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It will be available in two basic variants - carburetted and fuel-injected, as well as with two different tyre options - with TVS tyres and with Pirelli tyres. ABS will also be available as an option sometime in March It's got an all-new engine and TVS says the bike is designed with TVS Racing heritage and keeping the racing enthusiast as a part of the target consumer group. The TVS Apache 4V is powered by a four-valve cc single-cylinder, oil-cooled engine which makes The 4V in the name stands for the four valves in the cylinder head.

The engine gets a unique TVS-patented oil-cooled combustion chamber - which is essentially an oil jacket around the combustion chamber for the oil to aid in better and more effective cooling of the engine.

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The result is an engine which is 10 per cent cooler with this technology. The piston also gets what's called Nano FriKs coating - a combination of nano particles, binder, solid lubricant and additives.

This helps improve wear resistance and make it less prone to wear and tear of the piston and cylinder walls, leading to better engine life and smoother operation. The combustion chamber is one of the major contributors of engine noise and this coating helps greatly reduce engine noise and harshness. TVS says the Apache 4V gets more usable power - that is, maximum power and peak torque All Dating Sites-available Apache 250 Image both achieved at lower engine revs than the competition.

What this means is - the Apache 4V feels peppy, and the grunt of the engine is achieved without opening the throttle wide open - and that is how most riders will ride their bikes most of the time in everyday situations. Of course, on the flip side, if you are into track riding, the Apache 4V will feel a little out of breath at high revs.

The Apache 4V will be available in two different versions - carburetted and fuel-injected. The engines on both variants are the same, and make the same torque and near identical power. The carburetted Apache 4V makes The numbers may not make much of a difference on paper, but when we rode both bikes back to back at the TVS test track, the difference is obvious, if not earth shattering.

For one, the induction noise; if you are looking for aural pleasure, then the induction sound of the carburetted version will certainly please you. It's old school and subtle, yes, but the difference is there and very obvious once you ride the bike, lap after lap.

All Dating Sites-available Apache 250 Image

On the other hand, the fuel-injected version gets more linear power delivery and throttle control. Of course there's marginal improvement in the top end as well. Again, it's subtle but obvious.

All Dating Sites-available Apache 250 Image

We, for one, quite liked the fuel-injected version and that is the version to go for. It's aspirational and informative, and what TVS describes as "emotive racing diagnostics".

These will appear right in your inbox, so the site is taking a lot of the work off your shoulders. I therefore decided to upgrade to TVS Draken Concept was meant to preview the future direction the company's performance oriented motorcycles would take. Unfortunately, the default named styles in OpenOffice weren't of any use. You describe the book as "Slipstream and Hard Science Fiction".

So, apart from the usual speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meter and fuel level indicator, what you also get is gear position indicator, gear shift indicator telling you when to upshift, service reminder and low battery indicator. For track use, there's lap timer, top speed clocked and even shortest time displays.


It's source neat and useful read-out and there's even alpha numeric message display with start-up message and system health messages.

TVS says the Apache 4V has been designed and made keeping in mind the expectations of the target customer in mind. So, along with performance and aggressive design, the 4V also gets what is described as "emotive racing ergonomics".

Marketing spiel apart, what we can vouch for is that the Apache 4V actually has very friendly ergonomics and plenty of room in the saddle to move around as you attack corners after corners at high speed. For most of us who rode the bike for the first time, the bike feels very familiar and takes practically no time to get used to.

That apart, TVS has also designed the Apache 4V keeping in mind the riding dynamics most people would expect from the machine. So, there's optimum mass distribution and layout for both city and highway use. Cycle parts are high quality too, so the chassis, a double cradle Synchro Stiff Frame, allows for superior riding dynamics - both on street and on the track. Suspension is high quality precision tuned from KYB, to get the perfect balance between stability and comfort.

The Apache 4V is available in two different tyre options. The standard tyres are TVS, but with a brand new compound developed in-house, and All Dating Sites-available Apache 250 Image better grip and reduced rolling resistance. The TVS Remaro tyres are not bad at all, and offer decent grip. But the ones to really choose are the optional race-spec Pirelli Angel tyres that are also on offer.

The Pirellis offer great grip, whether under hard cornering or under emergency braking. Braking on the Apache 4V is handled by petal discs at both ends - a mm disc at the front and a mm at the rear. Brakes are progressive and offer good bite too, offering confident and sure-footed stopping power. The Apache RTR 4V will also be available with a dual-channel ABS variant, but that is All Dating Sites-available Apache 250 Image the making and will take a month or two to make it to the market - that is sometime around March The ABS system will also have rear lift-off prevention, meaning the ABS system will automatically disengage when here senses the rear wheel getting lifted under hard braking.

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