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Opening for Bright Eyes on his recent tour is Athens, Ga., duo Azure Ray, who are supporting their recently released self-titled CD on the WARM label that was . San Francisco-based Absolutely Kosher Records, whose artist roster includes The Mountain Goats and Thingy, says it will be releasing a recording by The. Explore David Atwood's board "Thinking about getting a tatt" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Cool tattoos, Funniest tattoos and Funny tattoos. 6 Sep Athens, GA WINGS. BURGERS. hookupsguide.info SANDWICHES. SALADS. Locos is the ultimate place for great food, fun, beverages and Flagpole is a free newsweekly containing articles and opinion almost always something new and surprising to encounter: installation art.

Archive -- May 11to March 8, It's good to hear The Get expand its already expansive blues-jam-rock sound on their brand-spanking new CD, Squid Noat. The trio, which has been kicking around the Omaha http://hookupsguide.info/free-sex-hookup-sites/35913591b-dating-35913591i.php scene for a couple of years now, consists of Christopher Weber on guitars, vocals and keyboards, Cory Weber on bass, guitars and vocals, and Javier Ochoa on drums.

Their sound contains traces of the Allman Bros. John and Joe Cocker -- we're talking countrified funk bass, organ, lap steel, shuffle guitar and lots of groovy hippy stuff.

Also on the bill is Apostrophe and Oil. Omaha-based rock outfit 3-Day Meat Sale is bringing on a new guitarist. The group's been searching for a second guitarist to augment lead axeman Chad Beisheim since the band formed inGagliani said.

Athens Georgia Hookup Free Artwork Of Apes And Men

That is until year-old Keen came along. Gagliani said the band met Keen at one of their many Ranch Bowl gigs. Bassist John Lehotyak rounds out the five-piece.

Athens Georgia Hookup Free Artwork Of Apes And Men

He's already adding new ideas to our sound. Gagliani said Keen's guitar will be heard on the band's next CD, which is currently in the process of being recorded. The band Hookup Chatting Sites Free And Online has laid down some tracks at BJM Studios for three new songs to be included on a 5-song EP slated for release later this summer or early fall.

With Pomoroy currently taking up most of BJM's studio time, 3-Day is trying to sneak back in and finish their tracks and possibly find another studio to record two songs.

That 5-song EP is dominated by traditional, straight-ahead, big-guitar rock with tinges of disco and '80s pop. Gagliani said, all-in-all, the band is pleased with its progress over the past three years.

It's encouraging, considering we're definitely the outsiders in Omaha's music scene. When the new EP is finished, Gagliani said the band plans to do some regional touring, but ultimately views moving out of the Midwest as the key to their success.

If you're not hungry for it, you get very lazy. Athens Georgia Hookup Free Artwork Of Apes And Men our name is still growing in Omaha, I don't think we have an opportunity here for label reps to catch our shows. If we're playing in Athens Georgia Hookup Free Artwork Of Apes And Men city as large as L. And we'll slaughter a cow at the door of CBS record if it'll get us noticed. Tavern, along with Goodspeed and Jank Bright Eyes and Son, Ambulance will finally make their way back to Omaha for a live performance after being on the road the last few weeks.

Opening for Bright Eyes on his recent tour is Athens, Ga. Their forte is painfully beautiful, slow, whispy ballads with a sound that's been compared to Mazzy Starthough source fact their music is much more personal and less rural than anything Hope Sandoval ever produced.

Their song, "Fever," with the heartbreak line " Love is how it's lost, not how it's found " features the duo's perfect songbird harmonies laced over a simple acoustic guitar and warm, sunset string synths.

Could there be a better compliment to Son, Ambulance's and Bright Eyes' coming-of-age songs of hope and despair? Friday's show continues two remarkable months of shows at the Sokol Underground featuring a Magnet -magazine's worth of important national indie bands and Saddle Creek Records artists.

No matter how much I tried to like that CD, after every listen I came to the same conclusion -- it was a slow, meandering, gloomy dud.

What a disappointment, especially knowing that HERO falls into the same category of Pacific Northwest alt-prog indie bands as Modest Mouse and Built to Spill -- two of my all-time faves. But my faith was rectified upon hearing Weekends of Soundreleased last summer on Up Records. James Bertram from Red Stars Theory closed out the trio on bass in The ingredients are simple -- stompy song structures a la The Pixies that aren't afraid to stray from convention a la Modest Mousewhile never forgetting the soaring, beautiful melodies that bring it all together a la Built to Spill.

Their song, "Fever," with the heartbreak line " Love is how it's lost, not how it's found " features the duo's perfect songbird harmonies laced over a simple acoustic guitar and source, sunset string synths. They privilege the local investment by engaged citizens in small-scale projects that matter for all of us. And I'm the littler guy.

That combination, pulled together by John Atkins' lofty, dream-like, everyman vocals, results in a unique, slightly sardonic trip laced with irony and charm. The Chapel Hill band released its self-titled first album last year on Overcoat Recordings. Also on the night's bill is The Carsinogents, arguably the best live performing band in Omaha. We're talking big, chunky guitars, horror-movie keyboards and a tight-as-a-tick rhythm section playing blazing, electrified punk with a tinge of vintage surf rock underlying all of it.

Someone better call the fire marshal. The Crossphade Family is more of a hip-hop consortium than your typical rap group. All Nytta, all under the leadership of DJ Suicide.

As you are probably aware, the beloved series has only TWO episodes left, with the penultimate episode coming up next. Manhattan neighborhood, NOHO ; The disturbing Baltimore trio, Meatjack, crawls back to Omaha Nov.

The group finished recording the follow-up to its 's opus,last August. Titled Middleniumthe CD features a handful of talented rappers and a smooth producer making the most of traditional hip-hop tools.

LInk for this Blog (and today's post):

The result is more of an ode to things past from a genre standpoint, and maybe that's what makes it so good. We're talking Old School circa mid-'90s with a touch of gangsta thrown in. The difference is that the threats they make in the heat of rhyme are more about defending beats and rep than acts of crime. As a result, the language is much harder than on their previous effort, which was more of a hip-hop snapshot of Omaha than a statement about living here.

Everything on Middlenium flows naturally but the language. I mean, how many times can you use the 'N' and 'S' words not to mention the 'F,' 'MF' and 'B' words before it starts to sound forced? And how many threats do you really need to make? Does this posse sound defensive? You bet, but I guess that's to be expected from a hip-hop crew based in Omaha, forced to prove it before they get the respect they deserve.

For me, it's all about the beat and the unique character of each member of this talented ensemble. Omaha doesn't realize what it has in DJ Suicide and crew. A slew of Omaha bands are represented on the sound track to Dana Altman's just finished film, The Public Privatewhich will premiere this Saturday at The Omaha Playhouse to an invitation-only crowd. For their participation in the project, all the bands involved own half of all generated revenue from a soundtrack if one is developed, should a distribution company buy the film.

Altman said broadening the bands' exposure is an even bigger perk. After nearly six years without a release, the German label Sommerweg recently released a new Bruces 7" though the tracks were recorded two years ago and is slated to release a Bruces album months before the Absolutely Kosher album. It currently sits at No. Omaha musician Dereck Higgins recently made available an song CD of personal music that's more than a little bit on the spiritual side. Higgins, former bassist and songwriter for Digital SexRAFBinary Race and a number of other '80s-era rock bands, says he recorded the CD at home on a 4-track between January and last September with no intention of ever letting the songs see the light of day.

His friends convinced him the project was good enough to mass-produce and place in see more. Higgins hasn't spent the past two decades only making music in the confines of his home.

He continues to perform as part of the reggae outfit Righteous Vibration as well as sitting in as part of the Paddy O' Furniture collective.

Nicehowever, marks his first serious recording effort since his Digital Sex days. In addition, he says he's planning a CD release party this spring, where he'll perform the source, ambient tunes live either as a one-man project or with some supporting players. Every step has to dictate itself. I'm going to pressure myself in increments; I'm not going to press 1, CDs right away.

If it works, I'll keep doing it. Being in another rock band, however, isn't in the cards. However, I don't mind the idea of putting together a band that plays my music, from rock to ambient, and ideally to improvisational jazz.

Copies of Nice are available at The Antiquarium and Homer's, and will be made available through Border's starting next week. Bad News Records, the Japanese label licensed to sell Bright Eyes ' catalog in Asia, has just completed an English version of its website, located at http: Seems like something gets lost in the translation: Oberst first began playing in Omaha area bands during the early '90s when he was still in middle school.

Oberst can convey complex emotions simply through his quavering vocal inflections. He must be represent of new generation.

You can see his different face on this album. Athens Georgia Hookup Free Artwork Of Apes And Men the website, you can't order any of those rare Japanese releases online -- unless, of course, you can read Japanese and have a few thousand yen in your bank account. He's been involved in local music for more than 20 years and had similar career dreams as his son, Joe, before he got married and had kids.

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A freelance bookkeeper and computer consultant, he says his first love has always been music, and that seems to have rubbed off on Joe. I never got to tour Europe when I was his age. Joe already has seen a good chunk of the globe touring as member of Bright Eyes.

Does dad have any advice to pass along, one musician to another? Even if he's fairly successful in music, it's likely that there click be times when he won't be able to make a living at it. Kyle also doesn't trust big record labels.

That's something that's always been important to me and Joe. There'll be a pseudo- Caulfield Records showcase Feb. Both bands recently released CD's on Caulfield, the Lincoln-based label whose nationally distributed roster includes Luck of Aleiam.

The label says Her Flyaway Manner "owe more to the aggressive rock-and-roll release of bands like Hoover or Regulator Wattsthan any number of popular, lukewarm, and overly sensitive contemporary 'emo' bands.

Intricate guitar work laid over a rock-solid rhythm section, with well-timed bursts of power and abandon. The Sound of Rails plays tight, rhythmic, almost mathy indie-style songs that feature a surprisingly dense sound for a three-piece.

The combo takes an intense but tuneful tact, with spare vocals and constantly building dynamics that emphasize the instrumental side of their music. Their 8-song full-length, Prelude of Hypnoticswas released late last year. Omaha's Musico has loaded up their van and headed out on their first East Coast tour this week.

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They're even targeting a Feb. It's more to amuse ourselves, but we're rehearsed and ready to play if called. Even without Letterman's help, Musico shouldn't have any problem attracting attention in the Big Apple.