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Pros and cons of living in Louisville? : Louisville

16 Oct There were two years in Indianapolis, four in Virginia, two in Maryland, back to Indiana for two more years, until we landed in Louisville, Kentucky where we stayed for eight years. (Thank, God.) After two years at UK, I transferred to IUPUI in Indianapolis, and I ended up living in Indy for ten more years. 30 Dec Does the thought of retiring to a sleepy beach town or country hamlet bore you silly? Spending your post-work years in a city has plenty of perks, including easy access to the arts, cutting-edge health care, and a diverse set of neighbors. That said, the cons of urban living (like cost) can be daunting. There is. 5 Apr A growing number of students are choosing to live on or near campus. As the student population increases, U of L's reputation as a commuter school diminishes. Even those who call Louisville home are choosing to settle closer to campus. Over the years, U of L has acquired many affiliated housing options.

Mouse over the stars for your rating and click to rate. Select a New Section: So if this post sounds like another post I did, it's because I didn't think my first review got posted.

So I will apologize for that.

If I didn't have to live here for the next 5 years I wouldn't. Now the city is polishing its rusty image by converting old factories and warehouses into office space, galleries, and lofts. Over the past decade, a crop of new condos and loft conversions has transformed source center of Lexington. Cons A lot of people have learned to depends on public services and therefore failed to seek regular employment.

I would like to comment that Phil's post is absolutely true and I appreciate his candor. Louisville is very racist and there is a lot of social pressure to maintain this racism. When I lived there during my high school years and young adulthood, I was often ignored or excluded, because I was Asian. My impression is that anybody who is not white is treated this way. I have heard a couple of mumblings from different persons in Louisville that Asian people are there to take advantage of welfare or funding programs.

My parents have never accepted any welfare or any kind of free money. Even though my brother is disabled and could qualify for disability funding, my parents never thought of applying for or accepting any type of funding for my brother. All my parents ever did was work.

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To tell you honestly, I think people just start these rumors just to have an excuse to shun or look down on other races and this is due to social pressure. If you are a white person seen associating too much with persons of another race, you may be excluded in different social circles, as well.

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Also, there is a great deal of competitiveness in this town. People are continuously sizing you 30 Amp Rv Electrical Hook Up on your socio-economic status and who you know, so they can decide how to treat you.

Also, people get jealous, so you may be talked down to, as well, if you have too much going for you. I have been asked before who my mother and father are. Louisville is my favorite by far, although as with anything, you get more from a place, the more you put into it.

Louisville is affordable and the people are polite. There is a small-town feel; everyone knows everyone, so don't gossip ever. The drivers are mostly polite. Downtown, Living In Louisville Ky Pros And Cons 2018 make eye contact and nod or say hi.

Be fore-warned, the first question from a native is "where did you go high school", not "what church do you go to". There are almost no professional sports, but the local college teams are great and well supported, and there are annual marathons and mini-marathons often.

The Louisville Orchestra and Louisville Ballet are popular. Residents support local restaurants, but don't ask for fried chicken unless you want a weird look and an invitation Living In Louisville Ky Pros And Cons 2018 Sunday dinner at Grandma's. There are more live theaters here than anywhere I've lived.

The live music scene is terrific, lots for free if you pay attention. Music, food and art festivals are held almost every weekend between the two-week Derby Festival and mid-November. By the way, don't plan on getting any work done during Derby, last weekend in April-first weekend in May, it's like the week between Christmas and New Year's here. Architecture ranges from every time period from the 's on. There are whole neighborhoods representing different time periods and economic classes from high-Victorian to shotgun houses; City Hall is French Empire, the courthouse is Greek Revival, cast-iron front buildings dominate Main and Market Streets, interspersed with a few post-modernism office buildings.

Again, you get from a place what you put in. Join clubs, volunteer, and get involved for a better experience. From all the seasons to every kind of cuisine you could want Great cost of living, plenty to do, friendly people, it's a great place to raise a family.

Very behind on everything ambiance sucks. Which is not shocking as this is the worst school system in the known universe. No one is able to drive. They think they are the south but it's a very midwestern city. They are also very ignorant and backwards.

It is also SO racist here and the people think that it's totally normal. If I didn't have to live here for the next 5 years I wouldn't. I moved here 5 years ago and I hate it.

People here are stupid, rude, pathetic losers. I can't believe how bad it is. They would rather kill each other than learn how to drive. I see dumb moves every single time I leave the house.

Living In Louisville Ky Pros And Cons 2018

It's gotten so bad I have tried to get my employer to let me work from home. Speaking of employers, the pay is bad, no yearly reviews or raises and in I'm working on a DOS based system.

Downtown is a ghost town at night, except for the homage to the generic called "Fourth Street Live. I agree with the above - Lexington truly is a great place to live and it is lovely! Review the rules here before posting. There is not much room for advancement at least in my area of work, so it forces me to apply to higher up jobs, which we all know when it comes to state work, its all about who you know and usually when they have a job posted, they have someone already in mind. Cons-traffic at rush hour.

The crime rate is high and I have been screwed by almost every business I have gone to. No one here, including doctors, knows what compassion, warm hearted, respectful and being considerate means.

They kill animals, including my cats, with no remorse. I have seen more accidents in five years than over 40 years in Milwaukee. People don't know how to use their directionals or know when to use their headlights.

They also go thru red lights all the time. I know doctors that are handing out pain med to patients who are not sick. This place should be wiped off the map. It is truly one of the worst places ever! I guess George Orwell and Aldous Huxley knew what they were talking about.

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Try to read this post with some objectivity. I know how defensive folks from Louisville get about any criticism posed towards the city.

However, remember without any critical analysis, a city never progresses. In addition, in order to truly evaluate a place, you need to have spent some time living elsewhere. If you have resided in Louisville your whole life, were educated nearby, and have all your connections in this one place, you are unable to objectify what life is link in this city.

I am compelled to move back to Louisville for financial reasons that are too convoluted to describe. I have allowed myself 6 months to a year back before I launch myself to a more salubrious environment, hopefully somewhere in Europe. I know the Louisville protectors will exclaim, "Get out now! Lauderdale, Miami, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati. Reasons for Disliking Louisville: The sorry infrastructure causes problems familiar to a third world country.

I wondered why so many homes have personal generators. When there is a simple rainstorm, the electricity will go out. It happens all the time. It is reminiscent of the Caribbean and Mexico. Flooding is a constant issue along the Ohio River. This doesn't happen on the Cincinnati side of the Ohio River.

Why can't Louisville utilize engineering that has been around for more then a century to alleviate the issue? Oh, be prepared for cable and Internet service to be interrupted when there is a rainstorm. Remember, Louisville is in the Caribbean and you must be patient.

The roads and highways were constructed with no forethought. Thus, there are traffic jams when there isn't enough population to cause click here traffic backup. The traffic lights aren't timed and they hang from flimsy cross street wiring.

Living In Louisville Ky Pros And Cons 2018

The traffic lights also malfunction often during storms. The poor educational system creates a huge intellectual gap. This will drive folks here up the wall, but many people are very poorly educated. Their speaking, writing, and analytical skills are sub par. This fact causes numerous problems. Folks do not communicate well and they have difficulty-understanding nuance. Services are poorly done and explanations have to be repeated constantly.

As a result, there is a complete lack of excellence emulating from Louisville. The buildings are poorly constructed. The efficiency of everything is compromised. Although you will never get anyone in Louisville to admit it, the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky are not stellar academic institutions and rank in the bottom, nationally, in most areas. There is a lack of class mobility in the city that effects class relations.

The lower classes are angry at the upper classes, and the upper classes have disdain for the lower classes. Socio-economic lines are entrenched, and Living In Louisville Ky Pros And Cons 2018 do not mix. This also effects race relations, which are poor.