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Female Personality Astrology Dating With Istp An An Aries Aaron

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Likes: Dislikes: Other: Miscellaneous(everything optional)-. Myers-Briggs personality type: Life path number: Eastern zodiac sign(for reference, just say that this is in .. Aron Flameheart. Animal. Rogue. Level. Clan. HAWKS OF EREDAS! Name: Nallani Zoldyck Age: Gender: Female Zodiac: N/A. Constellation: Lyra. On Monday afternoon we all did a Myers-Briggs personality test. We learned about differences between different personality types and discovered which Simpson ch. I'm an Aries and I love the facts about all kind of signs (not in a spiritual way) | See more ideas about Aries astrology, Aries baby and Aries horoscope.

You have been accepted at the prestigious Sirius Academy. Little do you know, it is actually a school for Star Children, the children of the human forms of stars and constellations who come down to earth. On the first day, all Star Children are sorted into classes based on their celestial ability through a magical orb, for example, a child could be sorted into Class Andromeda, or Class Cassiopeia, through the orb turning different colors.

But, you are different. When you walk forward to touch the orb, the glassy surface shines with iridescent rainbow colors brighter than any others. You are a Lucky Star: Soon, dark forces will be hunting you for your powers, and you must train hard at Sirius Academy to fight back.

One spot per person. Background spots are unlimited. If two people want Gemini or pisces then their characters must be twins.

If one person wants the spot, they can make two forms or one. You can have background characters, the children of stars or constellations that aren't part of the western zodiac. Once I was Mer. We're here for now. I'm a lynx hybrid! Never Forget Maes Hughs. Matthias "Matt" Zoldyck Age: Three most defining positive traits: Three most defining negative traits: Things they're bad at: His sister's name is Nallani.

Immediately storms over and makes sure the flirter is well aware that the flirtee is in a relationship. They may actually be very casual in their style of dress because they prefer not to call attention to themselves in superficial ways. Gemini, Pisces, Virgo Trips in front of you:

Miscellaneous everything optional. He has a mom and a dad, two older brothers, link younger brother, and one younger sister, all of which are assassins. He ran away from home when he was younger, because his family minus his little sister had high hopes for him as an assassin and kept pressuring him to do something he didn't like or want to do, which was killing people.

#AaronaAstrology - Dating A Gemini - Site For Hookups!

He took his sister with him, because his family viewed her the complete opposite of him; a curse to the family and useless. He always got along well with his sister and did his best to make her happy and he still does.

I'll make a form for his sister, too, though she'll be more of a background character. Basically the same as Matt. Three Most Positive Defining Traits: Recluse, No good under pressure, self-critical. Figuring out feelings, sports, dancing. Gang that no one is going to read: SAMBer of the day: Somewhat thick eyebrows, kind of pointy chin imagine the "corner" of a rounded rectangleflat, rounded nose.

Save whatever is left! I meant save Aquarius xD. Wolfheart, please make the chinese zodiacs line up with their years of birth I'm too lazy to go look them up for you Lynxy I think? Luke, Lucas is a tiger. Since everyone seems to be having trouble with the Chinese zodiac thing, again, you don't have to do it. For people who are stubborn and want to fill out that blank, your eastern zodiac sign is based on the year you were born.

It cycles through 12 animals. I gave as a reference, it was the year of the dragon. So, if your character is, say, fifteen inthen they would have been born inwhich is the year of the ox. Freckles, One eye slightly lighter than other. Agility, Hiding, Mimicry Voice, or seeming like another being, a lot like camouflage.

Speed, Explaining Emotion, Weaponry. Will change later in the rp. Exploring, Running, Feeling liked, Being trusted. Being clingy Though sometimes fails"You're not old enough", Being alone. Seems unreadable to strangers, though friends can see through expressions easily.

Aaron Astrology Dating An Aries Female With An Istp Personality

Please let this go through! Then forget about the Chinese Zodiacs for my characters. Also, life path numbers also have to do with the date of birth, so. Unless you really want to do it, look it up and do it properly with the birthdays and all that funny stuff. Otherwise just ignore it. Medium lips, small nose, strong jaw. Golden with russet flecks. Long, shiny black hair, braided or down. Can play flute and dance, very well trained in melee combat, can read emotions pretty well, acting.

Being humble, spending time with a lot of people, being completely honest with others. Confined spaces, losing loved ones. Jokes, sarcasm, people like herself, intense battle, learning new powers. People unlike her, stuck-up people, failing, losing. Big eyes that are bright green. Long, staright, and a mix of red and brown. Personality- Three most defining positive traits: Adventouros, creative, determined Three most defining negative traits: Impatient, moody, and secretive. Jujistu, swimming, climbing, writing, art.

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Being alone, claustophbia, and other people finding out her secrets. ENFP Life path number: Her stepmother abuses her, her dad despises her, and her stepsisters hit her. Her mom ran away, and never came back. Do anything with her anymore I should've known that was a lie. Short, straight, dark brown. Childish, immature, shy, self-concious. Mazeophobia fear of being lostglossophobia fear of public speaking.


Being the center of attention, having to talk, sports. Eastern zodiac sign for reference, just say that this is in which was dragon: The spots with the???

Aaron Astrology Dating An Aries Female With An Istp Personality

Do I have to do a male? Dark Rebellion what a fantastic name, named him after one of my favorite cards Age: Sagittarius i think i spelled it right at least. I'll get rid of both the life pattern and the Chinese zodiac: I love creating the lists and keeping track of spots!

Will watch silently from the shadows and spend weeks, months and years planning revenge,and when they do, hell literally breaks loose. Originally posted by allreactions. They are likely to be very picky of their partners and need and want someone who can be on their level and not try to one-up them or try to control or manipulate them. Uses terribly corny pickup lines:

Oval shaped, slightly pointed chin Eyes: Pale jade green, almond shaped Hair: Jet black, overgrown, and messy Skin tone: Has a burn scar over his left eye Personality- Three most defining positive traits: Loyal, brilliant, enthusiastic Three most defining negative traits: Violent, fickle, insecure Skills: He quickly adapts and can pick up any skill, though he usually gets bored too soon to properly learn it.

Focusing on one thing, making decisions, sewing Fears: Miscellaneous everything optional - Myers-Briggs personality type: Spirit Animals Message Board: Reply Signatures My Posts. Eastern zodiac sign for reference, just say that this is in which was dragon Dere type: Please tell us why you'd like to report this post.