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Ldk Mean Does When Texting What

Meaning of btw, rofl, idk, ttyl, oomf, b4n, hf, imo, rsvp, woot, ...

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Im in a long distance relationship so Im trying to figure out if anyone will get that when we say LDK it means Long Distance Kiss and if that means anything already?. WBU is a common expression, especially in text messaging on smartphones. ' WBU' is 'What About You?' This is internet shorthand for asking 'how about you, do you agree?' or 'how about you, do you have a suggestion?'. WBU is sometimes spelled as 'HBU'. LMAO is one of many common words used in text messaging, instant messaging, chatting, and on Facebook and Twitter. At one time or another, you've probably seen this Internet slang. Did you wonder what it meant? Did you know it could have more than one meaning? LMAO is an acronym that stands for Laughing My .

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It does not make sense.

What does "ldk"on facebook What Does Ldk Mean When Texting This site is best viewed while logged in. Im using my phone to search about anything that my wife use it in all internet app to see if she is was cheating me all those years anything Was this answer helpful? Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Im using visit web page phone to search about anything that my wife use it in all internet app to see if she is What Does Ldk Mean When Texting cheating me all those years anything i try to search in Facebook and Twitter to find anything but i found that she is using too much nicknames and some of pic sound clip was deleted.

My wife had a facebook affair. This answer closely relates to:. I received this message on my facebook and i cannot access my facebook click on the button below to download and install the facebook malicious extens? Unfortunately, the information that you are requesting can only be provided by Facebook. The best thing that you could do is to visit facebook page again and there is an option to have this confirmation code be resent to you again. Can yuhh resnd my comformtion code for facebook to plzz i need to check my facebook i can no tget on facebook si ce k13?

You can group the numbers that you want to show up in a specific group and then in the setting of contacts to display you click to only display that group that you made and then you only see those unless you change the setting.

Leetspeak works by substituting letters with numbers or different letters that are similar in appearance. This Site Might Help You. Some of these acronyms are very funny!

I recently linked my facebook account with my new droidx and all of my facebook friends who have their number showing on facebook got added to my pers? Contact them about your issue.

Sunday, March 4th Reply to this comment. Its brand new from walmart.? Lick me all over! What is the full form of ldk in fb language?

They will be able to help you fix your problem. Caint acsess my facebook. Was this comment helpful? Go to Google and go to Facebook that way. This extention remover is just a virus that it someone has set up to get into your computer. Just make sure you logout of Facebook completely on your phone.

101 Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations (And What They Mean!)

It will save on your battery. I synced up with facebook and now their is a facebook f symbol on top of my home page is facebook still open n draining my battery on my galaxie sll? This means you are not connected to the internet.

Facebook private message failure error facebook mesages keep not sending facebook this message failed to sendread more: When i update my facebook status it dont show What Does Ldk Mean When Texting iphone4s bt i m using iphone4s.

I just got my ipod touch-i am trying to find friends on instagram through facebook. Source hate this new security features, naughty people abuses and we got problem.

I cant get my facebook securty code on my mobil, then isende e-mail to facebook, and got this answer: Add Your Answer What does "ldk"on facebook mean?

What Does Ldk Mean When Texting

My friends uses the short form "ldk" while texting,what is the full form of this? Anonymous "When textibg what does ldk mean? When textibg what does ldk mean? What does the initials LDK mean in texting?.

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What Does Ldk Mean When Texting

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