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Halo reach matchmaking-Banned!?

xbox live - How long is the "temporary" account ban from bungie/Halo Reach? - Arqade

8 Jan You have been temporarily banned from matchmaking - posted in Halo Reach ( ): I think this feature is stupid and annoying. I haven't left a game in like 2 days and I play rumble pit I'm in first but then a guy starts camping he get first so I just got feed up and left unaware that when i returended to the lobby. Other Answers. I don't know how long, but I'm kind of glad you did. Quitting games is for cry babies. Just because you're losing or you don't have the game you like, doesn't mean that you should quit out, it lets the rest of your team down. I have been unable to find anything documented anywhere stating the time frame of the "Temporary" bans based on the offense. My ban was finally lifted 1 week after it was instated. I would venture that this is probably a standard time frame for the first offense of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Ok, so I got banned before from quitting too much, which is like 5 games or something? Anyways, after that, the message warning you that you quit too many games recently keeps popping up. For some unknown reason, I am now temporarily banned from matchmaking for quitting one game.

How Long Am I Banned From Matchmaking Halo Reach

This happened earlier today after my whole team quit, and I didn't want to play 1v4. And now again, after my entire team quits because they can't even bear to lose a game, they quit, and again, I don't want to play 1v4. So now I'm banned again. I really don't get this, shouldn't I be able to quit more than one game before I'm banned again?

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For the next three days, you will receive a 10 minute ban every time you quit. This is because you have a history of quitting excessively. If you continue to quit so excessively during this time, the three days will be extended. Stop quitting and you won't have the problem.

That's retarded, when I stopped playing this game a while ago it wasn't like that. Now here I started to play it again everything has changed. God it sucks now. If you go in alone alot, I feel your pain. Newkzzz That's retarded, when I stopped playing this game a while ago it wasn't like that. This system has been in place since day one. Stop quitting and you won't have a problem.

How Long Am I Banned From Matchmaking Halo Reach

The VAST majority of players never encounter the quit ban. Because most people don't quit nearly that much. Again, don't quit and you won't have a problem. As a solo player, almost every single game I play has at least one person leave. I've been on probation for about a week because I play a lot during the day and at least one of those matches turns into 4v1 or 8v3 or some ridiculous ratio because people or groups of really bad players leave the game and it is not at all fun to get slaughtered by 4 people.

This system is absolutely brutal. There is no way to go a day without ending up in one of these games or getting booted for a purely accidental betrayal.

I hear what you're saying, but for anyone who doesn't team up a ton, being on one quit probation the entire day, from your first log on until last, is absolutely impossible not to end up perpetuating the length of probation because of some very deserved quits.

Thank for this suggestion- I hadn't thought about that. Those are exactly the type of games I end up leaving a lot of time those unskilled guests end up leaving and you end up all alone on a team against four overly-agressive jerks.

Reach is the beginning of a new age for gaming. It proves that developers can get away with punishing their players instead of fixing their game I don't use the site.

I was let off click, quit one game and was put back on. I'd say it's broken.

Is there anywhere this information is documented? Can we all get along? How can they do this? You deserve to be banned.

I just find something else to do, or hop on an alt account for a game. Penguin Egg I was let off probation, quit one game and was put back on.

Seriously, I would try to avoid it. So Bungie, Microsoft, whatever looks at this like it's my fault then tells me I am unsportsmanlike and banned from playing Halo: A thread about MCC -- will be met with nothing but silence from How long does this ban last?

This really ins't a hard concept. If you guys want to quit left and right, go to CoD. Quit bans operate on a short term basis dependent learn more here on how many games you play.

I feel your pain OP. I have a bad internet that arbitrarily disconnects me at random. That happens to me too network issues. This sig will Self-Destruct in Thank you for your time. Honestly, this entire situation could be avoided if you decided to play another game and wait out the Probation like that. There are many powers in the world, for good or for evil.

Some are greater than I am. Against some I have not yet been measured. But my time is coming. CellarDoorProse There is no way to go a day without ending up in one of these games or getting booted for a purely accidental betrayal. Then man, have I defied the odds.

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I cannot grasp that what you call "Something happened to nothing, and that nothing became something, and it was smaller than than a period. Don't quit a single game for three days. Old Papa Rich Posted by: I'm curious how many matches you are playing alone then. I play at least 20 matches a day all alone, none of my friends play Halo and always end up in some horrendous one.

The ones I do stay in, I just find amazing hiding spots as to not get spawn camped for the remaining 30 kills. Third game I play today, hmm The score at that point was about 12 to 5, I'm not bothering with 38 deaths, that shouldn't seem unreasonable.

What playlist are you playing? If its BTB, lol don't bother going in alone. So many teams in there as of late. Why Halo multiplayer sucks. I play almost exclusively alone and do not experience what you described. You quit too much. You'll find your probation periods dropping dramatically. CellarDoorProse Third game I play today, hmm Yeah, that happens to me every day.

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This is why the quit ban is ridiculous and shouldn't even be there. This topic has moved here: Is the matchmaking quit ban system broken? Smoke Panther user homepage: MR E0S user homepage: TW Mr Krabs user homepage: IRISH user homepage: