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My 2018 F-150 is in BUT I CAN'T BUY IT

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Price includes: $2, - Customer Cash. Exp. 02/28/ New Price! .. Chevrolet Silverado LTZ. Price: $17, Chevrolet . Sedan. Dealer Location: Honda Cars of Aiken. Notes: Prices do not include destination charges, dealer add-ons, tax, license, and does not include $ Customer Service Fee. Save on Headlamps, Headlights & Parts with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. hookupsguide.info SPM daily hookupsguide.info in-pro-contractor-s-closed-top/p-SPM daily http:// hookupsguide.info daily.

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Save your money and opt for the 4. It has a bad shake at 75 mph. The dealer is blaming some other dealer for the problem they are willing to paint it but I bought it new, so I expect new.

Adam Rodriguez was very knowledgeable about my car choice, friendly, and helpful throughout my purchase. It was an easy purchase experience for a great car. View all reviews about this dealer. All owners watch frame rusting issues. No recall but gm will do a half assed repair. Didnt pay much attention to it. Just missed lemon law. Chips in paint on tailgate day 1. Leaky roof miles. Front brake issue at miles one side only massive brake dust no warranty!! First off I didn't have the proper choice in the Edmunds menu for engine.

My truck has the 6. So as I said it's a beautiful truck but I live in Michigan but it's kept clean and at 20k come on.

Have a 4k boat that I tow less than miles per summer short season the squat that boat tandem see more custom trailer put on that truck was unbelievable.

Along with the sway made towing unpleasant. Had to have some towing sensors replaced at 20K. The truck is a computer.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado (first look) / Ready for Ford F-150 - Hook Up With Ex!

At 24K the engine light came on accompanied by an awful noise. Originally said lifters really at 24K but turned out to be a bent pushrod. How does that happen at 24k miles?

Aiken Dating Site Video 2018 F-150 Headlight Sensor Silverado

Can't recommend I'm worried about my out of pocket when the warranty period is over. GM quality is NOT what it used to be. This is my first Chevrolet Silverado year This is a short bed truck and it rides like a buckboard.

This truck will beat you to death. The inside instrumentation is for kids and not for men. I don't have time driving down the road trying to figure out all the buttons and what they do. I have received the second recall in this vehicle.

I want a truck to be on the road and not in the shop. That's not saying very much for today's technology. I have loss 18 inches of leg room in the front and 12 inches behind the seat. The cab is claustrophobic.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I am right on top of the steering wheel and it's airbag and i can't get away from it. I pray that i will not have an accident. My children will not let my grandchildren ride with us because of the air bags and the close space in the cab. I would not consider trading this truck but I need a truck that can pull larger items.

It will be a Chev. For a full size truck my Silverado rides like a Luxury car, as comfortable as my wife's Lexus RX Interior comfort and styling are fantastic. I have owned 7 trucks of various brands and this Silverado has been my most pleasurable to drive.

This is my second Chevy Silverado that I owned. The first one was a Silverado and had no problems with it. The Chevy Silverado is a different story.

The first thing that happened is cab noise. If it was a windy day there was a whistling sound in the cab. They said the seats would have to be removed and there was probably a cab pressure valve that was stuck. The second problem that happened is the driver seat heater went out.

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Also the driver seat would make noise and get loose. I had to have that fixed. The final thing that happened is the AC condenser went out in the middle of summer. I've owned a lot of vehicles and never had an AC condenser malfunction. Especially in a vehicle that's only a couple years old. I complained to GM but they just directed me back to the dealership who can't do anything.

This will be the last GM product that I purchase. I've avoided GM products for many years due to the quality of design and workmanship. My Silverado has 10, miles and NO problems. Great truck all the way around.

Looks great, drives great, powerful, comfortable, smooth ride, not noisy, etc. Wish it had navigation though. Only 17k miles on this truck after 2 years of ownership. At this point I'm even hearing from service people that this year Double Cabs are trouble.

Click here paint job is the cheapest I've ever seen and started chipping the first week. The dash came loose and had to be "tightened". Didn't realize how bad until I rented a truck happened to be Ram - same class as my truck size and it was like night and day. No problem turning, u-turning, parking, etc in the Ram. Hate all those things in my Chevy. I'm a repeat Chevy owner and never had such low quality I'm actually worried about the value of my vehicle down the road when all the problems become public knowledge and it's branded a bad year to buy.

Aiken Dating Site Video 2018 F-150 Headlight Sensor Silverado

The responsiveness is like driving a 50's or 60's vehicle instead of In addition, Chevy has moved to a new fabric for their click to see more. As a result the interior is not nearly as comfortable as older models.

They say the new fabric is easier to clean. Well I have found the opposite to be true. Having a dog that I like to take with me, has been a nightmare. The fabric attracts the hair and actually gets stuck in the weave of the material. I have to take a rubber brush as hard as I can to "comb" the hair out of the seat material, while I have a vacuum in the other hand to try and grab the hair as soon as it's even partially free from the material. Previous seat fabrics were never a problem to clean and vacuum hair.

Every concern I have bought up to service is dismissed immediately as something I must be doing wrong. And that was from the Service link manager!

In addition when the dealer "fixed" the dash, they managed to put a dent in the door of my truck. While it's now scheduled to be fixed and they took ownership, seems to me maybe they need to look within for who is doing something wrong as relates to these trucks.

My feelings have not changed. I have had the truck in for a radio problem that the first dealership was to take care of and never did,and now there is vibration every time I stay at a steady speedIt seems like the transmission is searching for a gear and stays in a higher gear and not shifting to a lower gear and starts to lug the engine. The new Ecotec provides plenty of acceleration and the steering is smooth and responsive.

I have 2 positives for this truck: The stay in place floor mats. The 4-door double cab as an in-between to the crew cab. I have now contact Chevrolet corporate. So far I'm being put off in a noncommittal let's get dealer to address issues… Really? Don't really think a dealer check this out fix an inferior product with design flaws.

I have a 2WT Double Cab 4x4 truck with the 4. I'm very pleased with the vehicle. The 2WT package is a great value in my opinion. The bluetooth with phone is a but quirky but once I figured out the the system, it works ok. For what I paid, I'm happy with my purchase.

Infotainment system is obsolete technology. It is not an active system. Translation they bought old technology for their new vehicles. Their resolution was to offer me GM dollars to buy junk I don't need from their online store.

The lack of concern demonstrated by the GM team has convinced me to not buy a GM product again.