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27 Apr im sure this isnt the first thread on this but i couldnt find the answer i was looking for through the search area, what is the best way to hook up a boost gauge? i saw a boost bolt, but everywhere i found it it was for a 24v, i wasnt sure if that would work on a 12v? your help is much appreciated. 10 Jul Boost Gauge Installation Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel 12 Valve ( Intercooled) - the above pic is of a first gen 12V, the procedure is the same for a second gen 12V. 1. Locate and remove the 1/8" NPT pipe plug (see pic) on the driver's side of the intake manifold. 2. Install the fitting and connect. This gauge package was installed on a Dodge Ram with 12 Valve Cummins Diesel Engine. Installation of Section One: Boost Gauge Installation. Disconnect seal the port. 3. Connect the boost line to the barbed fitting. Run the boost hose to the firewall keeping it away from any direct heat source or moving parts.

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National and Regional Chapters Natl. Will somebody please explain to me step by step how to install a boost gauge on a ic 12 valve. Sorry it's my first time and I'm confused. I just unscrewed the bolt under the intake manifold on the side below the grid heater.

Then just screed the sensor into it and then just wired it up. Is the bolt just to the left front of the truck of the grid. I kinda feel like a dummie but does the t-fitting screw into where the bolt comes out? Mine is positioned dead center of the grid heater, and maybe 1in or so below the grid. Mine was an electric sensor so it read more just screw in the hole.

You may need a fitting.

Hook Up Boost Gauge 12 Valve Cummins

All I got was the stuff from auto meter. If that tells anything. Ok I looked and I have a bolt so what kinda fitting do I need? That depends on if your t-fitting will screw in or not.

Hooking up Boost Gauge. I am not sure on the 98s but there is a hole all ready tapped on 94s and 96 12v for the boost. If you have lost access to your email, can you try an email change rqeuest here:

If it will go for it. But I don't need the t do I? Just a elbow to hook the boost line to right? Sorry if I keep dragging on I just wanna do this right. Take a picture so we know what you have.

Is it an electric sensor or mechanical sensor plastic tubing all the way to the gauge? You can see my electric sensor right below the grid heater intake hole.

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Add Thread to del. When I did mine, I unbolted the turbo, slid it out of the way an inch or so, and covered the inlet with tape. Boost Gauge Install Help.

Anything prior to should go in here. Find All Thanked Posts. Boost gauge install help please. Page 1 of 2. Boost gauge install help please Will somebody please explain to me step by step how to install a boost gauge on a ic 12 valve.


Quick Help Please Please Please. Boost gauge Install help. Pyro and boost gauge install help. Performance and Accessories 2nd gen only. Boost Gauge Install Help.

Hook Up Boost Gauge 12 Valve Cummins