28 Year Old Man Dating 18 Year Old: Hookup!

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How Big Of An Age Gap Is Too Big In A Relationship?

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14 Jun Has anyone around my age dated someone this young? What were the results? Is this a bullet I should dodge, or will I be passing on a good thing? Sure, I could go out and get another number, but I'm not going to refuse to call someone merely because I have options. So, 18 year old: good thing, or bad. Bad, no. Weird, probably. I am 26 and can barely entertain the thought of dating someone under 21 let alone an 18 year old. On average they just aren't going to be at my level regarding a whole bunch of life aspects that require another eight y . 6 Nov However, I (and any other rational adult) will wonder why any man 25+ would want to date a teenager. If you have followed the typical stages of maturity and mental/emotional development, you will be in a completely different phase of your life. The average 18 year old is fresh from high school, sometimes.

Are you kidding me? You just could find a few people that dont think about sex Most people's mind is in their thing Any 28 year old that is into an 18 year old virgin is seriously messed up.

I'm 28, she's 18!

Has she you even graduate high school? I was 18, shy, virgin, conservative. I was dating a 28 y. All he talked about was sex, until I dumped him.

28 Year Old Man Dating 18 Year Old

He was nice to me but always a little manipulative. Once we talked about sex and I admitted I was a virgin he changed drastically. He'd give me silent treatment if I refused to talk about sex or send him nudes, which I refused to do on multiple occasions.

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As I grow older I see that I was in a very bad situation, dangerous I later learned he impregnated and dumped a girl before meeting me. I can't say all older men are the same, but they usually want sex and they date younger girls because they find their lack of experience arousing.

No two men are the same. Some men like older women, some younger But most men want sex from the girl they are dating at some point in the relationship And older men are more link to getting it, I think. I just wanna say to you that you shouldn't do anything you don't want to just bc you fear he expects it. Everyone expects to have sex at some point. Why date a guy if you never expect to have sex with him?

If you don't want sex with him, you don't continue to date him.

Results 1 to 30 of I never want to stop looking at him. What Girls Said 7.

Also close this question. If a 28 year old guy starts dating an 18 year old girl virgin, shy, conservative is he expecting at some point to have sex with her? It's the culture at that age unless he's really conservative. What Guys Said 6. Heck yes, he would be expecting it!

28 Year Old Man Dating 18 Year Old

What Girls Said 7. I don't think so.

Age 47 Posts 8, Age is only a number. He was nice to me but always a little manipulative.

He would be mature enough to know what sort of girl she is. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion?

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