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Chick-fil-A has donated money to organizations that oppose same-sex marriage?

18 Nov Republican state Representative Wes Goodman. A married Ohio state lawmaker who has said he believes in a 'natural marriage' between a man and a woman allegedly sent salacious and lewd text messages to gay men, propositioned other young men for sex when he worked in Washington, DC, and. Chick-fil-A has donated money to organizations that oppose same-sex marriage? Now the Socialists (AKA Obama Democrats) have targeted Chick-Fil-A, a Southern based company with the below resume. I think, I'll have a Facebook users dutifully organized witch hunts against the company on college campuses. 11 Nov Then, like now, Democrats were shocked by a loss to a Republican they considered obviously unfit to lead, and whose win felt like a fundamental rejection of their The major difference is that the role same-sex marriage played in — the cultural flashpoint blamed for scaring and repulsing white.

At first, Hillsdale College seems to resemble dozens of other small liberal arts schools with rich histories.

College Hookup Gay Republicans Married To Democrats On An Escalator

There are statues of Washington and Lincoln, Jefferson and Churchill, and a monument to students who fought for the Union — a point of pride at a college that was founded by abolitionists, visited by the crusading former slave Frederick Douglass and open to black students and women from its founding in Cross the quad on what is known as the Liberty Walk, though, and you encounter something different: Trump to this pantheon, this is one college, at least, where his presidency is viewed with more hope than dread.

But among erudite conservatives — think progeny of William F. In here, in Grove City College v. Bell, the Supreme Court ruled that even Pell grants for needy students or G.

Bill money for veterans subjects a college to federal regulations, and so Hillsdale students are not allowed to accept such funds most receive institutional grants. As a result, the college does not follow Title IX guidelines on sex discrimination and the handling of sexual assault cases and it has refused to engage in the otherwise required reporting on student race and ethnicity, let alone develop an affirmative action plan.

The election of Mr. Trump, claiming a conservative mantle but with an erratic record, has forced questions about the true meaning of conservatism into the spotlight.

Under the leadership of Dr.

These people are undermining American strongholds in order to weaken us for the enemy within and the enemy without! Republican House Speaker Clifford Rosenberger said he learned Tuesday that Goodman had engaged in 'inappropriate behavior related to his state office. Australian comedian perfectly sums up why other countries think US gun laws are crazy By Zack Beauchamp.

Arnn, a prominent conservative intellectual, Hillsdale has been working not only to provide an example in the classroom but also to press its stance nationally on what it calls the threats to constitutional liberty — ideas that feed into conservative Republican politics.

In Washington, Hillsdale plays an active role in an ecosystem of conservative thought and policy. It joined with the Heritage Foundation to run a fellowship program for congressional staff members. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship, runs College Hookup Gay Republicans Married To Democrats On An Escalator lecture series and serves as a base for Hillsdale undergraduates who are interning at conservative think tanks or publications.

Aiming to nurture its vision of classical education, the college has also helped establish K charter schools across the country. Arnn arrived at Hillsdale in as a healer on a campus rocked by scandal his predecessor had resigned after publicity over an alleged affair and a suicide.

Previously president of the Claremont Institute, a conservative think tank in California, Dr. Arnn seems to personify Hillsdale, teaching the ancient Greeks and Shakespeare and publishing books on Churchill and the Constitution.

An ebullient man check this out a short beard who speaks with faint traces of his native Arkansas, he has been known to swoop down on hapless victims in the cafeteria and pose the core question of the Classics: In his office, beneath a portrait of Churchill, he did not gush over Mr.

Trump but stressed what he sees as the overriding imperative.

Trump had even considered Dr. Arnn for secretary of education, but he was ultimately passed over. After election night, the campus did not see weeping, nor wide rejoicing.

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A survey of students by the school paper found that just 49 percent had voted for Mr. Trump; others voted for third-party candidates or did not vote; 4 percent voted for Hillary Clinton. By comparison, 90 percent of students voted for Mitt Romney in Some said they had heard Dr.

They were also attracted by the moderate cost. In this isolated location, students like to form clubs, on everything from politics to cigar smoking to highland dancing.

One that does not exist at Hillsdale College is an L. Openly gay or lesbian students are a rarity, and The Princeton Review consistently ranks Hillsdale among the 20 least L. College leaders admonished him for his tenor, though not the message: Whalen, said in a statement. Founded by Free Will Baptists, the college wears its religion lightly, without requiring a pledge of faith like some evangelical institutions.

Go here student body includes a significant minority of Roman Catholics; students studying the Reformation in their core curriculum joke about re-enacting its debates over lunch. Classes are small and personal. Rahe, a history professor. The soul of Hillsdale is its core curriculum, which largely occupies students for their first two years.

College Hookup Gay Republicans Married To Democrats On An Escalator

It includes more than a dozen mandatory survey courses on topics like the Western heritage with readings from Hammurabi to Hobbes and American heritage the Mayflower Compact to inaugural addresses by Franklin D. Students also must study core principles of biology, chemistry and physics and take the trademark class on the American Constitution.

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Beyond admiring the stress on traditional rigor and methods, conservatives more widely venerate the Great Books, approached in a certain way. They laud the reading of original texts, gleaning eternal ideas of right and wrong rather than dwelling on the often less noble historical contexts.

The hard question isn’t why Clinton lost — it’s why Trump won - Vox

Hence, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are exalted for recognizing the natural rights of man and role of government as protector of those rights. In a telling moment during my campus visit, a student tour guide brought a prospective student and her parents to the rare-book room in the library. The guide could have learned that point in the class that Dr. Still, in several classes that I observed, the teachers encouraged spirited exchanges and broached topics far beyond conservative dogma.

One student drew a comparison to the music of John Cage, which he had studied in another class. The course on the Constitution includes intense study of the Federalist papers and the later statements of Progressives like John Dewey, Woodrow Wilson and F.

Hillsdale teachings describe the Constitution as a timeless document whose principles have been compromised by the creep of welfare and regulation. The more mainstream view is offered by Joseph J. From the official catalog: Hillsdale has received private grants to foster K schools, funded with public money, that introduce children to the ancient Greeks and constitutional principles and require the study of Latin.

Hillsdale serves as a consultant — without payment, again avoiding government funds — providing local organizers a curriculum and teacher training. So far it is aiding 16 schools — three of them, one in Georgia and two in Texas, serving mainly minority populations, Dr. In the meantime, Hillsdale defiantly claims an exemplary record of opposition to racial discrimination. As if to drive home the point, the college is adding one more bronze to its Liberty Walk this spring: Tell us what you think.

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Share or comment on this article e-mail 3. An ebullient man with here short beard who speaks with faint traces of his native Arkansas, he has been known to swoop down on hapless victims in the cafeteria and pose the core question of the Classics: The countless protests of countless, many anonymous local marriage rights activists helped move the issue to the top of the LGBT agenda at least according to pollsbut it was the youth, and their in-school organizing for dignity and respect that led the demographic wave that led us to today's victory.

February 5, An article on Page 16 this weekend about Hillsdale, a conservative college in Michigan, misspells the surname of a student who chose it because of its emphasis on classics. She is Tara Ung, not Ang. Events Guide Television Theater Video: