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14 Apr I like to have familiarity with my shows, including comedies, and 2 Broke Girls has been missing that stability for a little while now with no back-up cast. What did you guys think of 'And the High Hook-Up'? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of 2 Broke Girls on April. 13 Apr Watch 2 Broke Girls: And the High Hook-Up from Season 4 at hookupsguide.info 13 Apr Max pursues a handsome new coworker at the restaurant, despite the owner's " no hook-up" rule. Who was the Episode MVP? Cast & Crew: STARS · EDIT · Kat Dennings. Max Black. Beth Behrs. Caroline Channing. Garrett Morris. Earl. Jonathan Kite. Oleg. Matthew Moy. Han Lee. Jennifer Coolidge.

When Oleg goes to the bathroom to Han, after smelling the fire, goes to deal with it himself. At the High, Caroline and Max are at their other jobs. They notice Han lurking outside spying on them, something the girls have noticed for a few days now. Joedth calls Caroline over to meet the new waiter, Nashit, who is both Indian and Irish. And can I just say he is gorgeous! Wonderfully played by Austin Falk and he is gorgeous!

Joedth apparently found him on the street next to a dirty chair and I bloody wish I could find hot men that way too but the only men I'd find around dirty chairs in my area are druggies and little rascals.

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Max is very taken link him and flirts in her usual way while Caroline tries to keep professional.

Let's just say Nashit is shit and isn't doing a very good job as a waiter as he gives orders to wrong customers and forgets to get customers their water - not that they mind though because he's hot. Max continues to flirt and he sort of reciprocates by telling her she's beautiful. Joedth tells Caroline to forbid Max and Nashit from hooking up as there are no hook-ups at the High and asks Caroline to deal with her girlfriend if she shows up - giving her a lot of money to do so.

Caroline tells Max that she can't hook-up with Nashit Joedth's girlfriend, Ally manages to get in and Caroline convinces Little John to throw her out. Max and Caroline arrive at their jobs at the Diner where Han asks them where they had been that day.

Max and Caroline knew what he was doing outside the High though read article tries to deny it. Nashit walks And The High Hook Up Cast asking for Max, which Earl hilariously asks "is it too late to be gay? She is taken back by his accent. When Max and Caroline come back, they find out Nashit just came to America two days before and has no place to live.

Sophie still can't work out what he's saying which is pretty hilarious when she's just like "whaat? At the apartment, Caroline is setting up the couch for Nashit.

I would have loved to give a more positive review but unfortunately this one bugbear pretty much spoils the whole act!!!!! Add the first question. Arielle Kebbel dishes on how she told her parents about her Fifty Shades Freed role, and the cast of Black Panther reveals the real-life heroes that inspired their characters. Max pursues Nashit, a handsome new waiter at The High, despite Joe's "no hook-up" rule.

She still cockblocks Max when he comes out the bathroom half-naked and when it comes to bedtime. While everyone is in bed, Joedth knocks on the door. Max tries to scare her away by barking but Sophie comes along and offers to open the door for her and has to rummage in her bag. Max and Nashit hide in her room as Sophie lets her in and mistakes Caroline for now being a lesbian. Joedth thinks Ally is sleeping with Caroline as she tracked her phone but Caroline shows her Ally left her phone at the High but she took it.

Max and Nashit giggle from the bedroom which Joedth hears and goes to check it out. She sees Max and tells her that she has to stop it with Nashit or Caroline, her new manager, will have to kick him to the curb.

She also gives Caroline another hundred dollars out of pity of where she lives. Caroline returns to the Diner where Max is already working worried she is mad with her.

And the High Hook-Up

Caroline gives Max the candy she likes and tells Caroline she has got Nashit another job. At that moment, Nashit comes out the kitchen with glasses which surprises Caroline. And The High Hook Up Cast asks Han how he could hire someone Max suggests but Han says he's a man who actually works unlike Max and Caroline. Nashit says it's a job he actually can do as he was the least attractive in his family his family must be cut from the cloth of Gods and had to wash dishes.

Max tells Caroline she can finally do it with Nashit as there are definitely hook-ups at the diner. Caroline isn't too bothered though as she's just happy she's getting money. Girls, I need you to do something for me. You know the rule. Nothing for you, on you, near you or in us. Lord Jesus there's a fire! Are you two gonna read article anything about that, cause I'm not!

And The High Hook Up Cast

Either he put the fire out or that little robot just had an orgasm. It's like Where's Waldo when you don't want to find Waldo. Honey, I'll download an audio book if I want to hear a story. It's lovely to meet ya. Can you say magically delicious?

I really want Nashit to work out. I like it when good-looking people succeed. Well I guess that's good news for me. If I did men, he would have been done by now.

Fine, you make him a waiter, and I'll just make him later. And what's an hour when we have our whole lives ahead of us? Well desperate times call for us making out. I have a question for ya. Your skin is so creamy and white. You must have a little Irish in you. I've had a lot of little Irishes in me.

Get out there and fork those women. Be easy on him! I don't want him to be all forked out before he gets to me. We're in a fight!

She got drunk, stole my black card and bought ninety people soup at Barney Green Grass. And the soup isn't even good there.

We can't lose these jobs.

And The High Hook Up Cast

I had two-hundred dollar bills and I'm this close to pulling the trigger on an Amazon Prime account. You've been driven mad with power. How did she get in here? Probably floated in on a cloud of valium.

I went to And The High Hook Up Cast school. Of course not, you're much more Fiona. I was gonna say the donkey cause I have a fine ass. Earl, we're late again, did you keep us alive? Max, I can barely keep myself alive! This morning I had to jump-start my heart by putting my finger in the socket Tom and Jerry article source. Han, you may not be Japanese but in the future you're definitely going to be poked-by-a-mon.

Is it too late to be gay? Max, you can't be into him.

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He looks like he's in a boyband. Yeah and he's going one direction I just got hit by a cab and boy am I in the mood for crab legs! The thing about you baby? You bounce back from a good pounding. Max you are not doing it! Please I went to Warton. I feel like I'm putting an Oscar dress on Precious! Max, stop banging, I'm not letting you out while you're still in heat!

I got my lip balm. My God, I'm losing estrogen. The shorter hair makes sense now.

Fine, you make him a waiter, and I'll just make him later. Never has this season been anything but good, and I really thought this episode was great. You know the rule.

Episode Verdict Good news everybody! No more breaks now, riding it high until the season finale. Five straight episodes now. But then I guess it's over for another four months so I think I just depressed myself after getting so happy that there's no breaks.

I am so glad that the storyline of getting new jobs at the High is being carried over and it wasn't just the episode-of-the-week random happening. AND that we get to see more of Little John and he seems to be a sort of recurring guest character now. I like to have familiarity with my shows, including comedies, and 2 Broke Girls has been missing that stability for a little while now with no back-up cast.

Friends had recurring treasures such as Janice Litman and Gunther so it feels like a step in the right direction that we have some background regularity with the cast. I love that we have Joedth among the cast now too. She's so wonderfully blunt which makes her hilarious and I can see her being a really good highlight if the show continues to incorporate her in a good way.