Why Girls Dont Like Nice Guys: Completely Free Hookup!

Like Nice Guys Dont Why Girls

Why Girls Don't Like "Nice Guys"

Ask E. Jean: Why Don't Women Want the Nice Guy?

1 Apr “I'm doing everything right and I'm still single, so what does he have that I don't?” demand the lonely Nice Guys. But the key to attraction isn't about treating women like shit, it's about understanding the underpinnings of why women seem to go for bad boys – even when they say they want someone nice. A nice guy can be quickly confused when they hear the statement that women are attracted to assholes and that nice guys finish last. I suffered from the same confusion, not knowing why being nice is so problematic. I always wanted to be exclusively a nice person, but that often didn't lead to the results I wanted. Sometimes. Do women truly prefer jerks — men who treat them rudely, who act like they could take 'em or leave 'em, or who actually do take them then leave them? If it weren' t for the stories and letters, I'd have to wonder; I myself prefer good, true, honest, loving, kind, faithful men—most especially the nice guy I married. I'd choose.

I like nice men. Because, frankly, you act as if doing me a favour, or treating me kindly, somehow grants you the god-given right to my body. Not so, sir, not so.

Ask E. Jean: Why Don't Women Want the Nice Guy?

This particularly grates me if we are friends. Maybe I chatted to you at a party or we went out for lunch between lectures, but now you are trying to kiss me or have begun sending me very sexual questions.

Moreover, guys who are only kind when it suits their agenda will likely end up being very selfish, uncaring boyfriends who will likely bail when they get sick of a girl. Also, have you considered that I might actually be an okay friend? That's horrible, isn't it? Usually, it's asked in the following way: He prides himself on being a gentleman—sort of.

Is that even possible? Has that thought crossed your fragile ego at all?

Why Girls Dont Like Nice Guys

You could be amazingly good looking. You could be smart, funny, witty, rich, charismatic, charming, successful, great at rollerskating, whatever. The heart wants what it wants.

How Nice Guys Get Trapped In The Friend Zone - Online Sex Hookup!

If you take it VERY personally, and get abusive with me, all you are doing is irritating me further. I will just walk away. Becoming antagonistic towards a woman for not wanting to sleep with you is simply childish and petulant.

Also, have you considered that I might actually be an okay friend? I have other qualities beside my ability to lie on my back. We do have more. There is more than relationships.

Why Girls Dont Like Nice Guys

I blame this in part on our stupid culture. In this day and age, a man over 15 without a girlfriend, or, even better, regular casual sex, is kind of pathetic. So some young guys go around their merry way desperately looking for any female to fill in this weird phallic shaped void in their social ego.

Now please stop bitching about how frigid I am.

Why Women Aren't Attracted to Nice Guys

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They want to be with a guy who supports them, will be there for them, and puts them first. They're only polite because they want to be self-serving. I like nice men. How does a nice guy get his groove back?