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The Godz - Gotta Keep A Runnin´

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Then there was 'Gotta Keep A Runnin'', with its drugs and rock'n'roll rap that should have had a million rockers heads turning. And let's not forget 'Under The Table', where The Godz beat Van Halen at their own game. Then came platter number two, Nothing Is Sacred, in Well, you had '', 'Rock Yer Sox Auf' and. the godz rock n roll machine The unique bottle is also adorned by a range of eye- catching, hand designed labels. Each label is divided into three distinct parts: The first, an ordered pattern to represent 'method', the middle panel showcases the logo and the third, a marbling pattern created to represent 'madness'. Make no mistake; this is a musical Mad Max soundtrack written and performed with motorcycles, whiskey and women in mind. The Godz, it must be said, were veritable rock n roll machines made of the finest metal. Beware false prophets. Go Unlimited. 3 months for $ Stream The Godz by The Godz and tens of millions.

With an open mind bursting with curiosity, let us venture into the new world of the improbable and inherit what they bequeathed to us! While the mists of the universe close around the disappearing chariot, our friends The Godz Rock N Roll Machine remember the miracle.

Well I dunno about chariots disappearing in the mist, but The Godz certainly did disappear for a couple of years after their second good, but disappointing effort. Their debut vinyl offering in was a glorious LP with the sort of animal-like bass playing that gave your speakers a hernia. Then came platter number two, Nothing Is Sacredin With the name almost completely forgotten, The Godz returned in with only one surviving member, an ex-member of The Here, two new guys hungry for success and an LP to boot.

Firstly, I asked Eric what happened after that killer debut album? It died a death. We lost a producer three days into the deal, and I dumped my bike and wrecked my body real bad.

By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Baby I Love You. Under the Table Under the Table. The Eagles, one of their guys hit someone with a guitar.

So we started over from square one again. We liked the first LP but we thought it was a little slick to us. So what happened to the other original members of the band? Glen Cataline is out of the business entirely, too much pressure.

I was very happy to see it available on cd format. It seems now that The Godz have a lot of different influences. As far as the new band, well it goes on the strength of what we are now. See all 21 reviews. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

The line-up in which we had Buddy Toth and Gino Harrison was a wash-out due to the fact that we were trying to capture what the first band had. As far as the new band, well it goes on the strength of what we are now. Tell me about the click here you had with Angel on that legendary tour in ? That place has got the worst security in the world. The security in San Diego was worse than Alabama cops and they gave us hassle.

They had done their show and could not get back to their dressing room. So we strapped on our guns and went over and got them. Freddie had the same trouble with the guys in that arena. Keith Richards, they threw him in jail.

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The Eagles, one of their guys hit someone with a guitar. I kicked a guy in the head from the stage and spent the night in jail. Everybody click the night in jail from that one hall. How did that tour with Angel come about? We were in black leather and they were all in white satin.

The Godz Rock N Roll Machine

It was a killer show! We got our point across and got the crowd ready for Angel. What were you doing in that long period before you put the new project together?

The Godz Gotta Keep A Runnin` - Free Messaging Hookup Sites!

You know; a week here, a week there. The main thing is I was never bored. Back then there was a boogie feel to the music, whilst now the music is much more commercial? So I said, sure man. I had great musicians, an extremely high calibre of session musicians, and still it was a complete flop!

It was a critical success and people who liked music liked the album Cat Dance. I was in LA for a few months, just hanging out. Then I met up with Eric and started on this project.

Gotta Keep a Runnin' - Lyrics

I needed a rest as well from being in The Outlaws for seven years. The chemistry just worked with them. It seems now that The Godz have a lot of different influences.

Where does all this stem from?

The Godz Rock N Roll Machine

If we played live with big record company backing, I would take them on tour with us. So there you have it. Eric Moore, the legend, has returned with his Godz. The Godz l-r: