindly but very quickly. This post describes their approach perfectly.