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13 Mar I'm talking about the magnetic force that's present the instant you meet someone and you know they're going to be in your life for a very long time. .. I talk to a few guys and went on dates with a few but this one that i met i felt an instant connection to him everything happened so fast, everything just fit into. 22 Jun There is no room for such foolish things when it comes to a connection this strong and real. You Sure, your connection may not be quite as strong as with a soulmate, but nonetheless you could still be in love. So why does a soulmate connection feel so familiar to you even if you've just met this person?. They also come to remind you of your journey, purpose and mission. Some people identify members of their Soul Group as Soulmates as often there is a strong chemistry, connection or familiarity upon meeting. There are different levels or types of Soulmates that we can encounter which could be presented to us as family.

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You know when you meet someone for the first time, and it feels electric and amazing? Or you feel magnetically drawn to someone? You were sure that you were fated to meet and you feel a really deep connection with this person.

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I had an encounter like that in my second year at University. It was an evening in June, I was getting ready to meet some friends at a cafe to have dinner and it suddenly struck me that tonight was an important night. I was about to meet someone who would be important to me over the next couple of years. The excited energy around meeting this person was like meeting a dear old friend after a very long time apart.

As soon as we met by chancewe had so much in common and we understood one another. We maintained contact by email for two years and then in my final year at University we had a passionate but short-lived relationship.

The reason why you make those soul-level agreements to meet up is because you want to exchange energy and teach each other a little something through your interaction, at a specific time in your life, or for a more prolonged period. All souls exchange energy with one another.

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Maybe you teach that person something about compassion in the five minutes you spend together. It can happen so indirectly and subtly — maybe through something you say, maybe through your manner. Just by being you. And perhaps in your encounter, they teach you something about playfulness and being carefree that takes your life or even just your mood in a different direction.

You may remember the encounter for many years and it feels like a charged event because you REALLY needed continue reading wanted that type of energy they showed up to give you or should we say, that type of energy they showed up to AWAKEN in you.

Strong Connection With Someone You Just Met

Is that person a soulmate? It could be one soulmate. The important question to ask is, do you and this person have a lot of energy to exchange with one another on a long-term basis in a way that serves you both? You can also find out more about the type of connection you have with someone by consulting someone who can read your Akashic Record or look into your astrology chart — such as the composite chart and also the synastry between you. Your nearest and dearest kindred spirits, those we have a lot in common with, tend to be those who have agreed to incarnate with you and keep you company here.

Strong Connection With Someone You Just Met

Of course, that is not their only role, but we are even pack-animals on a soul-level. Apart from the soul-level agreements, there are also unfulfilling attachments in relationships that can bring people together sometimes. For those encounters, you will have no energy to exchange with the person. But they did make some kind of contract before then, usually in a past life, that is still tying them together.

Energetically, that can show in a reading as a negative contract — an energetically binding agreement to incarnate together lifetime after lifetime. That contract can sometimes occur for couples who are happy together — and in that case, it often creates a feeling obligation between them and so clearing it helps.

But it can also be the reason why people who are learning nothing from one another are still together. And sometimes a contract like that can be one-sided.

In those cases, you may feel a pull towards someone but they may feel indifferent towards you and that might be because Strong Connection With Someone You Just Met contract is still open on your side but they stopped honouring it some time ago. By contrast, a positive connection will be one where there is a nice exchange of energy going Strong Connection With Someone You Just Met. We clicked so well and when we were in a store once, some kind of intuitive once compared us to the colours orange and blue — we balanced and complemented each other.

I felt very attached to her, but at the time I was dealing with a lot of issues and we both stuffed up the friendship. Last year I met up with her to go to an event and it felt like we had never been apart.

And, to be honest, that really hurt. Will that ever go away? And the empty attachment — I have this friend that feels like my total opposite. read more

And, to be honest, that really hurt. He always thought of everyone else instead of himself. What does it mean?

Nobody has ever managed to bring out so much anger in me like he has. It felt like it ran too deeply. Thanks for this post. I rarely encounter information click these types of bonds and it really helped to read about it.

There was a very strong pull towards him. He was so emotionally scarred from an abusive upbringing and women cheating on him that he was very guarded with his heart.

My eyes to the world has been opened. I also know that he is doing the hard work of healing himself, forgiving those who have hurt him in the past. However, it had to take him breaking my heart in the process to really start his healing. I am now going through the process of healing a broken heart but somehow, he is also helping me get through it. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Your friendship sounds a lot like one that I had when I was younger. Sounds like an old soul mate. You know, you can also ask your angels to clear out any old contracts between you and this person. You can get rid of contracts just by intending it and writing down the intention. And the same with the other attachment. You can definitely clear the energy around that through setting a clear intention, writing it down and asking for help with Strong Connection With Someone You Just Met.

Wow Claire that is an amazing story. Sounds like you two might have had some sort of healing agreement click here strange that it ended in a broken heart. Hi Anna, thank you so much for this article.

I had a very brief intense relationship extra-marital with someone who came into my life about 10 years ago, via an internet chat room, and the energetic connection was phenomenal.

This person has been in and out of my life via phone calls ever since and every time we speak the vibrational effect on me is very strong. Via a reading I had some time ago i was told we were to marry in a past life but he died on horseback before getting to article source wedding. I was given healing around this but his name is forever popping into my head.

I never call him, he calls me always unexpectedly. I always think of him at Christmas and do sometimes send him my love telepathically. Your article has helped me, thank you so much. I have been deeply affected by 2 relationships that did not last for a very long time, and wondered if there was a deeper connection than what we experienced, or why these men and I were together and what greater purpose it solved wow, what a slip, I meant to say served.

Sometimes I feel that there is more to Strong Connection With Someone You Just Met initial contact, but my usual coming on like gangbusters is wrong. The Cocktails of Mad Men: There is much mystery and naunce to this area of life. Thanks for explaining things so clearly, Anna. You two must have had a healing agreement of some kind, as you were both dealing with terminally ill parents.

Em — Wow, you must have been quite perplexed seeing that image, interesting to hear your story! Eleanor — I love those slips. I wonder what they solved for you?

I still wanted to cry and hide my face. We always talked, and met up, then she stopped all communication with me. He has his reasons do you must respect them. And also I've had this feeling with one other person when I heard their voice, before I heard their voice I know what it was going to sound like and I had a feeling of who they were, where they lived, when there birthday is and what they look like etc and I was right and I know that this soul only has pure intention and it is comforting bc idk I just feel this strong thing especially hearing their voice I feel it throughout my body.

Strong Connection With Someone You Just Met agree that it can be difficult to know when to be proactive and act on feelings and when to let the Universe do its thing. Byteful, — I agree. I guess it depends on what your measure of success is. Mine is that you learn something. So, I think every relationship is successful because it propels you forward and you learn something.

Anyways, i just suscribd to your rss. Sometimes when I get a fever he gets the same fever, same temperature, same symptoms and same results. Just what kind of connection is that? I absolutely love you, Anna! I just have that feeling. Claire, I saw your post from September and I wanted to say me too!

I had a relationship that was about a year of friendship and six months of deep romantic connection, then an ending that was so abrupt it felt like physical impact. It took us both by surprise — my partner who ended it said it took him about 3 months to realise what he had done. Things that helped me: That helps me to trust that we were meant to be together, and that our connection was incredibly special, and it was meant to end. I feel i have some soul mates over the years and tho no longer together on occasion,i get glimpse of their live in my dreams.

Though we broke up we stayed the best of friends and talked frequently until he told me he was engaged. Out of respect, i told him i thought check this out best to not talk anymore. I congratulated him and wished his life well. No i didnt write to share the info, but was saddened to see divorce in his future.

It took me 2 weeks to stop crying!!! I found out he does have the two children i saw in the dream. The dreams continued for a year and a half. Strong Connection With Someone You Just Met hope one day to talk to him again. Often when meeting a guy, i can discern quickly if this is a soul mate or not…something i feel in the center of my being.

And i agree totally with meeting as many folks as you do to accelearate your growth.