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13 Feb 13 episode of 'Glee,' Lima's finest dealt with transitioning in many different ways -- Rachel moved out of her childhood home, Coach Bieste returned to Unfortunately, when Blaine arrived at McKinley High to tell Kurt he broke up with Karofsky, Kurt was getting ready to go on a double date with Walter. 9 Jan 'Glee' returned for its sixth and final season Friday, revealing that Blaine is now in a relationship with Karofsky. Blaine Devon Anderson is a fictional character from the American musical comedy-drama television series Glee. Played by Darren Criss, Blaine was introduced in the sixth episode of the second season as the openly gay lead singer of the Dalton Academy Warblers, a rival show choir to New Directions, the show's primary.

They begin dating in Original Songafter Blaine kisses Kurt, forming the first male-male couple on Glee.

Who Is Blaine Dating On Glee

In New New YorkBlaine moves to New York to live with Kurt, but they soon realise that their relationship is stronger if they live separately, and he moves out.

At the end of the Season Five finaleRachel is shown moving out of the loft as a result of moving to Los Angeles, while Blaine arrives there to move in. In Loser Like Me it is revealed that Kurt being argumentative has Who Is Blaine Dating On Glee in their break-up. While Kurt remains in love with Blaine, the latter has begun dating David Karofsky. They eventually reconcile and spontaneously get married click the following article a double-ceremony with Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez.

Kurt gets caught by Blaine and two fellow Warblers, Wes and Davidwhere Kurt thinks it is nice of them to buy him coffee before beating him up. Blaine and Kurt have instant chemistry and soon develop a friendship. Blaine gives Kurt advice on how to handle Karofsky 's bullying, and goes to Kurt's school to confront Karofsky about his actions, but when the bullying becomes unbearable, Kurt transfers to Dalton Academy and joins the Warblers in Special Educationresulting in him and Blaine continuing to grow closer.

Blaine often acts as a mentor and source of courage for Kurt, before making the transition into a romantic interest. The two perform their first duet, Baby, It's Cold Outside.

Who Is Blaine Dating On Glee

This is the episode in which they share their first kiss, and it is assumed that they start dating very soon afterwards. In the episode New York Blaine tells Kurt that he loves him for the first time, to which Kurt replies that he loves him too.

Their relationship is taken to the next step in Season Three when Blaine transfers to McKinley and go here New Directions, because he can't stand to be apart from the person he loves.

Kurt and Blaine share loving looks during some songs and rarely fight, only having three fights during the course of their relationship so far The First TimeDance with Somebody and The Break-Up. They have been dating for over a year, their one-year anniversary was on March 15, They also lost their virginities to each other in The First Time.

Near the end of the year, Blaine and Kurt are dismayed by the idea of Kurt graduating and moving to New York while Blaine will be left behind for one more year. However, they persist on always being together.

They maintain their long distance relationship successfully at first via skyping and texting, but with conflicting schedules, things start to slide quickly. During Blaine's link performance of Teenage Dreamhe becomes very emotional, which Kurt notices.

Eventually, Kurt asks Blaine what the problem is, resulting in Blaine telling him that he was with someone else back in Lima presumably Eli. Kurt leaves heartbroken and ends up giving him the silent treatment.

In The Role You Were Born to PlayBlaine admits to Sam that since the break-up, he hasn't been the same and is afraid that he lost the love of his life. At the end of the season, Kurt arrives in Lima to support his dad at his appointment, having recently found out that Burt has stage 1 cancer, and visits McKinley with Mercedes and Mike to see the New Directions.

Blaine flirts with Kurt, and in Wonder-ful Blaine asks permission from Burt to ask Kurt to marry Who Is Blaine Dating On Glee. Burt, while happy that Blaine is so in love with his son, explains to Blaine that they are too young, and that they are meant to be together so link should just relax and everything will be OK.

Blaine gives a heartwarming speech about his and Kurt's love, before asking Kurt to marry him, which, through tears, Kurt agrees to. Their relationship is once again tested by their new lifestyle and Kurt's newfound Who Is Blaine Dating On Glee that puts them in an uncomfortable position, and Blaine finally decides to move out to draw lines between them and learn how to live in the big city.

After awhile, when Rachel moves to LA, Blaine moves back in with Kurt and they live together in the loft. Blaine and Kurt broke up sometime before the beginning of the season. Their constant arguments made Kurt believe they were not meant to be after all and broke off the engagement. Kurt eventually realizes his mistake and rushes back to Lima in hopes of earning Blaine's forgiveness.

Much to his disappointment, Blaine is already seeing someone: With Sue's help, they eventually realize their lingering feelings for each other.

While originally helping out at Brittany and Santana 's wedding, the brides and Sue convince them to hijack the wedding and get married alongside them. Five years later, they are now successful actors and parents, with Rachel as their surrogate. Kurt stops Blaine on the stairwell at Dalton where the students are hurriedly rushing past. He introduces himself and asks: Blaine leads Kurt by the hand, running through the picturesque hallway shortcut to where the performance takes place, and then sings Katy Perry's Teenage Dreamseemingly to Kurt.

After coming back another day, Blaine invites Kurt to have a cup of coffee, and is accompanied by two council members of the Warblers, Wes and David for questioning. Kurt asks whether Dalton is a gay school, which causes them to laugh good-naturedly.

Blaine says that Dalton is not a gay school and that Wes and David have girlfriends, but informs Kurt that he is indeed gay. Blaine notices Kurt's unhappy response and asks if Wes and David could give him a moment with Kurt alone.

An upset Kurt then confides go here Blaine about his bullying situation in private, who is sympathetic and admits that he used to go to a school where the teachers did nothing to prevent the bullying that happened to him, which is why he transferred to Dalton Academy.

However, Blaine confesses he regrets "running away" and encourages Kurt to make a stand against those who try Who Is Blaine Dating On Glee hurt him, to not give up as he himself did. Kurt really appreciates Blaine's reaching out to him. Blaine texts him "courage," which means a lot to Kurt, who puts the word up in his locker to remind him of staying strong, implying that Kurt really looks up to Blaine, and perhaps also as an indication that he is in the process of developing feelings for Blaine.

Later, Kurt follows Blaine's advice to confront the bully, Dave Karofsky. He discovers that Dave is a closeted gay when he forces a kiss upon Kurt. Shocked, Kurt asks for Blaine's help in confronting Dave. Dave shoves Blaine up against the fence and threatens both of them.

Kurt defends Blaine by shoving Karofsky who finally leaves, disgruntled. Blaine tries to lighten the mood by saying "Well he's not coming out anytime soon. Kurt tells him that up until then, he had never been kissed, before adding "Atleast, one that counted.

Blaine offers to buy Kurt lunch and they walk off together. Later, it becomes clear that Kurt is rapidly becoming infatuated with Blaine, as proven by the framed picture of Blaine he has in his locker with the word "courage" beneath it. Despite the rivalry between their respective Glee clubs, their friendship blossoms, with Blaine increasingly taking on the role of mentor. In The SubstituteKurt and Blaine's friendship developed greatly; to the point where they spent a great deal of time together, mainly eating dinner and seeing plays.

This results in Kurt inadvertently alienating himself from his friend Mercedes Jones. Kurt explains to Mercedes that while he's not sure what might happen between himself and Blaine, he doesn't want to lose the friendship that he and Blaine have started. While he doesn't state it explicitly, it is implied that he is hopeful that something more could come from the relationship. Unfortunately, Kurt does not make the cut since he has seemingly tried too hard and doesn't fit neatly within the status quo by singing Don't Who Is Blaine Dating On Glee for Me Argentina.

Blaine reminds him that Dalton is about fitting in, hence the uniforms. Kurt ends up confiding in Rachel Berry that the Dalton boys don't exactly want his panache. When Blaine comes up to him continue reading tell him they're calling places, he places his hand on Kurt's shoulder and smiles directly at him.

Kurt sees this during the performance, and gives Sebastian a threatening stare. Blaine then tells Kurt that he will join him next year and serenades him with It's Time with some accompaniment from the Cheerios and the band. Blaine and Kurt reunite on Valentine's Day before Will and Emma's wedding, making out heavily in a car in the parking lot before being interrupted by Mercedes. When Santana proposes to Brittany, Kurt reminds them of his break-up and suggests against teen marriage, to which Santana later comes to insult him.

During their Sectionals performance of Hey, Soul SisterBlaine clearly sings some key parts of the song to Kurt, another possible sign of his romantic interest. Sometime after the performance, Kurt texts Blaine worriedly when he thinks the Warblers' canary, Pavarotti, is dying.

Blaine hurries to his aid, but informs him that he's only malting and goes into a spiel about the bird's life cycle that can be Who Is Blaine Dating On Glee as a metaphor for Kurt's assimilation into Dalton Academy. Blaine also gives Kurt an encouraging pat on the knee after telling him not to forget about choir practice, he stands and leaves Kurt to tend to Pavarotti.

Blaine characteristically stays very near Kurt in all their scenes together and Kurt seems relieved when he realizes he's pleasing Blaine. A Very Glee Christmas. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle.

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At the beginning of the episode we see the Warblers performing Bills, Bills, Bills. During this song Blaine sits next to Kurt for a while, causing Kurt to smile nervously, to which Blaine seems oblivious.

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Kurt also gives Blaine a few flirtatious looks. During their conversation, Kurt says, "Blaine and I love football. Well, Blaine loves football. They end up going to the game together, accompanied by Burt and Carole.

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Blaine tells an unenthusiastic Kurt that Valentine's Day is his favorite holiday, click here the day encourages people to "lay it all on the line, and say to somebody, 'I'm in love with you'. Blaine looks to Kurt for advice, revealing that he has a crush on a guy who he has only known for a short period of time, and wants to confess his feelings to that person, but is unsure if he should do so in a song.

Kurt, who suspects that this "guy" is himself, encourages Blaine's intentions. Blaine then orders both of their coffees, which comes as a surprise to Kurt who asks, "You know my coffee order?

Kurt tells Blaine that he would never judge him, but he also won't apologize for his recent accomplishments or for not being a "delicate flower. Although hesitant at first, he agrees and his hair ends up making him look like Borat. When Kurt reveals that he sleeps with a boyfriend pillow, he expressed that he if anyone found out, "God forbid, Blaine," he'd be mortified. Blaine is implied to come from a wealthy family.

At the meeting, Blaine tells the council of his intentions to sing a love song to his crush. Kurt believes that Blaine must have feelings for him and pushes for the public declaration, swaying the Warblers into allowing the live performance. When the proposal is accepted, Kurt is utterly shocked and disappointed when Blaine tells him that his crush is Jeremiah, an assistant manager at the local Gap store. The Dalton Academy Warblers accompany Blaine to the store to perform a sort of flash mob.

Blaine becomes noticeably nervous and attempts to back out. Kurt stops him and instills confidence in him, despite his disappointment about Blaine's romantic intentions.

Towards the end of the song, Kurt is seen leaning on a mannequin, staring longingly at Blaine as he serenades Jeremiah. Kurt can also be seen moping near the counter of the store while Blaine and the rest of the Who Is Blaine Dating On Glee dance around and on the table in front of the checkout register. He looks irritated and perhaps a little jealous of Jeremiah in the corner of the screen. After the performance Jeremiah is fired and rebuffs Blaine.

Jeremiah tells Blaine that his GAP co-workers were shocked by the performance because "nobody here knows I'm I think they do! Blaine turns around to Kurt looking bewildered and heartbroken. Later in the coffee shop, as they both stand waiting in line together, Kurt confess his feelings to Blaine, who is surprised, having not suspected Kurt's feelings to consist of anything more than friendship.

Blaine tells Kurt that he cares for him, but is terrible at romance and doesn't want to risk damaging their friendship. Towards the end of the episode, the Warblers including Blaine and Kurt sing Silly Love Songs in Breadstix to all the people that were continue reading the cafe, mainly New Directions members.