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Why Women Lose Interest (And How to Prevent That From Happening!)

17 Aug If beauty is our highest value we are in for a rough ride as we age and outgrow the irreplaceable, dewy look of youth—or our spouse does. Always there will Unfortunately some men and women have a narcissistic standard used to criticize the slightest flaw pushing their partner to wit's end. But certainly. 1 Feb The finding that women lose interest in sex over time may give couples realistic expectations for their long-term sex lives. to understand that this decrease does not necessarily mean anything is intrinsically wrong with their relationship, and may help couples put more effort into their sexual relationship. Loss of sexual desire, known in medical terms as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), is the most common form of sexual dysfunction among women of all ages. A recent study showed that nearly one-third of women aged 18 to 59 suffer from a lost interest in sex, and it's not all in their heads. Unlike men's main sexual.

Why Do Wives Lose Interest?

Why do Women Lose their Sexual Desire?

I am 26 years old and have here married for just over one year. I love my husband, and I have found that -- like you suggest -- sometimes comfortable love can be less spicy than "antsy" love. I think when you're in love, your spouse forgives you for being less than perfect. So, what used to be http://hookupsguide.info/free-dating-chatrooms/40454045b-dating-40454045m.php occasional "ugly" day becomes a weekend, which becomes the entire week.

Love means care and attention for your spouse I was young and still extremely heartbroken over someone else, long story. Anyway, Dexter was a good friend and he talked to me like Why Do Women Lose Interest In Their Husbands mattered, but the biggest thing that has tore us apart is he would rather spend time with his young, single friends.

This can destroy a marriage quickly, not to mention if a young woman is not secure what it can do to her ego. I can tell you first hand. The other thing is, okguys it may be okay to do the gross body functions with the guys but no matter how much she loves you do that in front of your wife and trust me she is going to be completely turned off.

Why Do Women Lose Interest In Their Husbands

Take care of yourselves, this would go for both sides. Something else that destroyed my marriage is sharing intimate info about each other. I know we all have that one friend that we share everything with but somethings should not be shared. So I guess what I am saying is what can make or break a marriage is respect or lack of it.

Please feel free to use what you like, to edit, cut out, put in, whatever! Also when he winds me up and does things that really annoy me! This makes my husband think he is doing a good job or at the least, that he got something right and he is encouraged Why Do Women Lose Interest In Their Husbands do more instantly!!! When I do better I feel better, telling myself positive things even if I feel down helps change my outlook and the day!

When things really were bad the faking helped me get back on track! I am a better woman and wife thanks to Mimi, she is like a angel with answers for all women!!! Mimi, I am learning so much from you! Have a fabulous day!!!! Thanks for the invite! To be honest, this is right up my alley! I cheated on my ex husband. He worked all the time, workaholic if you will. He would promise me that weekends would be for us, but when when Free Online Dating Site Like Plenty Fish reel get called in for overtime, he'd take it.

He even worked overtime the day of [a major family event]. We had been planning this party for like a year, and he chose a hour overtime position. So anyhow, I was so sad and lonely. I had a few close friends, so I got tired of staying home. We didn't have any children, so I was pretty much free. Well, I met someone, and I cheated.

My husband found out, and we divorced, but what did he expect? All of the 'little things' stopped, to me those are things that link matter!

Now I'm dating a wonderful man, who has a 9 to 5 job, we spend weekends Why Do Women Lose Interest In Their Husbands, and he does the cutest 'little things' for me. If you have any questions for me please ask. I'll help you in any way I can. In short I believe that women or wives lose interest because they feel like they do all the work. Myself for an example; I feel like I'm the only one trying to make my marriage work. My husband admits he's lazy in our marriage and continues to do nothing about it.

I get tired about feeling like I'm the only more info doing the work.

My husband's pscyh teacher in college even told him that women will tell husbands that there is something wrong, and by the time a man realizes that there is a problem and is willing to fix it, the woman has moved on and usually it's to late to fix it in a marriage.

So maybe men aren't quite listening or comprehending that there is something to fix? They forget to take time out for each other; they let the fire of love die down when all you have to do is make a little effort just do the little things spice things up once in awhile.

But, on that one point, we most surely lost interest, or I did. My husband rarely acted as if he was happy to be with me. He seldom if ever wanted to go out and have fun. He never sent flowers and acted like I was a financial burden to him. Sex was boring because we had the typical relationship: Basically, he was content to just sit at home and watch t. We had no future goals together, and honestly, it became like living with a brother.

If you and your partner are creative and have rich sexual fantasies, there's no end to what "new" things you can do. Mummified remains of a lonely Russian pensioner who died So why are they now being punished for having the disease?

I know this sounds harsh, and I'm leaving a lot out, but it's the truth. If i tried to talk to him about these things, he got irritated, saying that he was trying his best and I just wanted too much. It got to the point where I stopped talking to him about it.

Of course, that was the kiss of death. As soon as the sex ended I know this sounds so negative and one-sided, and it is, but I hope it answers your questions. I don't mind if you quote me. I don't think this sounds negative - it's just honest. I hope that Elizabeth finds great happiness! They only smiled at each other once and that was it; no talking, no nothing. But they were holding hands, which is sort of a good sign.

I hope if I ever get a boyfriend, he'll show interest in me while were walking around in an amusement park! I realy enjoy all your email. I link afrikaans and can hardly write in english. I love all your articles. I always depend on my husband and don't know what is it to be independent. I read all your articles and gather other information and it made me realize how special I am. How important it is to be my own person.

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How to work on our relationship. I am 42 and my husband is I spend time on myself like watch my weight and enjoy my body and life. The more I enjoy life and do things my way, the more my husband enjoy me, and the better for our relationship. My children are out of school. One stays on her own and the youngest will leave for overseas in January.

Now it is me and my husband. We do a lot of reparations on the house, gardening and his new interest in a new business keep our communication going. We had very good friends that moved away. The only friends we have left - I do like them very much and but the problem is the wife made a move on my husband.

People do this with affairs and split off their sexual excitement into another reserving the marriage for security needs. Hardly the cold pot igniting! Please feel free here use what you like, to edit, cut out, put in, whatever! Gotta go now, chat with you some other time. Post Comment Your name.

My husband still talk to them but I don't. We don't make friends easily. We do go to movies. Take his mother out for lunch. When something hurts or upset us we talk openly about it. This is the best time in my life, although sometimes I do get bored in our communication read more we went to the restaurant he rather likes to watch the people than to talk to me - like some of the things you listed.

I am scared that this can fade because we should have friends too. What will we talk about in 2 years time? Thanks for talking to you. I guess it is human nature to want something different after a while. Imagine having to eat the same kind of food, Why Do Women Lose Interest In Their Husbands with the same ingredients and served the same way every single day of your life?

Why Do Women Lose Interest In Their Husbands

I think people in any relationship, more so those who are in a permanent relationship need to find ways to keep rekindling the fires because when what attracted two people together starts to fade it is obvious that things will not and cannot remain the way they used to be. I strongly believe in communication - good or bad, calm or heated, you name it, I want it. I also believe in playing and staying a child. Most of the relationships I have had that were really great are with people who didn't feel stupid being playful.

Putting the Desire Back in Women's Sex Lives

It is very important to introduce some silly time in your routine - jokes, laughter - they have always worked for me and I think they can work for almost everybody if only they try to relax! And yes, you can tell a couple that is in a boring relationship from miles away.

I don't think it has to be this way but I also feel that it is very easy to fall into this rut.