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22 Feb Valve servers only run at 64 tick but in case you play somewhere else these rates will be needed for increased data transmission. You don't need a config for this game really, as long as your rates are in order you can just adjust the rest manually and be good to go. no didint help playing without any config. There is alot of misinformation about the plain "rate" command. That command dictates how much much data your client can send each second (Does not affect downloading maps/sounds/etc from servers). 80, = 80kbs. Even on tick, you won't use the full 80kbs in 5v5. Setting the value higher than. 22 May interp_ratio 2 rate with 64 tick it's better to have a higher interp I would say, but use whatever feels good for you. #9. World MrKittenHue. Why do you think having higher interp is better? # Germany davidthek1ng. Cs:go can use more informations because of the longer.

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Best Rate For Matchmaking Cs Go

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Best Rate For Matchmaking Cs Go

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Besides bandwidth limitations and network latencies, information can get lost due to network packet loss. I'd say is always better because you download more information, the default is because people have bad internet. There are always exceptions of course, but you could set it to and be completely fine.

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Even on tick, you won't use the full 80kbs in 5v5. Facebook does it, Google does it, Steam does it, my freaking bank account does it Thenumber is arbitrary and is only around because people don't know what the command does.

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