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I. The U.S. Social Context: Religion, Cultural Change, and Traditional Values

Smith College School for Social Work. Northampton . This omits a segment of the LGBTQ population with later onset of identity formation (Calzo, Antonucci, Six (12%) did not report a gender identity. Overall, 56% of participants identified as cisgender, and 42% as trans* or gender non-conforming. See Chart 6, Gender . Maybe where you daughter lives there is a heavy lesbian presence, but within the entire Smith community the lesbians are a minority, albeit a vocal one. Want to live with mostly straight women? No problem, live in the quad. Fer kirst sake, San Francisco has a vocal minority gay population, but no one. The liberal arts college has rejected Calliope Wong, a transgender applicant, because a government financial aid document registers her as male.

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Find hundreds of pages of informative articles. Search from over 3 million scholarships. We want your feedback! Silent Voice Registered User Posts: April edited January in Smith College. I've been accepted to six colleges and have narrowed down my choices to these two. What are the advantages of each?

Smith College Gay Statistics Charts And Graphs

I'm currently leaning towards Smith, but any information about either of the colleges would be a great help. Post edited by Silent Voice on January Smith is about twice the size, making for more social and academic choices.

D didn't apply to BM because of size; she also preferred the NoHo location. Bryn Mawr also is part of the tri co consortium; you can take classes at Swarthmore; and at U Penn as well. Bryn Mawr is 20 min away from Philadelphia. Both are outstanding institutions, you can't go wrong. Bryn Mawr is much smaller, and shares some departments with Haverford.

Also, they have an honor code that prohibits students from talking about their grades. While both of these are advantages to some, both were off-putting to me. Thank you for everyone's input. I already know many click to see more these things, having researched both schools extensively. Well, my D is so enthusiastic about her experience--an enthusiasm that has rubbed off on me heavily along the way--that it's almost a case of where to begin?

D likes virtually everything: A concern before applying: Two overnights and almost two years later, the answer is a decided "No problem. Alas, she'll be off campus for all of her junior year except for a couple of visits: A friend of hers is splitting this year between Rome and Oxford. Gosh but life is rough. Want to live with mostly straight women? No problem, live in the quad. There will be aspects of every campus that will make some uncomfortable, the frat scene at Dartmouth, Vandy, Wake etc, binge drinking and fecal throwing drunks at Williams, Birkenstock wearing, tree hugging students at Bates, etc.

No school is perfect or has perfect students. And most importantly, consider the amazing opportunities Smith has to offer, in and out of the classroom. RLT, I think you've managed to misread my post.

Some people suggested that my D wouldn't be comfortable, that Smith made straight girls feel uncomfortable. She exercised due diligence and found that wasn't so. She checked it out as one might check out any other pro and con.

Bryn Mawr vs. Smith — College Confidential

True, one major difference between the two schools is size. Smith is small enough go here nurturing and lots of personal Smith College Gay Statistics Charts And Graphs, but large enough to never feel claustrophobic, IMO. Bus and commuter train access is easy - heck, it could be a nice walk on a sunny day!! Students at Bryn Mawr can even request dorming at Haverford, I think.

I believe that at least was the case once, don't see reference to it now. Many EC activities from rugby teams to choral groups are joint. Yes, Bryn Mawr has a good movie theater, coffee houses, etc. Swarthmore is a wonderful and beautiful school but not quite as geographically convenient as Haverford -- would have to rely on a shuttle bus, I imagine.

I would not think it would be very practical timewise to take classes at U Penn that meet three times a week -- a once-a-week seminar, sure. For weekend activities, on the other hand, the access to Philly again, easy by train is excellent.

Re weather, we here is southeastern PA enjoy a longer fall and an earlier spring, but MA has its special prolonged winter charms. You can ice skate on the pond at Smith!! Either choice is excellent.

I would decide on the basis of opportunities for your major and personal overnight visits. TheDad is no homophobe -- quite the contrary, I am sure.

VA chief fights for his political future amid internal strife and allegations of subterfuge. No problem, live in the quad. Support for same-sex marriage jumped 21 percentage points fromwhen Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, to Among groups who are more opposed to same-sex marriage, such as white evangelical Protestants and black Protestants, perceptions of their congregations are more in line with their actual views on the issue.

He simply does not fear addressing a sensitive topic. I mean that seriously. I was reacting to the fact he keeps saying "Would the heavy lesbian presence make a straight girl feel uncomfortable? A poor kid came from a small rural community on the other side of the country arrived at Smith and was never told what to expect.

I mean that seriously. Boston is a couple of hours away. We have a very diverse student body class, race, ethnicity, sexualitybut more support systems are needed in all of these areas.

So far it has worked out kind of ok, but, for a time. Different interpenetration of the meaning between heavy and vocal maybe?

Smith College Gay Statistics Charts And Graphs

Of course not-- any more than one would cross San Francisco off their list of possible places to live because of that cities reputation. Reasonable people, even most Republicans, adapt and become accepting very quickly. That has happened as well. The professors are wonderful and very available for one on one help. The problem for most people is lack of time to get involved in all of the intellectual and Smith College Gay Statistics Charts And Graphs opportunities that are available.

Noho is more info five minute walk and is a really cool and funky little town. Boston is a couple of hours away. It isn't really all that convenient to go there for the day. Not impossible, but your best bet is if you know someone at a college there and can stay for the week-end. I've done that a couple of times. My gestimate could be high or low, but probably pretty close.


I was worried about having to be overly PC, but that turned out to be a non-issue as well. I just decided to be click and that seems to be good enough for most people. Nothing major to complain about. The library is only open until midnight. The athletic facilities close around 6: Massachusetts is cooooold in the winter and hot and humid in the Fall and late Spring. I wouldn't want to stay here during the summer.

I'm a "weather wimp. Getting back to Bryn Mawr vs. Smith, there are gay women at Bryn Mawr, too. Bryn Mawr has total students.

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RLT, I framed the issue as I did because a it's a question that arises for many prospective students based on what they hear: Smith is one of the most aggressively friendly-to-gay campuses around. And b some students arrive without a clue and then may encounter a couple making out on Chapin lawn or some other telltale or, in the words of a friend of my D's who hails from one of the Deep South states The "gay" issue is probably magnified because article source there seems to be more, ah, relationship drama on campus on that side of the fence, making the gay presence feel larger than it generally is.