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15 Aug Want to thank @VodafoneUK for giving my husband free data download for his hospital stay. Much appreciated. — Rebecca Herbert (@RebeccaHerber44) June 20, Talk with a real person by clicking the live chat support located on the right hand side of the screen. Please note our agents don't have. If you are from the United Kingdom and want to join live chat conversations. Just follow Simply, Provide your Name, Vodafone Mobile number and Choose any inquiry from the box. Finally, Tap Only for Vodafone Operator, U.K. Helpline Mobile & Landline number. Calling all Vodafone Pay as You Go customers Who wants 1GB of free data? All you need to do is top up using the My Vodafone App! T&Cs: hookupsguide.info 1GB · Image may contain: one or more people, phone and text. LikeComment. Top Comments. Valentina Vikhruk, Altaf Ahmed, Rogert Mesi and 24 others like this.

Vodafone Customer Service Direct Number: Vodafone is a largest multinational company operating in UK. You can visit the website of Vodafone at www. For any assistance or resolving your queries, you can call at Vodafone UK contact You can call on this Vodafone contact from your Vodafone mobile. However, for making a call from any other phone, you can contact Vodafone Customer care number If you are living abroad, you can call on Vodafone contact number from abroad You can make a call during Vodafone contact hours i.

In case you to join Vodafone for the first time; you can make a call at Vodafone contact Helpline number The Vodafone service is available for 24 hours for reporting any lost or stolen phone and for resolving queries of Red plan customers. For getting necessary support regarding Pay as you go service, you can contact at Vodafone pay as you go support number If you are not satisfied with the services of Vodafone, you can file a complaint using Vodafone complaint service. Vodafone contact live Free Chat Rooms Karachi Weather Report is the best option to get in touch with its customer provider as you will get immediate responses to your queries.

The complaint can also be filed at Vodafone complaint number from Vodafone mobile which is free for pay monthly service customer. However, you will be charged 25p per call, if you are pay as you go customer. If you are making call from any other number, call Vodafone contact from landline number The results of complaint shall be given within 5 working days. However, if it will take longer than 5 days you will be informed about status. If the issue is still not resolved, you have right to refer the case to Independent alternate dispute resolution service such as Ombudsman Service communications.

They will not charge any money if complaint is within their remit. The Ombudsman service communication details are:.

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If you want to communicate over phone, you are required to call at Standard charges will apply for making a call. You can pay bill to Vodafone using different methods such as through direct debit method, credit card, online, using phone service, BPAY service or by post. You can choose any method as per your convenience. However, if you are calling from Vodafone mobile, call on Vodafone contact number toll free You can also contact a Vodafone store for getting assistance on their Port service.

You can visit the link Vodafone Customer Care Live Chat Uk Free You can call on Vodafone check balance number UK from your Vodafone mobile which is free from any charge. Alternatively, you can also call at Vodafone contact for pay as you go service using any other phone. For reporting regarding lost or stolen device, you can call at Vodafone contact for lost phone number If you are staying abroad, you can make a call at The standard call charges will apply for calling at both the numbers.

You should immediately report regarding your device when it is lost so that SIM can be blocked immediately to prevent any misuse. You need to call within 72 hours of its discovering that it is lost or stolen. However if device got damaged accidently, you can file a claim within 14 days of making discovery. He can also do this by logging in to his online account or by visiting a nearest Vodafone store. If you are availing certain discounts, they will be cancelled after upgradation.

You are required to apply for them again within 30 days. You can check your eligibility for upgradation by calling at from your Vodafone mobile number.

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Alternatively you can log in to your online registered account or visit nearby store to check his eligibility. If you want to buy 3G connection of Vodafone, you are required to make a call at Vodafone 3G contact number The call can be made between 8am to 8 pm from Monday to Sunday.

This contact number can also be used to buy dongles used for internet connections. For buying 4G data sim of Vodafone service, you are required to make a call at from Vodafone mobile number or at Vodafone 4G contact number You can call these numbers between 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Sunday.

Vodafone Customer Care Live Chat Uk Free

However, for business customers the contact numbers are different. Voicemail service is used to respond to calls, when customer cannot do it.

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You can switch it off by calling at If number of employees working in your company ranges from 1 to 9, you are required to make a call of Vodafone business contact number UK If number of employees are more than 9 but less thanyou are required to make a call at Vodafone Business telephone number UK I have purchased a second hand iphone 5s I have put a pay as you go vodafone. I have topped up twice. Hey As far as i know, you will need to go to one of the local Vodafone stores for them to do this Here is some more helpful information that, i hope, will help you: I spent all afternoon on Saturday on the phone with Vodafone costumer care team on which I got no where, they inform me to phone one com on Monday which left me without a phone.

I phone one com today to find out that yous had changed adjustments to my account. I was then put through to yourself to which I was told that I would be called back in 30 min to which I am still waiting over a hour later no phone. I am not a happy customer and will be taken this further. Thanks for your input, thats alot of complaints you have on Vodafone, and im sure their customer service team check this out be happy to help you Go over the different Vodafone contact numbers, and talk to them directly.

Please and please and please help me before i get depressed with this type of services i am currently getting. The situation in getting critical and i have no phone to use. When i rang yesterday, i was told i wouldnt get the PUK untill the phone is properly setup which could read article another 7days and i am paying for services that i will not be using for the next 7days?

Vodafone Customer Care Live Chat Uk Free will really need your sincere and urgent help here please, fortunately i have forwarded all calls to my other phone. It can take up to 10 working days for us to get the code from them. As soon as we do, we will email it to you — along with instructions on what to do next.

Can I know why until now!! This is indeed bad luck.

I think in this kind of cases, the best thing is just to call the complaints number and talk to them asap. Can you please share with us your phone model? Hey Nicky, Did you try complaining? Hope i helped you, trying to do my best for you.

When you click on the above link you are facing a problem, it redirects to Vodafone login page. I spoke to an employee who brought the manager over to me. If you are making call from any other number, call Vodafone contact from landline number Vodafone Customer Service Direct Number: Vodafone provides a best possible service for all Vodafone valuable customers.

Try through Vodfone comunity They might contact you themselves and sort this out for you. Thanks for the service. Hey C, Did you try calling the customer service? Maybe just visit one of the Vodafone stores? Yes we visited the local store Tuesday of last week and nothing sortedthis morning …. Sorry to hear that mate, I can suggest visiting this area coverage page. I am very Un happy I have been with Vodafone nearly 10 years. Please please help me, I have now spent countless hours sorting this out for the sake of an agent not doing their job and an obvious training issue across all agents.

Here is a copy if the complaint message On the June I called to pay my bill, however, when I viewed my bill on line I noticed I had been charged twice for a data bundle. I spoke to an advisor a lady who appologised and said it was an error and she would apply a credit and learn more here would show on my next bill as my bill was showing as she agreed to taked payment off my card.

Vodafone Customer Care Live Chat Uk Free

I gave her my card details and she said thank you that has all gone through for you, the credit will be applied to your Text bill.

And off she went. On the July I received a text message saying my bill had not been paid I called to say this had been paid I waited 20 minutes i spoke to an agent explained everything then was cut off.

Vodafone provides a best possible service for all Vodafone valuable customers. The person who I spoke to seven days ago who I gave all the details to via email is now not responding to emails I send. Simply you can choose call options to contact them. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The following week nothing had come through and I received a text to say I was being cut off at 4AM!!! In the mean time I had paid bill leaving the in question still outstanding. My issues have been going on since March I am with Amy above. I just want to speak to one person wo can sort my issues out.

Been with this company for many years and can say the service!! But read note at foot of text. Here is the message-Because the Telephone account on Voda account lapsed we lost the default tel number. We then found that a Email account that we have cannot be accessed any other way other than by retrieving and then using the lost tel number. The data in the locked email account is small part of other UK national, even world important evidence not routine data and vital for life support Vodafone Customer Care Live Chat Uk Free certain political.

The data is part of pages of sworn evidence. We now know that the late number has not been this web page employed so please can you help us re instate it.

We only need the number for a period long enough to download a verification code from Email Account vendor. This period could range from a few minutes to a few days depending on the operation tactics of the said vendor. Bu, be prepared for a shock in that respect.