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A common way to clean a rusted chrome surface such as a fender is to use a fine steel wool. However, when you use this method you have to use a lot of elbow grease and you still end up with a slightly dull surface with some amount of scratching not to mention the messy 'dust' left over from the steel wool. That's because. I just used some steel wool to clean my chrome exhaust tips and it worked great. It left no scratches at all. i did it to clean up my boss s.. it worked quite well what i did was haad a bucket of carwash and soaked the in it for a bit while i wet the entire wheel.. i then sprayed the wheel with Mequires Hot Rims cleaner and then proceeded to scrub it with the steel wool took out a LOT of imperfections but.

I just used some steel wool to clean my chrome exhaust tips and it worked great.

Cleaning Chrome Rims With Steel Wool

It left no scratches at all. I was wondering that too.

I dont let them get dirty enough to warrant steel wool. You might be able to buff it out with some rouge but I have never tried. For me, at any angle, you can see the light scratches.

I would use something intended for that, like Mike said, Metal Polish, instead of something abrasive I always thought that one of the ideas here. Was to share, teach, explain techniques that reduce the possibility of inflicting scratches on our vehicles. Or on any part of them.

That is one of the goals and a worthy goal indeed. For decades we've all read about people recommending the very fine grades of steel wool for cleaning glass, now this thread about using it to clean chrome. Steel wool, as fine as it may be available, is still steel. It may work, it may scratch, it may leave scratching or micro-scratching that can only be seen in the right lighting conditions.

Not sure if we would test it on anything that's important to us when there are other safer options available.

Cleaning Chrome Rims With Steel Wool

If it works great, if it doesn't then you'll have scratched chrome and the only honest repair for scratched chrome is to re-chrome. I tried steel wool on my stainless exhaust tip.

It was so discolored, nothing would help it.

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So I thought I'd try the steel wool with my favorite metal polish, Meguiar's All metal polish. Well, It looks real good from a distance but there are a TON of fine scrathes in it. Keep it on hand for glass if you like it.

Well Cleaning Chrome Rims With Steel Wool reason i used steel wool is because my exhaust tips were very dirty and i have used steel wool other times on various things and i have always been impressed with its cleaning ability, and that ever since i have used it it has never caused damage.

As far as scratching, I dont have any scratches that i can see, i checked at many different angles and light conditions, I bought the finest grade i could find Maybe different manufactures coat the steel to prevent rust or use lower quality in the making of the product, it works for me and i am very happy with the results, by no means do i want to cause any damage to any bodys stuff, and even if you do put in some micro scratches those can be taken out with metal polish, right?

Did you use any lube when you used it? Like a quick detailer product.

In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. That's because you are physically scraping off the rust. I would of thought it would scratch then for sure! The sealer will keep dirt and brake dust from ever sticking to them and when they get dirty just get the hose out and spray the dirt right off.

I have a chrome wheel that I bent this past winter I could do a little test on. As for getting out the scratches once they are there. Unless some one has had better luck then I have. They are there to stay. You might be able to buff it out with some rouge but I have never tried. Or use metal polish first and get no scratches I don't dout your good results.

I'm happy you had good results.

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For me, at any angle, you can see the light scratches. The way I used it was with car soap.

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Lots of suds and water after I spray and wiped off any loose dirt. I used my metal polish and all it did was give it a decent shine. It didn't remove any or maybe very few scratches that the steel wool caused.

Just click for source, once they are there, they are there. Hence the reason to use less aggressive methods first.

Shine a halogen light on the pipes and then tell us what you see We're interested, we would love to have someone share with us how to remove scratches out of Chrome and leave a scratch-free surface.

However, it would be better to do this in a new, dedicated thread, not tag onto this on about steel wool. Looking forward to it, thank you for chiming in! Take a 9 volt battery to that steel wool. I personally would rather use a microfiber or terry cloth on chrome though.

It is, afterall, paint, so treat it as you would the rest of the paint on your car. Chrome has just been removed of stuff to make it shine so chrome is metal still Degreasers wont get off some CAKED on water spots or whatever and that is what steel wool "" is used for.

The chrome I used it on Was my mom's car chrome rims and because of BAD water spotting I go here steel wool "" I noticed Webbing after but it was only in the sun when you would look at it REAL close and I wasn't sure if it was there before or because my parents got the car washed at the hand wash place.

However the webbing went away when I used all metal polish. As for glass, when I worked at a body shop the owner told me to use it to get off over spray on glass only on the OUTSIDE because it wont scratch glass. I didn't notice any scratching when the light hit it. What I have noticed is people forget what steel wool "" is used for, water spots and caked Cleaning Chrome Rims With Steel Wool stuff on bare metal You see what I mean? How could something made to remove hard water stains and surface contaminates be a scratch remover?

Dang I should make a write up about it I look forward in reading it! I used steel wool to clean my stainless steel exhaust; looks MUCH better!! Of course, that's not chrome though.