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Dating websites have come a long way from the time they were the only recourse of nerds or other socially awkward people looking for a date. So it is quite likely that you may have met a wonderful guy on a dating site and hit off equally well in real life. Just when you thought things were rolling along merrily, you happen to. 25 Oct I don't really like to say things like: “you should break up” or “clearly your guy or gal is cheating on you,” but, honestly, if you've been together for a while and your significant other is active on a dating site he or she is probably up to no good. Now, I confess that I think I still have a profile on a dating site or two. He's amazing. He has all the qualities you admire and he's totally sexy, too. Good for you. Here comes the hard part: After the first date, you're going to want to ah ” visit” him online. As women, one thing that makes us feel safe, loved, and sane is a constant connection with the people we care about. Stated simply.

Why is he still going to Match. May 19, 4: First off let me say I AM going to have a talk with said gentleman once I get some feedback from everyone here, but right now I'm confused and afraid of getting hurt and need input on the situation. So I probably don't have the street smarts I need for this kind of thing. A little over a month ago and six months after the end of a 1. I met this We Are Dating Why Is He Still On Match.

I went to Match. Guess the serial daters had just moved up a notch. Was click here to cancel my membership and go to eHarmony, when Match offered a subscription to their similar new venture, Chemistry. So I signed up. Chemistry promotes the kind of LTR I'm looking for.

You have to answer a lot of questions and they send you a few matches rather than letting everyone search their database and mail anyone they like. For me, this works. I hoped to find the man I would eventually marry. So I get a few matches who seem far and away above the guys whose profiles are on other sites, but for one reason or another they're just not quite "it.

So many of the things about him just clicked with me. We went through all their guided communication stuff and it just kept clicking, as did our in-person meeting. Lest you think it's simply that he's a We Are Dating Why Is He Still On Match I must say he's just an average guy in the looks department. Right has been divorced for six years and hasn't had a steady relationship in two years.

He is also a single parent. Match offered him the same deal on Chemistry as they did me. I never saw his profile on Match during the short time I was on it, but after he told me that was how he'd come to Chemistry I found it and checked it out. That's when I saw that it said "Active within 24 hours.

I, on the other hand, pulled my Match profile after going over to Chemistry, not wanting to be spammed by Mr.

So how on earth can it be acceptable to do it online!? A site dedicated to helping people find love: A month is way too early for either of you to have any claims on the other's behavior.

And I've since cancelled my Chemistry membership as well, though I paid for a period that will not end for another month and a half. When I had been article source Mr.

Wrong for a couple of months I found that he was still corresponding with women on Yahoo! Based on the fact that he was at my house practically all the time I'd say he probably didn't actually meet any of these women. But even if he didn't, what about the woman on the other end he is stringing along?

What a jerk thing to do. My relationship with Mr. Right has become physical. We Are Dating Why Is He Still On Match see one another a lot.

When we're not together he calls me and we usually have pretty lengthy phone conversations. So if he was seeing anyone else it'd have to be that he was getting two hours of sleep a night or something ridiculous like that. Because of my bad experience with Mr. Wrong I didn't want to do anything stupid when I should have known better, so last night I went to Match and found Mr. Right's profile again and, as it was a few weeks ago the "Active within 24 hours" was noted.

Two weeks go by and it is still up. This girl is just going to get hurt. I have met his daughter and I spend the night over his house frequently as he have mine. I dont want to be pushy and annoy by bringing it up again.

If you are a Match member other members can see who's looked at their profile, so I went in anonymously with a different browser. I don't think my profile is accessible to anyone at all because I deactivated it but I didn't want to take any chances that he'd think I was still trolling around on Match - I'm not.

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So, guys in particular, what's the deal? Is it a harmless ego boost? Is he trying to get something going with someone else? Even if it is just flirting it is not acceptable to me if our relationship is going to progress, and I will tell him that. But right now I just need to hear some outside opinions on the situation.

I am in my early gasp! Seriously--the number of people I know who surf Match and Craigslist just to see the funny stuff people write about themselves is unbelievably high myself included. Harmless flirting often evolves into less than harmless activity. Perhaps you might consider alternatives to confronting him in the "what are you still doing on internet dating sites? What I like better, is frequent "where are we" type talks, and going ahead and asking what someone's time-table for going exclusive is.

That, plus a definition of what exclusive entails, link seemed to work well. Non-confrontational communications, early, open, and often, is my motto.

Maybe he clicks those links and that makes him "active"?

My wife and I met on Match. We both still browse the listings every once in a while just to see what's going on and check on the familiar faces. We are definitely not getting on there and flirting with other folks or doing anything shady. We both spent a lot of time on there before we met and like to go back and see what's going on Similar to what NotMyselfRightNow said, there's a lot of humor and even morbid curiosity involved.

I surf the CL listings for entertainment, but I'd never consider responding to any. We Are Dating Why Is He Still On Match know you care about him. But even the fact that one month into dating you consider him Mr. Right says you're moving too fast. I honestly think, most of us, in the human condition, go too fast in relationships. We don't get to 'know" the other person. I consider this a reason that the divorce rate is so high.

If the relationship you're in with him is right, he'll look at read article less and less It might just be that he spent the money and has trouble going as fast as you are.

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Maybe he's chatitng with someone You're not married yet. I know you're struggling with trust issues. Wrong and possibly other men have made it tough.

We Are Dating Why Is He Still On Match

But at a month, he isn't Mr. My first impressions are: You seem to be a bit in a rush to get to the altar and this might scare some folks off. Try to lighten up a little bit. Just a guess, but I have a feeling his definition of looking for a LTR" is a lot more "carefree" than yours. One more samll observation -- the original post was at 7: After about 3 answers and a half hour, the best answer was identified. I had a similar experience recently and what I realized was that my and apparently your attitude was "wow, I more info a cool guy, whew, I don't need to log on to that irritating site anymore" and his was "I'm having fun but hmm, I wonder what else is out there.

At some point you should bring it up in a non accusatory way, but maybe see if, as filmgeek said, he starts looking less of his We Are Dating Why Is He Still On Match accord. In my opinion, you should take it as a sign that he isn't taking this relationship as seriously as you are. Give him time to come around, but for now, he's clearly not as invested in it as you are, and you should hold back a little.

Don't confront him, don't distance yourself, just don't let yourself go into imminent-marriage mode. And for those of you who are saying maybe he's just checking out profiles for laughs, perhaps you missed this: He's hedging his bets.

We've all done it before. I wouldn't judge him solely on the fact that he shows up as active in the past 24 hours. If you hadn't set up a dummy account, so would you.

We Are Dating Why Is He Still On Match

He may be looking out of curiosity. He may have received messages and wanted to read them. It's also quite possible that he's still trying to meet people. I'd suggest talking with him about becoming 'exclusive'.

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You might think it's implied, but that will hopefully flush out his intentions. I would not mention that you've seen him on Match. Wrong who dismissed the behavior as harmless flirting - she hasn't discussed it with Mr. Terra, you are trying to talk yourself out of being upset with behavior that is clearly upsetting to you. I assure you that someone who gave a shit would either tell you up front he's still going to Match for whatever reason - because unless he's stupid he knows that information is available - maybe just schadenfreude-trolling, whatever, or he wouldn't go at all.

In my own experience with online dating, and with other people I know who've done it, that's a pretty standard convention, because pretty much all the sites display "freshness" so you don't bother contacting somebody who hasn't logged in for three years. You are over-invested, and it seems like that might be a reaction to his lack of click here.