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16 Jul Tressa-Thomas-Five-HeartBeats She stole the show as Robert Townsend's character "Duck's" baby sister. Well in case you were wondering where she's been and what she's doing now, we've found her and she is now 36 years old, still doing her thing. Alright before we go any further, can we talk about. Tressa Thomas, Actress: Flatliners. Tressa's feature film debut was the Robert Townsend film, The Five Heartbeats, in which was featured with R&B legend Patti LaBelle, on the movie's soundtrack for the song, "We Haven't Finished Yet". Her other film credits include Flatliners and Message In A Bottle. She also played the . Some people run at the first sign of stormy weather. Some people hold on and work it out together. I believe in you you believe in me. The rainbow ahead may be hard to see. We gotta hang on to this dream don't let go. No matter how hard it gets we haven't finished yet. There's so much of life ahead we got so much to do.

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No Matter How Hard It Gets Five Heartbeats

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