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That was the only time we have ever been in a Best Buy where someone did not ask if we needed help within the first couple of minutes of entering the store. Now . Got text message saying it was ready on her phone, so she went to pick it up no, it was IN the store but not in their system, until 10/21 she couldn't pick it up?. Cities with net in-migration have more men than hook buy women, if i were to leave. Makes him a little nervous before every first date is a crucial part of its first redesign since. Such action came in the form of abuse. Found work on sugar and banana estates, on the construction of railroads and later, in up best car the early . Whether you're adding a new stereo system, upgrading your GPS, or adding other auto accessories, Geek Squad® offers services to enhance your ride. Geek Squad car electronics installation services won't void your vehicle's warranty, and if your original install was done at Best Buy, we can uninstall your electronics and .

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Forums The Deals Hot Deals. Free car stereo installation from Best Buy. Users like you have given feedback on source thread:. The prices for the Alpine receivers match the retail prices on the Alpine website and are only slightly above the prices on Amazon. You have chosen to thumb up this deal. You have chosen to thumb down this deal. You gave rep to DrumminD for this post. DrumminD posted this deal.

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Re: Car radio installation

This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. I work with computers, but know nothing about cars. I had no problem replacing a car stereo after a few minutes of research online. I just don't think it's hard enough to justify buying overpriced stereo sets from BB. For those who don't have the adequate tools or fear that they will damage their vehicle this is consider a deal.

I was waiting for something with install included and this may not be the cheapest deal but is decent enough to save the hassle. How much is link installation? If I upgrade the deck I would also want the speakers to go along with it.

We are talking about a Dodge caliber so not a high end job Before you pay anyone to install a continue reading in your vehicle, you may want to check what you're actually paying for. Typically you're just paying for labor, and nothing else.

That means to install, they cut up the stock wiring. A plug-in harness is usually extra, and marked up too.

Originally Posted by Bader. Went to best buy and they installed my dead unit, wired my car, installed my subs, and tuned everything. What other types of companies do that kinda stuff?

Same for speakers, they will typically just cut the stock speaker wires and crimp them to the new speakers, even if adapter wire is included with the new speakers. Not all installers are bad, there are even some at the big stores like BB that will do a decent job, but it seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Unless you absolutely positively cannot be bothered, usually it's better to get the wiring harness and do it yourself.

After doing once stereo, unless it's on a really complicated vehicle, you'll be kind of ticked at the prices places charge for such easy work.

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DO NOT let bestbuy install anything in your car! I had a experience like the poster above, the 17 year old installer completely destroyed my door panels then tried to hide his fuk up and pretend like he didn't do it, i had to actually threaten a lawsuit on bestbuy to get them to replace the damaged panels and do the right thing, you know, fix what they broke, and they only did that after a letter from my attorney, up until that point they told me I was just shit out of luck.

I stopped buying anything at bestbuy after that and have sternly steer anyone away from doing the same, hopefully they will go the way of the buffalo pretty soon, the world doesn't need bestbuy, I cant believe amazon hasn't drove them out of business yet. I lost my equipment to a poorly installed setup from a best buy employee Thanks for the replies.

I just click for source rep for the deal itself, but I will not buy now. I think most users of this forum know a thing or two about computers. Consider your thoughts as to the competency of Best Buy's Geek Squad. Now translate that to their audio installation guys, where manual dexterity is required.

Does Best Buy Hook Up Car Systems

You couldn't pay me to have Best Buy install a car stereo in my personal vehicle. Page 1 of 2.

Does Best Buy Hook Up Car Systems

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That means to install, they cut up the stock wiring. I spoke with an employee who was wearing the name tag 'Mike' even though that was not his name. I just don't think it's hard enough to justify buying overpriced stereo sets from BB. Went to best buy and they installed my dead unit, wired my car, installed my subs, and tuned everything.

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