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The difference between philosophy & religion by Adhvaita Prabhu

Are Religion and Philosophy Two Ways of Doing the Same Thing?

25 Mar In order to more clearly conceptualize philosophy's territory, let's consider it in relationship to two other powerful cultural forces with which it's intertwined: religion and science. We may (roughly) characterize the contrast between philosophy and religion as follows: philosophy relies on reason, evidence and. This question is a daily topic on my mind as a yoga teacher, because I often face the question: is yoga a religion? Sometimes I turn to the person and ask back: would you like it to be? Or do you prefer if it wasn't? These are the most fascinating conversations a practitioner can have. The word “religion” is extremely loaded in. 27 Dec Religion vs Philosophy. Have you ever wondered about the difference between religion and philosophy? As you know, religion and philosophy are two different topics altogether. Religion is all about practices and customs whereas philosophy is all about metaphysics. A religion preaches its followers what.

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Difference Between Philosophy and Religion

A quick answer would be: Tongue-in-cheek aside, as much as one side or the other would argue that indeed there are differences between them And there are. For many people who are neophytes in the two worlds, they can indeed seem anti-thetical. On the contrary, the one is the handmaid of the other.

What is the difference between philosophy and religion?

In our short space I will try to keep the answer simple. One large favor before we begin. I would like to suspend the general arguments between the various and sundry religious beliefs throughout our wonderful world.

It is not my intention here to place one religion, or one philosophy, above another. That goes well beyond our scope and just lends itself to more fingerpointing than we need at the moment. While many scholars and practitioners of both disciplines will shout to the high heavens that there is an inseparable ocean between the two, I would argue that the similarities unite them more than divide. Religion usually deals with that which is above and beyond the imaginings of Man And Woman.

It is that which is supernatural, meaning above the everyday 'natural', and contains our interaction with a power that is above and beyond us. And yet, and here's the kicker, that which takes intimate interest in our being.

The Difference Between Philosophy And Religion

Philosophy does the same thing also but, and this is a big but, brings the question of our ultimate thinking and being to the human realm, keeping the answers to the human quotient. All that said, I'll add the biggest caveat that few wish to here These two are like nosey neighbors and spend more time in each other's business than what should be their own.

In other words, the differences between philosophy and religion are purely surface.

The Difference Between Philosophy And Religion

But, you may well ask, aren't these two ways of thinking at war with each other? These good folks will argue that one is secular and therefore in the worldly category and the other is sacred and belongs to that which is our highest attention to our ultimate reason for being here.

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And my answer is yes. Who is more praised in the world of philosophy than that crazy Greek philosopher Aristotle? Not only was he in the line of the great Athenian thinkers such as Socrates and Plato, he wrote on law and physics and biology.

The key difference is that they are different epistemological positions — philosophy has a system of logical principles in place to arrive at conclusions whereas many religions such as Christianity allow for other sources of knowledge i. Philosophy of religion questions the very existence of the supreme power. The modern bashign of Faith is silly.

Soren Kierkegaard is one of the giants in the world of religious thought. As much as he was a very devote believer in the Christian faith he is catagorized also as an existential philosopher.

But, you may still ask, you haven't answered my question. And philosophy does that too.

This doesn't mean that defining philosophy is as simple as already mentioned here. Note that religion requires neither theology, nor theism, I merely bring this up to clarify the distinction between what you can categorize as "religion" and what is "philosophy". Buddhism isn't about beliefs, it is about the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, and conduct To know to what extent possibilities available for us, can be solved by knowledge.

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