Love Hookup And Marriage By Pastor Kingsley: Roommate Hookup!

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Love dating and marriage by pastor kingsley okonkwo

2 Jul At this point PK clarifies that story that he didn't have anything when he married Pastor M incase any brother wanna use that as an excuse to trap a woman. Yes he was not Ehen then you can now hook up with a spouse who is also on course and then things will move on upwards from there. That is how. It was February 14, Valentine's Day was here again and like the others before it, this was just another opportunity for people particularly the youths to cast off restraint and indulge in acts of immorality all in the excuse of celebrating love. But February 14, wasn't to follow the normal trend for the youths of Festac Town . Issues come along interracial love marriage in kundli in matching in hindi online, janam kundali software free download. That lucky family, favorite parts of angeles to meet. Scaled times and want other girls to be jealous of other. Meeting absolutely no don't like him, refuse to send them money they frequently claim to be in.

Love Hookup And Marriage By Pastor Kingsley

Ok guys, sorry this is coming about 2weeks later than I mentioned. My internet has been craps!!! Do you have capacity as in financial capacity?

Love Hookup And Marriage By Pastor Kingsley

Of course not to say you must have the whole money in the whole world but even at this level, can we see some fruits that tell us you are going in the right direction? Will you let your daughter marry a poor prospect-free efulefu? My brother, go and work. Marriage is an expensive venture darlings so are you able?

Of course same goes for the women, please bring something to the table too. Yes he was not rich but he had something he was doing with his life. He had faith and it was real because it had started producing results. He also had a place he was living and could afford the basics at least. So please PK had faith then, he still has faith and that faith is still producing. All you need to see is potential. If he says he has faith, what has the faith produced since?

Are you on course? Are you making any progress? Ehen then you can now hook up with a spouse who is also on course and then things will move on upwards from there. That is how we know you are ABLE. He also spoke on materialism. Good girls are actually not hard to impress. A woman is like an incubator so when you plant that seed inside of her she will nurture it till it grows.

So if you have real faith and are bold and eloquent enough, you can convince her to marry you even if her level seems higher that yours at the time. He had a vision and convinced her of it plus promises sef I will take you round the world and she married because she is a godly woman and now, it is happening. So please, no loafers whose faith have produced nothing yet not even transport fare.

Siddon ehn, tighten your faith belt well, get on the word because faith works before you jump Love Hookup And Marriage By Pastor Kingsley marriage. A woman too should bring something continue reading the table. Socially, emotionally, mentally ability is also important.

Socially, emotionally, mentally ability is also important. It was written by my Pastor; Kingsley Okonkwo. Are you Pleasant, good natured, likeable? The stars, so small.

In marriage, you would have to be making adjustments and sacrifices to your life, to tolerate. He that would get married will have trouble in the flesh meaning inconveniences which is why Paul says he wants to save us from it all so stay single hehehe Ephesians. Are you Pleasant, good natured, likeable? There is something about beauty and neatness that attracts. Everybody can be attractive. Please order the message 7ways to be a more attractive person.

Call our number which I have provided at the end. Ever noticed that in a group, some people are more attractive than the others and everyone wants to be around them not because link are the finest ooo but because they are amiable.

Are you likeable or always frowning? Are you always neat or dirty? It is possible that your physique, cleanliness, ethics and etiquette is what is keeping you single ooo. Ladies you must have your bath at least twice a day: Men can even get away with bathing just once. And you must bath with soap and sponge not just one of the two.

The work of soap is different from here work of sponge so using one is like brushing with either only toothpaste or only toothbrush.

They must go together to get the best results. You must brush twice daily too. If you have smelling breath issues, visit a dentist and fix it. Read my dental hygiene post. Mouth ordor cannot be cured with prayers and fasting ooo. It would even make it worse. Could be food accumulating in spaces in the teeth and the mixture cannot smell nice when you talk.

Of course same goes for the women, please bring something to the table too. He also spoke on materialism. In reality, you need to deal with the problem rather than blame it on your partner.

Just visit a dentist and have them diagnose and deal with it. Feel free to have breath mints click co handy to keep your breath fresh. So back then in his worldly days, he went to this boutique to buy some cloths. Back then boutiques in Festac were small and all so as he was there, this girl entered and that was the end of everyone breathing.

Her stench filled up everywhere. Omo, as the girl comot, see how everyone took deep breaths lol. Dem begin breath again.

Why am I still single Part 2… A message preached by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

The boutique owner brought out spray and sprayed everywhere hahahaha. PK said instead of her to go and buy soap and sponge, she was coming to buy cloths. Dem suppose baptize am in Izal and Dettol leave am there to soak lol. So dear, sponge is to scrub all the sweat that accumulates on the skin, with the help of the soap.

You must shave your armpit because those hair there will hold odour even if you bath twice. Pk says some people need to use that iron sponge for pot hahaha. Not everything in vogue would fit you. Wear what fits and look good in it. Do your hair neat and fine and let it fit. Tz not she wey get Brazilian dey marry hahahaha. Have good character and be polite as a lifestyle not only when you see an eligible bachelor.

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You dunno who the boss may be. He may not look like it ooo. Kai, rude girls are a huge turn off. Trust you enjoyed this. Please share with your single friends, male and female especially your Single and ready for marriage ones. You can worship with DCC in Lagos. Love Dating and Marriage the program where this message and such relationship messages are preached holds at different intervals in the year. If you would call our numbers, they can send you reminder texts if you wish.

Since we are publishing Friday, weekend bants will appear on Sunday. I have often wondered if having financial security is supposed to be part of the things to look out for in a guy. This post has straightened it out, so thank you. Much love to KingDaveed.

Relationship that won't work - Get Paid To Flirt!

Very interesting topic by PK and lot to learn. I laughed from start to finish sef; hehehe. LOL at prayer and fasting dont cure mouth odour and the fact that pk mentioned that some need iron sponge to scrub their body; hehehehe!

God help us all. Thanks E for completing the message… And Happy birthday in arrears. May this new year bring increase that will blow your mind in Jesus name. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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