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Calling an Ex-Con to Become Friends (crazy)

6 Brutal Things You Experience As An Ex-Convict

25 Sep Hi, I'm Margaret, and this is my first post here, so please don't think I'm strange, but, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and being 34 years old and not in a relatioship for many years (which was my preference back then), however, now that I'd like to find someone and settle, I'm finding that the pool of. 4 Dec He repeated this, night after night, right up until he started dating. "Probably would But Chris went into prison in Virginia at 18, then came out to find you can 't vote as an ex-con. Then in People are usually surprised when they learn that Wayne's an ex-con, but most aren't judgmental. Maybe that's. 1 May Could you fall in love with a criminal? Tune into weekly segments of Dateline, 20/ 20 or 48 Hours, and you'll quickly discover that an overwhelming number of crimes committed daily are enacted by people without criminal records. Even worse, these bliss-busting sleeper cells shock their loved ones from.

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Harassment of users, repeated rule violations, or reposting removed stories can and will result in a ban. Monthly Contest Winner Archive. I didn't think dating an ex con was going to be a big deal. I'd like to start out by telling a little about myself. I am a 25 year old female.

I live a border line troubled life, as I am having to deal with an alcohol addiction.

Dating An Ex-Con: 3 Questions To Ask First

I used to be a lot worse, but after a few years of rehab, I am able to control it to an extent. My mother died when I was only 8. My dad struggled with taking care of my sisters and I after she passed, and I turned into a bit of a problem child during my teenage years. I got involved with the wrong people, skipped school alot, and began drinking and using drugs in high school. After dropping out and living alone on the streets, I was finally forced into a rehab program by my family members.

I spent a few years in and out of this program, click to see more that is where I met my boyfriend, Dale. Dale was a much older man. He had 15 years on me. He also struggled with alcohol, but he had another problem too. He had been in and out of jail for numerous things. Vandalism, shoplifting, and assault are among the few of the things he had spent time behind bars for.

However, when I had met him he was pretty clean and hadn't been in trouble with the law for a couple years. When we first met, he was practically begging me to go on a date with him.

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I was hesitant, just because of his past alone. I refused to even give him my number. After a few weeks of knowing him though, and realizing how much he had changed for the better, I finally started caving in, and eventually we started dating. We had been dating for close to seven months, and everything was going great.

He truly was an amazing person. He treated me like gold. We were to the point of saying we loved each other. But then all the sudden, one I'll fated night, he told me something about his past which put me in complete shock, and I haven't been able to talk to anyone for the past several weeks, until now. Please forgive me if my grammar or spelling or whatever is bad from here in out, because my hands are trembling as I am trying to type out what happened.

Dale and I were at his apartment one night, when he told me he needed to tell me a dark secret about his past. He told me I was Pros And Cons Of Dating An Ex Convict first person he had ever told this to. It was something that he did several years ago, when he was much younger.

He tells me that one night he had left a party, completely obliterated out of his mind and drove home.

Pros And Cons Of Dating An Ex Convict

On his way, he had hit a woman walking on the side of the road and just left her there. She ended up dying and he was never caught. He said he wanted to turn himself in, but he was scared and afraid he would spend the rest of his life in jail. So he pulls out a folder with newspaper clippings of the incident.

Pros And Cons Of Dating An Ex Convict

I started reading through them, when all the sudden my stomach dropped and I felt a sudden shock and pain run through my body like never before.

The woman he had killed was my mother. I see in the comments a few of you are curious of the aftermath. As I mentioned, this happened several weeks ago, and I've been going through so many emotions. Immediately after it happened I was in such a state of shock, that I don't remember if I said anything.

All I remember learn more here bolting out. My siblings and father do not even know. I just can't tell them. I mean I can but I'm afraid. You have my condolences, OP. First and foremost, don't confront him about this alone. You don't know what he'll do. Second, you need to get justice for your mother. She deserves that - so do you.

Even if this was an accident, he got to live his life scot-free while your mom did not; not to mention what he did to you and your father. Did he seek you out? I wonder if he knew who you were and this was his plan to atone for what happened. If I were you I would seek a mental health doctor asap, they will help you with other resources too. This would literally make me not sleep at all. You certainly can't go about this alone.

I hope you will be okay yourself. It's Pros And Cons Of Dating An Ex Convict possible that he did seek you out, for one reason or another. It would have been quite important to know how he reacted when you somehow told him that it was your mother.

Now you can't know that because you don't know what you said. I most likely would leave him. Cuz I know no matter how much I love this person, there is no way I would ever married him, knowing he was the one who killed my own mother. I'd absolutely leave him. Sure, it's not that he meant to kill OP's mom, but I could not be with someone that had been responsible for my mothers death, accident or not.

I could still care for them, maybe even love them.

Good luck with whatever you decide. Most of the inmates I know have been convicted for drug dealing and I know that they are pretty decent guys. Show you how to make customized licence plates. I don't think it is a very good idea.

But not be with them in the long haul. OP, you obviously cared a great deal for this man and he you. I'm sorry to hear of your loss and how painful life must have been for you. Since this is a delicate situation, I urge that you do not act rashly.

Ex Con describes his worst Prison experience - Prison Talk 2.7 - Free Hookup Sights!

If you need an unbiased opinion, go to a counselor and explain your story as honestly as possible without specifics. You mention that you've been afraid of talking to him. Has he given any indication of violence? If you wish to skip the professional help and confront him, pay attention to his behavior beforehand.

Or does he have article source sinister intentions? Picking up on these cues will help you avoid potential trouble.

This makes me feel terrible, both for you and for him. He must have known, or at least assumed, that it was your mother due to the last names, and he clearly feels bad and I can't even imagine what emotions you must feel right now. But he needs comfort too. I'm not saying that you need to be the person to give it to him, but if you feel like you might ever forgive him for doing this, then you should call him right now. Think of the good times you have had with him and make the decision.

Dear Abiola, I have been dating this guy for a few months. I can see source you say the convicted person seems eager to relocate and start new, but beware, that "inmate dating market" is full of men who once were in the freeworld, and they may or may not make the girlfriend their top priortiy. Why not join an online dating service and find someone that way? Then someone plopped an iPhone in his lap, and that was the end of that idea. After reading some of the other comments and putting some things from the story together, I too believe that he sought you out.

If you decide to leave him and move on, find someone to talk to about this to get it off your chest because it must be terrible: After reading some of the other comments and putting some things from the story together, I too believe that he sought you out.

You mentioned that he was practically begging you to go on a date with him.