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How do I stop getting approached by sleazy men and attract a better class of man?

A lot of people tell me I'm attractive but instead of normal or attractive men approaching me, I keep getting approached by such disgustingly sleazy men with sex on the brain. Whilst many .. You're gonna have to deal with this for a while until you find the man you're looking for, and I'm very sorry for that. On the side here. 6 Aug Yesterday I was on the train and going back home. It wasn't late at night and I wasn't dressed up in a provocative way. Then this guy comes up to me. 15 Aug "I was into my 40s when my mother died, lacked a lot of the normal experiences, and while I met numerous women in my 40s, the great majority had been through painful experiences themselves with former partners and felt unable to commit, plus they could not cope with my life history in a whole range of.

I am intelligent and I want to come across this way without compromising my looks.

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Is this something all women face or is there something I can do to stop it? A lot of people tell How To Deal With Sleazy Guys I'm attractive Whilst many Dating Casual How Get Over To tell me I'm pretty, I have a look which seems to really, really appeal to losers.

Let me make this clear: I am not discriminative of men based on how they look. Guys of my age who look average or even not hot are fine for me as long as they are well-intentioned. But I am discriminative of men based on them having a look which says they should not be lusting after young girls. The guys I'm talking about are often older, fat, slimey, lustful looking men. Not to be racist but they are usually ethnic minorities from countries that don't respect women.

I have long blonde hair, but only because my hair is naturally blonde and I can't afford to get it cut that often with the prices. I wear non-provocative clothes i. I wear a little eye-liner, mascara and concealer.

How do I attract the right kind of man? I'm talking about malls, internet cafes, libraries. I'm petite and I think there is something about me which looks vulnerable. How do I counter this? Does hair colour really make a difference in how men judge women be honest? I'm a natural light blonde and as I'm so fair, I don't think dark hair would suit me but if it meant being taken seriously I would definitely do it. What you mean is, men who have MORE than JUST sex on their brain If you'd like to attract a "better class" of men, then you just need to "be" not act or pretend you are a "better class" of woman Women who are: Male losers A "better class of men" are How To Deal With Sleazy Guys who: A man with value, who is worth it, this should be obviousalso wants a woman with value, who is worth it What does a How To Deal With Sleazy Guys class of woman" look like?

And the only guys who do give you attention, are guys you don't want Please do yourself a favor, and stop focusing on your appearance. It doesn't matter what you look like. They will size you up for your personality, and financial value almost instantly. If they like what they see, they'll be interested. So have you seen the Housewives of Orange County?

You should probably get your advice from men. This comment is full of shityou cannot tell what a person is offering simply by looking at themexcept in extreme circumstances.

You sound narrow minded and she is a child you're basically saying it is her fault she is approached by disgusting adults and that unless she is successful and old and getting a lot of money she should just put up with that behaviour.

You must have no experience with what you are talking about because those type of men do not care about your social status and will approach anything with a vagina between its legs. The only retard here is you. You have purposely misunderstood my question.

It's kind of ironic that when Azula put down Zuko, there was a woman there to support him just like before. It was great to know that as ruthless as she was in a commanding position, when it came to casual social interaction, she was actually fairly awkward. I had a guy once outright bite my neck at a party even though he knew I was in a committed relationship over and over I might add.

I did read it and quite clearly you are discriminating against people based on how they look while denying it. I do not want to be judged for my looks - that is the whole point. If I was shallow, I would absolutely love men hitting on me and would be on Facebook now encouraging it. The fact that I'm asking how to avoid it - would imply that I am not.

If you think me stating that I'm attractive is arrogance, you're very deluded. Don't reply unless you have something to assist me - it's a help website.

They shouldn't be complaining, they'll find some woman desperate enough for an inexperienced man. I've encountered dbags that find a way to insult you that stupid "neg" shit after anything you say no matter how much you try to avoid being mean. Bonus points for being clever or funny with whatever you have to say. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

You obviously don't understand how it is to be a young woman walking by herself through a virtually empty learn more here at night.

A guy who is at least 30 years older than me and looks like a slimeball approaches me. It is a worrying feeling and has happened on more than one occasion.

I would simply like to know How To Deal With Sleazy Guys this is anything to do with the image I am portraying. If you cannot understand this maybe when you have female children you will understand. As I stated in my question my criteria for judging men is there intentions towards me. And yes - it is possible to tell somebody's intention from the way they look.

Perhaps the fact that they were fat should not have been mentioned - weight does not symbolize intention, but the fact that you chose to seize on this one word instead of helping me is bizarre If women have spurned you based on your looks this is unfortuanate and regrettable - don't misconstrue my questions for your own gain. I have no idea why you're dumping this verbal diarrhea on me because everyone can see that you saying you aren't prejudiced is in complete conflict with the fact that the way you think as expressed here is distinctly prejudiced.

Honestly, you're only making yourself look worse, not me. Take my word for it. Well, "army" you certainly have hit the nail on the head That comment by her certainly cements her mentality, a 17 year old "young woman" walking by herself through a 'virtually empty mall" I fell out of my chair on that one?!!

She has a right to be prejudiced against gross slimy guys. If she doesn't want them approaching her why should she feel bad? Maybe you didn't read the part where she said she isn't discriminative of men based on how they look. To say we all walk through life liking and being attracted to everyone equally would be to deny reality.

How To Deal With Sleazy Guys

I completely know where she is coming from and she does not mean that every man for another country or all older men are slimy. But she is 17 and I don't blame her for being uncomfortable having older men approaching her, which more younger girls were aware that is sketch.

Also men from some countries can be amazingly bold in their advances. Oh wow, I didn't even realize there was a separate "ethnic minority" angle to this too. So she's a click as well. I totally see why you're defending her now.

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I know your personality, I am almost the same, except the part about being approached by sleazy men lol. The thing is, most guys How To Deal With Sleazy Guys like this, once the get sex, they leave. You must be very careful, a guy might even come on slowly, then take a leap to sex. We are very different in all of us. You cannot just sit back and wait for decent looking men to find you. You have to go out and get them!

If you see a decent looking man, go talk to him, maybe flirt with him a little, and boom you have yourself a date, the kind you want too! Only idiots stereotype on hair color. If guys still think the blondes are dumb, they are insecure and immature.

How To Deal With Sleazy Guys

If you are shy, put up a front that blocks all communication with these slimy men. To me you seem very pretty, so you should have no problem finding the right person.

A long time ago, love was love. People didn't make whoopee until they were married and knew they truly wanted to start a life together, but How To Deal With Sleazy Guys, things today are very different.

People that are still children are having sex and babies with each other, and it is How To Deal With Sleazy Guys repulsive. You may think there aren't any of those well mannered, clean-cut guys around, but I am one of them. Truthfully, I am young but I am not sleazy! Relationships take time, and that's exactly what you need to give them, time! Take it easy, you will find the right person.

I'm going to go ahead and highlight the good answers and make a point off of the bad of the guys', of course. Not much of my own to be made here anymore. I'm afraid that the bad guys will always be the one's to not respect you enough to hit on you anyways, anywhere you go, virtually regardless of what you try to make yourself appear to be. They will only have one thing in mind and will pursue it.

You're gonna have to deal with this for a while until you find the man you're looking for, and I'm very sorry for that. On the side here, this is a very touchy topic to be on the offensive on: That criticism is likely to continue, and you're gonna have to shrug that off too. The best that I can offer you is encouragement not to give up or ever be afraid to express yourself which by your comments you're clearly not, just looking for answers. That and good luck. First off the more makeup you wear the more likely you will attract men with sex on the brain.

Your blond hair plays into the fantasies of many ethnic men that have fantasies about it. Take the initative of seeking a man out instead of waiting for a needle in a haystack so to speak. I think you must realize that you communicate a vulnerability to you by portraying someone that is waiting to be charmed and not communicating someone who is desiring to be respected and seen for who you are.

Cease the stereotype look and dye your hair dark and reduce the makeup and that will definitely attract more serious candidates to your liking.

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I don't know where you live If you are encountering this kind of problem on a regular basis: I keep getting approached by such disgustingly sleazy men with sex on the brain. Perhaps your parents or court appointed guardian, should hire an around the clock body guard for you, or perhaps, have you escorted back and forth to your day care center in an armored car, with a police escort.