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30 Jan They stay together, and their relationships are apparently strong, but they no longer have sex. Sexlessness, it seems, is the unacknowledged reality of modern marriage. So is it possible to be happy in a celibate union? Can a co-habiting couple connect on an emotional level without physical intimacy?. Ways Stay Happy In Sexless Marriage Slideshows: Get information on Ways Stay Happy In Sexless Marriage. See Slideshows and learn about all the facts related to Ways Stay Happy In Sexless Marriage from our health website Onlymyhealth. com. 23 Apr As for affairs, those that occur in response to a sexless marriage seem more understandable than those that occur in marriages where there is still passion But for those who get along reasonably well, or are co-parenting young children, or who want to stay together for financial reasons, an open marriage.

She is an avid Indianapolis Colts, Elvis Presley and baseball fan as well as a lover of pancakes and fine cheeses, film, and music. Tania is a Hoosier at heart with a passionate wanderlust for always traveling and giving back to those in her community. Follow Tania on Twitter: A marriage without sex is a lot like How To Stay Happy In A Sexless Marriage burger without the bun. For the past few years, social scientists have been studying sexless marriages for clues about what can go wrong in relationships and factors leading to the issue.

In Nichkhun I Heard You Are Dating My Ex normally article last year from the National Postauthor and marital therapist, Andrew G. Marshall stated that sexless read article have become the latest epidemic many married couples are silently facing today.

For Lucy, 30, in suburban Arkansas, sex has always been a thrill. It gave her energy for the day, brightened her mood, and connected her in rather intimate ways with her husband of thirteen years, Jeremy, As the couple got married fairly young, Lucy continues to study hard in college, but often tired between school and her day job, so she heads to bed early and is usually fast asleep before her husband joins her.

Extensive research and studies by experts estimate that a staggering 40 million Americans are having a sexless marriage, one where there is little to no sexual intimacy or activity occurring between the two spouses. Licensed marriage and family therapist, Melissa RissoM. A Counseling Psychology, of San Mateo, California comments that for some couples, a sexless marriage may look understandable from the surface, but there are many key indicators for common reasons of why two spouses might head in that direction, citing children; physical concerns like disabilities, aging; sexual health resource ones like STDs, AIDS, or HIV; as were past sexual abuse or trauma; lack of confidence, including low self-esteem; medical side-effects; lack of sexual desire or attraction to spouse or each other; sexual orientation concerns; or, a lack of communication or trust.

Trust was a major factor for Jennifer, 29 of rural Indiana, whose husband of 10 years had an affair with more than one woman after their third year of marriage, and was caught a little over six months ago for watching pornography. We need more info stay married.

Risso shares how even though many couples are happy in their marriage without feeling the need to involve sex, she discloses that an estimated 1 in 5 couples today are considered sexless. Risso provides a list of questions couples should ask themselves and their partners:. The two share how couples should take a look at the health of a relationship as a good early warning barometer to avoid becoming another statistic in the silent epidemic.

The dynamic duo believe that if the relationship is already a mess like in the case of Jennifer and Scott, not wanting sex in How To Stay Happy In A Sexless Marriage marriage is an understandable reaction.

Lori shares that even though sex is one of the several aspects of a marriage, when you start seeing all the other areas like communication, couple time, and overall touch and other intimate attributes starting to slide, sex is not far behind.

Here's What All Women In Sexless Marriages Need To Know

In the case of Scott, Paul shares how heavy internet porn can become a contributing factor in a sexless marriage. While Paul and Lori read article share the same sentiment that there are women and a few men who will say yes, they both believe the other spouse would disagree. If the one who wants sex can get past not having it, a similar relationship is possible.

But getting past that is very difficult because it feels like a personal slight. While many studies How To Stay Happy In A Sexless Marriage been conducted around the impact sex plays in a marriage, in likeness, Risso says though sex may not be applicable to all marriages. Most research has shown couples who reported to be having sex more frequently were indeed more happier. Risso goes on to share that many in the field of human sexuality would state that sex within a marriage allows for a couple to create deeper intimacy by connecting on an emotional and sexual level.

She expands further, stating how each couple needs to ask themselves about the importance of sex in their marriage as the two parties may each view sex very differently within the marriage, with certain factors contributing to the lack, like religion, cultural expectations, age, sex drive, or how a person was raised around the topic of sex.

It builds a sense of being a couple. Growing distant can easily happen if the situation is not resolved. There is also a temptation to look elsewhere for sex, which will also hurt the marriage. Risso discloses how many couples How To Stay Happy In A Sexless Marriage into her office seeking sex therapy due to this very concern and shares working with the couple as to how they can communicate and trust one another on the topic of sex is crucial.

Can a sexless marriage be happy?

She goes on to say how the dynamics can change due to one or click partners not agreeing upon sex in their marriage.

I felt like it was what I was supposed to do. I wanted to marry her because I thought it would enhance me in some way, but after all these years I feel empty inside. Though he is discreet about it, Anthony discloses he has been having an affair with a co-worker and someone who has fast become his best friend who he admits, has intense passion for. At this point, Anthony is not sure how to approach his wife and express his concerns, particularly that of a divorce in order to give his new relationship a chance.

Through our discussion, Risso stresses communication, sharing how those that tend to be happier in their marriages are the people that talk it out with their partners regarding their sex lives, as well as other aspects of their marriage. Usually it does continue a good while, but the couple grows apart until they are [more] like room mates, than husband and wife. Such was the situation for Joseph, 56, of Goshen, New York.

Joseph had been married for 33 years and discloses how after having their fourth child now 26 with wife, Natalie, 52, they stopped having sex entirely. She was so busy raising the kids and the 90s were hard on me, job-wise.

Sex became a task for us, so that all stopped happening with my wife. Communication in and out of the bedroom is essential for a flourishing and healthy marriage. If neither one is communicating in the bedroom, is there hope for sexual intimacy? Risso sees great difficulty in trying to strictly create sexual intimacy. Creating an open dialogue around sex can deepen trust and intimacy, and ultimately show acceptance of your partner.

Paul and Lori agree and come to a similar thought, with Paul sharing that it is difficult to impossible when creating sexual intimacy in the bedroom.

How To Stay Happy In A Sexless Marriage

You have to communicate to understand each other and grow together. Through communication, emotional intimacy is built, something Risso says is fundamental for connecting to your spouse on a sexual level.

How To Stay Happy In A Sexless Marriage

The biggest thing is for both spouses to commit to growth in both areas. Source follows up and encourages couples to be up front about wanting to rebuild intimacy.

Sex is a basic human need and one that is not to be regarded as a taboo topic. In many ways, it is an acceptable fact that couples will be involved in How To Stay Happy In A Sexless Marriage in order to grow closer with one another and build a bond.

From the studies concluded with the participants, one can assume that many couples who get married so young end up having such high expectations when going into the union. The link of Risso and the Byerlys clearly supports the belief of maintaining communication.

Through communicating, you will be able to figure out where you want to go in a relationship. Some people will live in sexless marriages for years and though they may not be complete or happy; maybe even be in denial, there is no doubt that the lack of sex will create some tension and resentment within the relationship, eventually threatening its very existence.

As discussed with our panel, either one of the spouses will lose his or her sex drive, as the other continues to crave it.

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When this happens, the chances of divorce in the future may increase dramatically. Of course, it is difficult to decipher how many divorced couples broke up due to the lack of sex, check this out with other contributing factors leading up and adding into a trickle effect, but we can assume increased tensions between the couple, and overall bad feelings within the sexless relationship can bring about a separation.

From the research concluded, it seems the longer a couple goes without being intimate, both emotionally and sexually, the more doubt they will ultimately start to feel. In the cases with our participants whose names have been changedit seems the lack of communication will run through a cycle that will only increase the lack of trust, growing resentment and distancing, as well as emotional discomfort.

By not talking about the problems a sexless couple might face, it will only damage the relationship in the long run and put a greater stress on the two involved. The unadulterated truth is that being intimate in both ways is the key to a happy and healthy relationship. My husband and I have been married for 10 years.

I know that sex is one of, if not the most important factors in a marriage. Talk to friends, clergy, counselors, therapists, or me. I hope you seek professional help. Are you still allowed to wear that little black dress he always finds so sexy, for example?

We have maybe had sex a handful of times. He has never had a sex drive due to his past, and when I was younger I had too much of a sex drive due to my childhood. There are other ways to create a bond and intimacy on other levels. Communication and trust does. So refreshing to see your happiness! I do believe your right about communication and trust. She talked to Dr. Still in love after 54 years, Lesley and Ron. I actually credit porn for keeping me in my marriage and under the same roof as my kids.

Rather than getting a divorce or cheating on my wife by having an affair or paying for sex I masturbate while looking at porn. Other than the sex my wife and I get along just fine so porn has been an effective and simple solution. I have come across many stories like mine online over the years. Men in sexless marriages who use porn as their only sexual outlet rather than seeking sex outside the home. I think porn has perhaps kept as many marriages together, if not more, than it has split them apart.

I understand your need to use porn as an outlet, but you are avoiding the problems in your marraige and eventually one of you will meet someone else if not dealt with.

As soon as I got pregnant with my first child, my husband lost interest in sex and used porn for 14 years. I tried to get him to turn to How To Stay Happy In A Sexless Marriage, to talk, to go out and have fun, but he always avoided intimacy. He said he didnt like to be touched and couldnt continue reading. Now he is read more me for someone else after I have patiently waited, prayed, tried to understand and love him for who he is.

All I ever wanted was to be close to him. To transcend this secular world and be one spiritually and in flesh. People always ask where home is. Its not a city or place, its where the heart is.

He was my home and my compass for 24 years. Take my advice and deal with this head on and in a direct way or you will just grow further How To Stay Happy In A Sexless Marriage. A sexless marriage is not whole. Anthony feels empty inside?

Did he ever think that perhaps he is emotionally absent so she has also just followed his lead?

Has he perhaps tried to re-ginite some passion? He plans to divorce his wife to give his new relationship a chance? After so many years — has he tried to give his wife and his marriage another chance? If she isnt giving it to you the way she use to — you arent making her heart sing anymore. Kyle has been married 3 times …….

And the most obvious end to an unhappy, sexless relationship is when one of the surrendering parties passes away. They know how to use sex as bargain chip to play with a man, and when comes to end they are able to take half of what you got. Blhubbs May 30, at 4: Today, divorce is a far more accepted option than having multiple sex partners. Mercifully I have an incredibly successful career or I would be a depressed mess questioning my self worth.