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I'm Tired Of Her Games!!!

Playing games - do you always walk away?

17 Mar I'm not trying to play mind games because that's just not me, I just want her to know I respect myself too much to be played with if it gets to that point. What are some things I would say? How do I bring it up? Does anyone have any real life experiences where you walked away and she came back and. 20 Dec She can play games with someone else. I've got better things . If she texts, "I think I MIGHT be free next Thursday" respond with "Ok, let me know when you're certain; if I don't hear from you soon I'll probably make other plans". Orrrrr you could save yourself a LOT of grief and trouble and walk away now. Women feel comfortable playing games and making you wait around. Walk away and they cannot believe it; it blows their minds.

Community Links Members List. I've been seeing a girl for about 2 months and it's been 3 weeks since I've last seen her. She's starting to play games. What is the best way to walk away while leaving the door open? I'm not trying to play mind games because that's just not me, I just want her to know I respect myself too much to be played with What are some things I would say?

Walk Away If She Plays Games

How do I bring it up? Does anyone have any real life experiences where you walked away and she came back and respected you?

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You walk away to walk away. You walk away because what's going on with you and her is not working for you, not making you feel good, and beneath the standards you have set for yourself and for a relationship that honors YOU. Walking away is not about the other person, but about you, and for you. If what you want is to be with her click to see more a mutually respectful, loving relationship, then Walk Away If She Plays Games communicate directly with her about what is bothering you, how it makes you feel, and what you need to be different for you to continue dating her.

If she can't meet your expectations, or doesn't want to, then you walk away because your aim is to leave her behind and open yourself to a relationship with a person who DOES treat you as you want to be treated.

Originally Posted by GreenCove. Miss Peach likes this. If you want to break up and stop seeing her then break up with her and walk away. If you are talking about walking away as a means to get her to change her behavior and some weird idea that that will make her have the hots for you, then you are just as manipulative and game playing as she is. It makes you seem like a chic. If you don't want her playing games, then simply don't play them. Stop thinking and acting like a chic. Be a man and show some leadership.

Directly state what it is you want and where you want things to go and how you want things to be and then walk the walk yourself. Her options are to either go along with you or to opt out. Originally Posted by oldshirt.

Does walking away really create attraction? Let me answer your question for you. If she she likes you enough then, yes. If shes not that into you then, no. Given the facts its only been 2 months.

If you walked away its unlikely it will create any attraction as 2 months isnt a lot of investment. If you walk away Walk Away If She Plays Games might ask you whats wrong. She may come back out of dear she is losing you and girls hate losing friends or dare I say losing attention too. In my life 2 girls have ever come back to me.

It might not be the exact same situation as yours but similar. I had 2 girls walk away from me. Without any drama, fights or commotion. I just let them go.

Which do you want? If the girl isn't sure. This not only confuses me, but also arouses my imagination about you. If I wanted to play games, I would do so in the conform of my own home to my satisfaction and with no drama attached. July 12, at 5:

The 1st girl I was best friends with her and the 2nd girl I just cut her out of my life. Girl number 1 came back to me after 6 years! Girl number 2 came back after 7 months! If you want to walk then thats up to you but there is no gaurantee they will come back.

Why not just be an adult and make the relationship work and talk about it. Originally Posted by Zippy It can as a side effect but it shouldn't be your motivation. Does walking away create attraction?

If not, tell her you're moving on and delete and block her number. After 2 months she's playing games and won't make time for you for 3 weeks? If she comes looking for you, ignore her. We should just be friends" If she's playing stupid games she will stop then and there and make time for you. This is how I handle it.

How To Beat A Woman’s Mind Games

I don't beat around the bush and don't play games. TheFinalWord and like this. Walking away to see if she chases you is game playing nonsense. Give her a clear out. Explain that you understand that disappearing for 3 weeks is an indication of lack of interest but something else makes you wonder if she's playing games, trying to see if you will chase her.

Tell her you prefer a more direct approach. If she likes you as much as you like her, you'd prefer to move forward without the games but if she's not feeling it, give her permission to cut you lose then leave. Walking away doesn't create attraction, but it will click clear if someone wants to be a part of your life. If they don't care that much about you, you won't hear from them again.

I've noticed that if you don't react to being flaked on and don't even link it up, you can still recover it. OP, ask her on a date and if she decides to go wibbly-wobbly on you, walk it off. It's the same reason why you're better with girls the more options you have, because you're not afraid to ditch one skank since you've got more waiting.

You could ask her out one more time, and if she gives you some excuse, just tell her she can give you a call whenever she is available to hang out. It is either there or not there already. Anything else is just wasting time. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. All times are GMT The time now is 7: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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Walk Away If She Plays Games

Dating Dating, courting, or going steady? Things not working out the way you had hoped? Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on! Page 1 of 2. Originally Posted by GreenCove You walk away to walk away.

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Originally Posted by oldshirt walking away is breaking up. Originally Posted by Zippy Does walking away really create attraction? Santa Monica California Posts: Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode. Brisk walking as walking meditation? Self-Improvement and Personal Well-Being. Mad attraction to a girl from work. Is this mutual attraction or what is it?